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Michael Jackson's Nephew

He Handed Out $100 Bills

to Strangers

6/27/2013 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Jackson
was foolishly generous when he was alive ... handing out $100 bills to complete strangers whenever he felt like it -- this according to his nephew.

TJ Jackson -- the co-guardian of Michael's three kids -- testified today as part of the wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, claiming MJ was "extremely generous" ... citing generosity towards his employees, as well as random handouts of $100 bills to strangers.

It's pretty crazy ... considering MJ died a financial wreck, buried in nearly insurmountable debt.

During his testimony, TJ also said MJ's daughter Paris was hit the hardest by the singer's death, saying, "The loss of my uncle has hit her at a different level ... She was daddy's little girl. My uncle was her world."

TJ said he also supports Halle Berry's efforts to block paparazzi from chasing celebrity kids -- claiming the Jackson children are often faced with rogue photogs. He said, "I think it's awful what they get away with."



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Danielle Mizell    

love ya mj

482 days ago



'It's tough. She was a daddy's girl. My uncle was her world': Michael Jackson's nephew T.J. reveals Paris' current struggles in court

By Cliff Renfrew

PUBLISHED:21:59 EST, 27 June 2013| UPDATED:21:59 EST, 27 June 2013

Paris Jackson's cousin and co-guardian T.J. Jackson has admitted that the teenager is in a 'tough spot' as she recovers from her recent suicide bid.

The telling insight into the current state of mind of Michael Jackson's 15-year-old daughter was given when the 34-year-old spoke at the wrongful death lawsuit against promoters AEG Live on Thursday.

And the evidence is sure to strike a chord with the late superstar's millions of fans around the world who are hoping and praying that Paris can make a full recovery.

Troubled teen: T.J. Jackson testified in court on Thursday that Paris Jackson was currently in a 'tough spot'

Speaking at Los Angeles Superior Court T.J. Jackson said: 'Paris has a heart of gold. I just think the loss of my uncle has hit her at a different level. She's in a tough spot, but we're all loving her and doing everything we can to get her where she should be.

'It's tough. She was daddy's girl. My uncle was her world.'

'Paris is not going to be testifying,' lawyer Deborah Chang told Judge Yvette Palazuelos while the jury was out of the courtroom. 'We have a little girl in so much pain right now, she cannot come.'

During his testimony T.J. also revealed that Katherine Jackson has been struggling to cope since The King Of Pop died back in June 2009.

Impressed: T.J. Jackson described Prince Jackson as an 'amazing person' in court the co-guardian has been helping to look after Michael Jackson's children

T.J. praised Prince, 16, as 'an amazing person' while admitting that Blanket, 11, is 'extremely shy'.

'Our children are supposed to outlive us, so it's been very difficult on our grandmother. He was just everything. Since Prince was a kid, he's always been one of the smartest kids I've ever seen or known, reading books at a young age, devouring books.

'Blanket was always very shy. He was always wrapped around Michael's leg right, behind his leg. Wherever my uncle was, Blanket was there, My uncle was everything to Blanket.'

On a lighter note T.J. also testified about how incredibly generous the late King Of Pop could be by handing over $100 bills to complete strangers and generously rewarding his staff too.

Troubled: Michael Jackson's kids Paris, Prince and Blanket, have all struggled to cope since their famous father died

Recovering: Paris is trying to get better following her attempted suicide attempt

Which is ironic considering that Michael Jackson left a huge trail of debts when he passed away.

The Jacksons are suing AEG Live for hiring and not properly investigating Dr Conrad Murray who was charged with looking after Michael Jackson.

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for his part in Michael's death - which AEG contend was not their fault as the performer hid his drug abuse.

Meanwhile, former professional dancer Wade Robson has outlined molestation allegations against Michael Jackson, claiming the performer molested him in various ways from February 4, 1990 and 7 years thereafter.

Family support: T.J. Jackson testified that Katherine Jackson has also struggled since her famous son's death

In the redacted do***ents obtained by TMZ, seven lines of alleged abuse are blacked-out.

Wade's lawyer claim that after Michael's first accuser Jordy Chandler made allegations about him the performer called Wade and 'brainwashed him into being a good soldier.'

According to the do***ents the superstar would engage in role playing with Robson saying: 'They are saying we did all of this disgusting sexual stuff. We never did any of that. Right?'

In another similar session in 2005 - during his molestation trial - Jackson allegedly told Robson: 'They are making up all these lies about you and I saying that we did all these disgusting sexual stuff.

