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Paula Deen Backlash

Stop the Madness!!!

6/27/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Paula Deen keeps hemorrhaging money and business partners -- another handful jumped ship today. Is this just out of control now? We say it absolutely is!!

Plus, candid photographs of Michael Jackson as a loving father are released -- are they enough to make you look past the masks?

And "50 Shades of Grey" has more women giving S&M a shot -- and Mistress Nina Payne is teaching 'em the ropes (and chains). She joins us to explain why her biz is suddenly booming!

(0:00) Paula Deen has been dropped by company after company -- and it's time the madness stopped.
(6:00) Wade Robson finally files a creditor's claim against Michael Jackson for allegedly molesting him as a kid.
(10:00) Gilbert Arenas' ridiculous firewords bust.
(14:00) Aaron Hernandez -- a photo we posted with him holding a gun was used in court today ... just one of his many, many problems.
(18:00) A celebrity dominatrix joins us to explain how "50 Shades of Grey" has her buisiness booming.
(24:00) "Superman" star Henry Cavill -- has famed changed him? Our videos of him suggest it has.
(28:00) Candid photographs of Michael Jackson as a happy father have been released.
(32:00) Rihanna rips a reporter for saying the way she dresses basically promotes rape.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for Tim's rejected pitches of the week!

No Avatar

Los Pepes    

Among all of those stupid looking tattoos he has the word "blood" inked on his right hand!
I wonder what that means
Wonder if the coaches noticed that long ago?

450 days ago


That lady from The Daily Mail looks like Tiny Tim.

450 days ago


The media is paying so much attention to her use of the N-word, we are neglecting the point that she admitted to wanting a southern style wedding with black men dressed as slaves! Clearly she’s a racist and as we can all see, her behavior and mindset is Scary and Typical... Just Gloss all over that!.

450 days ago


There you go, Paula. Just say you're not a role model and you don't want to be. Works for Rhianna

450 days ago


You defend Rhianna but dis Miley for the way she dresses and does her videos?

450 days ago


"Let's talk about chicks, man!" -The Soup

450 days ago


It's appalling that Paula Deen is under such attack for accidentally blurting out the "N" word and immediately apologized, but an immoral "celebrity" as Miley Cyrus can simulate sex acts in front of tweens and teenagers and everybody thinks that's okay. WTF?

450 days ago

D. Smith    

I have always liked the fact that most of you hate crap, but you really failed on the Paula Deen issue. You attack her for using the N-word, when she was referring to a thug that had a gun to her head. Yet, you had no problem with Chris Brown calling that young woman a bitch. You're sending the message that it's okay to victimize and disrespect women. You all know better than this. And, for the record, the thug who held the gun to Ms. Deen's head was not an "N," he was a puss, just like Chris Brown.

450 days ago


Aw! I feel about as sorry for Paula now as I did when she lamented about her great grandfather's loss over his 30 "workers" (as she put it), aka slaves. Now she will have more time to fantasize over nostalgic parties with all black waiters.

450 days ago


With as many lawyers as TMZ has, it is beyond reprehensible that they are still going with this "she used the n-word 30 years ago and is now being persecuted" trope. If even one of the lawyers there read that depo and accompanying lawsuit -- which was filed by a white female, BTW -- they would know that the n-word is the least of the issue. And it's not even all "black stuff" that is the problem! it's mostly crazy sexist (not paying women as much as men who do the same job; managers assaulting workers -- on video!!!) STOP THE MADNESS by trying to push this "it's all about the n-word" bull****!!!!!

450 days ago


Harvey it is not like Paula Deen was Sentenced to Prison, She is a Public figure and public companies do not want to Be apart of her legal Mess Right Now they are entitled to Drop Paula. Paula had a choice on her Lawsuit she Knew going forward and not settling this would happen.

450 days ago


I have had enough of Deengate! Being a rude name-caller is NOT the same as being a racist. Not in ANY way. I use derogatory terms when ever I feel the urge to express my feelings about a particular person who has done something outrageous. That doesn't make me a racist, but I will fully admit to not caring about what other people think about what I think.

450 days ago


It' s true fireworks are legal in the Midwest., you know right in the middle of nowhere???This is the right season: there are sale signs on every corner where you are supposed to get them: July 04th is around the corner. No kidding!!! I'm getting mine this w/end!

450 days ago

Anonymity Aardvark    

Charles.... try using your brain and you might be able to figure out...might.... that Michael put masks on his kids so they would retain some anonymity. He was only the biggest celebrity in the world. Try's fun to think... you can figure things out when you use your brain. Try it sometime.

450 days ago

Anonymity Aardvark    

Charles strike again with another whopper of a dumb comment. Rhianna cannot be and should not be even used in the same sentence as Mick Jagger. Rhianna hasn't been a pioneer or music industry revolutionizer... and more than one will remember her at all in 50 yrs. GAWD this guy should be sent to some back desk to collect facts and make phone calls.

450 days ago
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