King of Pop: Since his death in 2009 Michael Jackson's family has had various problems

'They are just trying to take us down, take away my power and my money, take away our careers. We can't let them do this.'

The do***ents also describe an incident reported by a former housekeeper during Jackson's 2005 criminal trial.

She testified at the time that she walked past the singer's shower and heard him playing with 'little Wade'.

The housekeeper revealed that she saw two pairs of underwear outside the shower - one belonged to Jackson the other was a 'little boy's neon green pair'.

More complaints: Wade Robson has made fresh allegations against Michael Jackson

482 days ago


Michael Jackson trial: Son Prince describes father's death, aftermath

Published June 27, 2013
Associated Press

LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson's oldest son described the frantic efforts to revive his father to a jury, a scene of tears and agony that ended a dozen idyllic years being raised by one of pop music's superstars.

Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson Jr. told the panel Wednesday how he knew there was trouble in the singer's rented mansion when heard screaming upstairs and went into his father's bedroom. His father was laying halfway off the bed, eyes rolled up into the back of his head as his physician tried CPR.

His sister Paris screamed for her father and Prince, now 16, told jurors that he was crying. On the ride to a hospital, the teenager recounted how he tried to calm the fears of his sister and younger brother by telling them that angels were watching over their father and everything would be fine.

It wasn't until his father's doctor, Conrad Murray, came out of the emergency room and said he had died that Prince knew his father was gone.

"Nothing will ever be the same," the teenager told jurors. He said while his younger brother doesn't totally realize the loss, his sister has had the hardest time of them all and he has had many sleepless nights since his father died four years ago.

His voice wavered at times and tears appeared to form in his eyes, but Prince remained composed as he publicly recounted for the first time what he saw the day his father died.

The re-telling of the scene in Jackson's bedroom came after nearly an hour of Prince describing happier times, showing photos of him and his sister when they were younger and a series of videos of the children filmed by their father.

He testified in a lawsuit accusing concert promoter AEG Live LLC of negligently hiring Murray, who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving Jackson an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.

AEG denies it hired the physician or bears any responsibility for the entertainer's death.

Wearing a black suit with a dark grey tie and his long brown hair tucked behind his ears, Prince testified that he saw AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips at the family's rented mansion in a heated conversation with Murray in the days before his father died. The teenager said Phillips grabbed Murray's elbow.

Phillips "looked aggressive to me," Prince testified.

His father wasn't at home at the time and was probably rehearsing, he said.

He said he saw his father cry after phone conversations with Phillips, and wanted more time to rehearse and was unhappy with pressure to perform his 50 scheduled comeback concerts titled "This Is It."

Murray's attorney Valerie Wass and AEG defense attorney Marvin S. Putnam later denied outside court that the meeting Prince described ever happened.

Putnam said Prince would be re-called to the witness stand during the defense case later in the trial.

"I think as the testimony will show when he is called in our defense that's not what happened," Putnam said. "He was a 12-year-old boy who has had to endure this great tragedy."

The testimony began with the teenager showing jurors roughly 15 minutes of private family photos and home videos.

He described growing up on Neverland Ranch and narrated videos of the property's petting zoos, amusement park and other amenities. After his father's acquittal of child molestation charges, Prince described living in the Middle East, Ireland and Las Vegas.

Prince is the first Jackson family member to testify during the trial, now in its ninth week. On Thursday his cousins, TJ and Taj Jackson, who are Tito Jackson's sons, will take the witness stand.

Prince Jackson, his sister Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson and brother Prince Michael "Blanket" Jackson are plaintiffs in the case against AEG, which their grandmother and primary caretaker filed in August 2010.

Another image showed Michael Jackson playing piano with his son while Prince was still a toddler.

Plaintiffs' attorney Brian Panish asked Prince whether he was interested in pursuing a career in music. "I can never play an instrument and I definitely cannot sing," Prince said to laughter from the jury.

He said he wanted to study film or business when he goes to college.

His testimony also included details that AEG's lawyers will likely point to later in the case to bolster their contention that Jackson was secretive about using propofol as a sleep aid.

Prince said none of the household staff were allowed upstairs at the mansion, and the singer kept his bedroom locked while receiving treatments from Murray.

During cross-examination, Putnam played a clip from a deposition of Prince in which the teen said he discovered the bedroom was locked when he and his siblings were playing hide-and-seek and couldn't get inside.

Prince also said his father gave him and his sister Paris a stack of $100 bills on a few occasions to give to Murray. He said his father told him that Murray wouldn't take the money from him, and the doctor wouldn't take the full amount from the children.

The teenager said his understanding was that the money was meant to tide Murray over until he got paid by AEG Live.

He never saw or knew how Murray was treating his doctor.

"I was 12. To my understanding he was supposed to make sure my dad stayed healthy," Prince testified.

482 days ago


Nephew: Michael Jackson was murdered

By Alan Duke, CNN

updated 11:31 PM EDT, Thu June 27, 2013

Randy Phillips: He's president of AEG Live, the concert promoter that contracted with Michael Jackson for his "This Is It" comeback shows set to start in London in July 2009. The Jackson lawsuit says Phillips supervised Dr. Conrad Murray's treatment of Jackson in the weeks before his death, making the company liable for damages. E-mails between Phillips and other executives showed they were worried about Jackson's missed rehearsals and sought Murray's help getting him ready.

NEW: "My mother was murdered for money ... I don't put that past anyone," T.J. Jackson says
T.J. Jackson shares guardianship of Prince, Paris and Blanket with their grandmother
Paris "in a tough spot, but we're loving her and doing everything we can," T.J Jackson says
Paparazzi stalking makes "everything harder for the kids to grieve and to recover, he says

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's nephew testified Thursday that he believes his uncle was murdered.

T.J. Jackson, the youngest son of Jackson brother Tito, revealed his suspicion while being cross examined by an AEG Live lawyer in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial.

Jurors also heard him testify about the emotional devastation caused by Michael Jackson's death.

"He was just everything," said T.J. Jackson, who shares guardianship of Michael Jackson's children -- Prince, Paris and Blanket -- with their grandmother.

Michael Jackson's mother and his children contend his last concert promoter was liable for his death because it hired, retained or supervised Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

AEG Live lawyers argue it was Jackson, not the company, who chose and controlled Dr. Murray. Their executives had no way of knowing he was giving nightly infusions of the surgical anesthetic propofol to Jackson, which the coroner ruled killed the singer, the lawyers say.

"Do you believe your uncle was murdered?" AEG Live attorney Jessica Stebbins Bina asked T.J. Jackson.

"I do," he answered. "I believe it because he did tell me and the brothers that he was going to be murdered on a couple of occasions.

"He said that just because of his position he was a target."

T.J. Jackson had earlier testified that his mother, Delores Jackson, was the victim of murder 19 years ago.

"My mother was murdered for money, too, so I don't put that past anyone," he said.

Initially it was believed that his mother, Delores Martes Jackson, who had divorced from Tito Jackson in 1993, drowned in a swimming pool, but the case was reopened, and her sons in 1995 filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against a man they accused of killing her. Three years later, the man was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

If the jury concludes AEG Live has liability in Jackson's death, then they must put a dollar figure on damages -- including the emotional toll on the children caused by the loss of their father.

The oldest child, 16-year-old Prince, testified Wednesday that sister Paris, 15, "was probably hit the hardest because she was my dad's princess."

Paris has been hospitalized since a suicide attempt earlier this month, although it is unclear whether jurors will know about it.

"The loss of my uncle has hit her at a different level and she's in a tough spot, but we're loving her and doing everything we can," T.J. Jackson testified Thursday

He said he was at a loss for words to describe what Paris is going through. "It's tough, you know, it's tough."

"She was daddy's girl," he said. "My uncle was her world. My uncle gave them more love and for it to be taken away, it's been very hard for Paris, and for all of them."

Blanket, who was 7 when his father died, "was always wrapped around his leg, very shy," T.J. Jackson said. "Wherever my uncle was, Blanket was a foot away, My uncle was everything to Blanket."

"Right now, I don't know if Blanket realizes what he lost," Prince said. "He was so young. He is still growing up just like I am and he doesn't have a father to guide him."

Prince said he has "a hard time sleeping" since his father's death in 2009. It left him "emotionally distant from a lot of people" for a while, he said.

He's missed sharing with his father "the first day of going to school, having the first girlfriend, being able to drive," Prince testified.

T.J. Jackson said Prince was Michael Jackson's "little assistant."

"He was very mature for his age, very smart. My uncle would prepare him for things" by telling him about his business deals.

"He's very strong, he's very smart," he testified. "He was always the smartest kid I'd ever known."

As a guardian, T.J. Jackson said he must constantly deal with paparazzi stalking the children for photographs.

"It's, just to be frank, a complete annoyance," he said. "It's awful."

He suggested there should be a new law to protect celebrity children from photographers.

"I know it's making everything harder for the kids to grieve and to recover and to progress," he said.

482 days ago


I know it's shocking, but MJ was responsible for MJ's behaviour.

482 days ago


TJ said he also supports Halle Berry's efforts to block paparazzi from chasing celebrity kids -- claiming the Jackson children are often faced with rogue photogs. He said, "I think it's awful what they get away with."

I completely agree with that.

482 days ago


MJ was too nice for his own good. No wonder he attracted all those greedy leeches. He even wanted to give away his money from "This Is It" concerts as well, to build a children's hospital.

482 days ago



love ya mj


What's there to love???

The wig??? while he handed out $100 bills, you would think that he would have better taste and spent more on it, or better hired some real make-up artist and stopped dressing up unfitted clothing and female dresses.

loving the girly voice? The d class dance steps? the crotch grabbing? the squeal? the taking other people's credit for his pedo songs?

well, whatever floats on your water nd whatever you can stomach in your belly!!!

482 days ago

mj fan forever    

Michael Jackson has always had a pure heart, he donated more than $400 millions in charities, the purest soul on earth. While of course this bunch of money-grubbers are after money all the time, even dragging his beloved chilldren. They are only disgraceful.

482 days ago


Paris Jackson won't testify in court battle

June 28, 2013, 9:12 AM EST

Michael Jackson's troubled teenage daughter Paris will be spared the pain of testifying in an ongoing court battle over her father's death. Paris Jackson was expected to be among the witnesses called as part of a legal stand-off between the superstar's family and executives at AEG Live, the concert promotion company behind the King of Pop's doomed London comeback concerts. The 15 year old was recently hospitalised after a suicide attempt, and now lawyer Deborah Chang has confirmed Paris will not be forced to testify. Speaking during proceedings at Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday (27Jun13), she told the judge, "Paris is not going to be testifying." The revelation comes just a day after Paris' elder brother Prince took the stand and told the court his sister has struggled to cope following their father's death in 2009. Prince, 16, said, "Out of all my siblings, she was probably hit the hardest because she was my dad's princess. It really hurt her a lot. She definitely is dealing with it in her own way." He added of his own grief, "Nothing will ever be the same. I can't sleep at night. I have a hard time sleeping. For a while after he died, I became emotionally distant from a lot of people." The Jacksons are suing AEG Live chiefs in a bid to have them held responsible for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to treat the superstar in the run up to his London shows. Murray is serving time behind bars on an involuntary manslaughter charge relating to Jackson's death from an accidental drug overdose in 2009.

482 days ago


Michael Jackson's nephew says singer happy in final days
By Dana Feldman | Reuters – 4 hrs ago..


By Dana Feldman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Michael Jackson's nephew and co-guardian to his three children testified on Thursday in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the late pop star's family that the "Thriller" singer appeared happy at a family party about month before his death in 2009.

"He was in a good mood, he was happy, making jokes," T.J. Jackson, 34, the son of Jackson 5 member Tito Jackson, told jurors in a Los Angeles courtroom about the last time he saw the self-styled "King of Pop."

"We talked primarily about the children," T.J. said. "I wanted to have more kids, so did he."

Jackson died about a month later at age 50 in Los Angeles from an overdose of surgical anesthetic propofol ahead of a run of 50 concerts in London.

T.J. said he could not gauge Jackson's health at the party, a wedding anniversary for the singer's parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson.

"I wasn't in the mentality to check him out," T.J. said, adding that Jackson wore a suit. "He seemed happy, jolly."

Jackson's 83-year-old mother, Katherine, is suing privately held AEG Live, which was promoting Jackson's "This Is It" comeback concert series in London, for negligence in hiring Dr Conrad Murray as his personal physician.

Murray was caring for the singer as he prepared for the shows and was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 for administering the propofol that killed Jackson.

T.J. is the second Jackson family member to testify in the trial. He followed Jackson's eldest son, 16-year-old Prince, who took the stand on Wednesday, four years and one day after the pop singer's death.

Jackson's nephew said he had never heard of propofol and did not know the singer was using it at the time he died.

When asked by an attorney for AEG Live if he believes Jackson was murdered, T.J. said, "I do."


"He (Jackson) would tell me and my brothers that he was going to be murdered because of his position (celebrity), that he was a target," T.J. said of recurring conversations he had with Jackson from the mid-1990s to early 2000s.

AEG Live has said that Jackson had prescription drug addiction problems for years before entering into an agreement with the company and that the singer chose Murray as his physician.

AEG Live also has said it could not have foreseen that Murray posed a danger to Jackson.

T.J.'s older brother Taj, 39, also testified on Thursday, and the brothers offered a view into Jackson's private life. They described him as a humble family man who supported his family in times of need, telling jurors that he helped and comforted them after their mother was murdered in 1994.

"He kept me inspired and ambitious. He was just there for me," said T.J., who broke down in tears.

"I still feel lost sometimes without him here," Taj testified, adding that Jackson gave him moral support and helped pay for him to attend college.

T.J., who is in the R&B group 3T with Taj and a third brother, echoed Prince's testimony that Jackson's death has been hardest on the singer's teenage daughter, Paris, who has spent time in a hospital after an apparent suicide attempt this month.

"The loss of my uncle has hit her at a different level," T.J. said. "She was daddy's girl; my uncle was her world."

Paris, 15, and Jackson's youngest son, 11-year-old Prince Michael II, also known as Blanket, are not expected to testify during the trial, which began in April.

Testimony over the past two days has focused on Jackson's relationship with his children, with the family's attorneys showing home videos and photos of the pop star with his kids.

482 days ago


I dont feel sorry for Paris in regards to her fb acount. She, im sure, is aware of the fact that it can bet set to private so strangers cant harrass her. She can block her dooshy "friends" cant bother her either. Can you say attention whore?

482 days ago


Now I see how he blew through $400 million dollars and ended up bankrupt. He was just IRRESPONSIBLE with his money. You should ALWAYS put your kids FIRST!

481 days ago


Los Angeles Times

Michael Jackson's eldest son recalls pop star's final moments

Prince Jackson is the first relative to testify in a wrongful-death case. He says he saw his father lying halfway off a bed while Dr. Conrad Murray gave him CPR.

June 28, 2013|By Jeff Gottlieb

Michael Jackson's children Blanket, Paris and Prince Michael, shown… (Dan Steinberg, Associated…)

Michael Jackson's son Prince was in the sitting room of the family's rented Holmby Hills mansion when he heard screaming. He ran to the kitchen and saw Dr. Conrad Murray dash upstairs.

Prince, 16, said he followed, and when he looked in the bedroom, he saw his father lying half off the bed, his eyes rolled back in his head and the man he called "Dr. Conrad" giving the pop singer cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

After the entertainer was rushed by ambulance to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Prince said he and his two siblings saw Murray again.

"Sorry, kids — Dad's dead," he said the doctor told them.

"We just cried," Prince said.

In sometimes dramatic testimony, Prince spent 90 minutes Wednesday detailing his father's frenzied final moments and the chaos that erupted in their house. Prince is the first family member to take the stand in the wrongful-death case that he, his two siblings and his grandmother have brought against AEG Live, the promoter and producer of Michael Jackson's comeback concerts in London.

Prince was ushered into the downtown Los Angeles courthouse through a garage below to avoid paparazzi and others seeking a peek. He wore a black suit and tie and white shirt, and his brown hair was tucked behind his ears, touching his shoulders.

The pop star's eldest child came across as a bright, composed teenager, a member of the National Honor Society who conceded his musical talents are limited, at best. His voice was quiet, and at times he seemed melancholy as he spoke of his father's death and how much he had meant to him.

His father would come home from rehearsals for his "This Is It" concerts happy about the way things were going but stressed that he wanted more time to practice before going on tour, Prince testified.

Michael Jackson would get upset after phone calls with AEG Live Chief Executive Randy Phillips or Tohme Tohme , his sometimes manager. "He would get off the phone, he would cry sometimes," Prince said.

"He would say, 'They're going to kill me, they're going to kill me.' "

Prince described a conversation between Phillips and Murray at the family home in which Phillips aggressively grabbed Murray's elbow. He said that the meeting took place shortly before his father's death and that he did not know what they were talking about.

Jackson died June 25, 2009, of an overdose of the anesthetic propofol that Murray administered.

Prince's testimony also offered a glimpse into his life, which was closely guarded while his father was alive.

He said he lives with his grandmother in Calabasas, just finished his sophomore year at a private school, makes jewelry, enjoys martial arts and is on the school's robotics team. He said he wants to go to USC to study film, business or mechanical engineering.

Although he enjoys music, he said, "I can never play an instrument. And I definitely can't sing."

He also spoke of living in Ireland, Paris, Bahrain, Las Vegas and Aspen, Colo., with his father and siblings. His attorneys showed home movies and photos of Neverland, the Santa Barbara County compound that Prince called "a very homey place,"

The children were allowed to ride the Ferris wheel and go to the compound's zoo — filled with alpacas and giraffes — only on special occasions. "My dad wanted us to remain humble," Prince said.

Spread around Neverland were messages and poems that their father posted, he said. "When children play, tyrants cry, there is nothing to say," said one that was scrawled on a rock.

Prince said that his father made him and his brother and sister wear masks in public "so no one would know what we looked like, so if we went out without him we could have a normal childhood."

Prince said he's now followed all the time. "So I know why he did it."

The one room at the Holmby Hills mansion that was always kept locked was for "meditation and medication," he said.

The Jacksons say in their lawsuit that AEG negligently hired and controlled Murray. AEG says it was the singer who hired the doctor and any money the company was supposed to pay him was part of an advance to Jackson.

The singer's son testified that his father sometimes gave Murray a couple of hundred dollars for food, gas and other essentials because AEG was not paying him.

481 days ago


Prince Jackson: Paris Was ‘Hit the Hardest’ by Michael’s Death

..By Raechal Leone Shewfelt | The Juice – Fri, Jun 28, 2013 11:54 AM EDT.. .

Michael Jackson was worried that he would die while preparing for the comeback tour that he didn't live long enough to take.

The late pop singer's oldest son, 16-year-old Prince Jackson, testified on Wednesday in L.A. that his dad often confided in him, although he was only 12, at the time he died in 2009, according to CNN.

"After he got off the phone, he would cry," Prince said on the first day of his testimony in his family's lawsuit accusing concert promoter AEG Live of wrongful death. "He would say 'They're going to kill me, they're going to kill me.'"

Prince explained that his father was referring to AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips and his ex-manager, Dr. Tohme Tohme.

He also testified that Phillips and Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael's former physician who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michaels' death, had what appeared to be a tense confrontation the night before he died on June 25 of an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.

[Related: Michael Jackson's Ghost Makes Surprise Cameo at Trial]

Although Prince noted he couldn't hear what was being said, he could see Phillips grabbing Murray's elbow.

"It looked aggressive to me," Prince said under oath. "He was grabbing by the back of his elbow and they were really close and he was making hand motions."

The teen said under cross-examination from AEG Live's lead lawyer Marvin Putnam that the incident may have taken place a night earlier than he first stated, but reaffirmed what took place.

The Associated Press reports Prince testified that, at times, Michael gave him and his 15-year-old sister Paris stacks of $100 bills to give to Murray, which Prince understood to be payment that AEG Live had not yet given the doctor. Murray wouldn't accept the funds from Michael, Prince said.

Again, speaking about his father's final hours, Prince revealed that his last words to his dad were exchanged over the phone: Prince called Michael, who was at his final rehearsal for the tour, from the security guard shack outside to notify him that Phillips was at their home, and Michael instructed him to offer Phillips refreshments.

Although Prince revealed Michael always received his treatments from Dr. Murray behind his closed bedroom door, he did see Murray perform CPR on Michael while he was hanging off his bed while his eyes appeared to roll back into his head on the day he died.

[Related: Paris Jackson Timeline: From Disguised Kid to Twitter Star to Near Suicide Tragedy]

Prince also spoke about his younger siblings, Paris and 11-year-old Blanket, and their life with the "Beat It" singer. He showed photos and video of the family together and insisted that the children didn't comprehend their father's fame until they watched a video of one of his concerts and saw fans taken away on stretchers after they got too excited.

"We always listened to his music, but we never knew how famous he was," Prince said.

Four years after Michael's death, Prince said Jackson's children — especially Paris — are still suffering. Michael's daughter was hospitalized for a suicide attempt earlier this month, and is currently receiving psychiatric treatment at UCLA Medical Center, although she had been expected to be called to testify in the trial as well.

"I think out of all of my siblings she was probably hit the hardest because she was my dad's princess," he said, adding that Paris struggled to cope when she was questioned by AEG Live lawyers in March in preparation for the trial.

Prince explained that he also has been affected.

"I can't sleep at night," Prince confessed. "I have a hard time sleeping."

And because of Michael's death, Prince noted that he was "emotionally distant from a lot of people" for some time, and he missed sharing milestones with his father, such as "the first day of going to school, having the first girlfriend, being able to drive."

Of the three Jackson kids, only Blanket still celebrates his birthday, Prince explained, adding, "Right now, I don't know if Blanket realizes what he lost. He was so young. He is still growing up just like I am and he doesn't have a father to guide him."


481 days ago
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