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Wade Robson

Details Molestation Allegations Against MJ

6/27/2013 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson has outlined the sexual molestation allegations against Michael Jackson, claiming MJ molested him in various ways from February 4, 1990 and 7 years thereafter.

The documents -- obtained by TMZ -- are heavily redacted.  In one section alone, 7 lines of alleged abuse are blacked out.

Wade's lawyer claims after MJ's first accuser -- Jordan Chandler -- made allegations against MJ, Michael started calling Wade and "brainwashed him into being a good soldier."

According to the docs, Michael would role-play with Wade, saying "They are saying we did all of this disgusting sexual stuff.  We never did any of that, right?"

In another role-playing session in 2005 - during the molestation trial -- Michael allegedly told Wade, "They are making up all these lies about you and I, saying that we did all this disgusting sexual stuff.  They are just trying to take us down, take away my power and my money, take away our careers.  We can't let them do this."

The docs also describe the incident reported by a former housekeeper during MJ's 2005 criminal trial -- when she testified that she walked by Michael's shower and heard him playing with "little Wade." She said she saw two pairs of underwear outside the shower -- one was MJ's, the other was a "little boy's neon green pair."



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483 days ago


even MORE evidence that the evil homosexual child-molesting clown deserved to be jailed and beaten.

483 days ago


Does this mean the Kardashians are no longer front page news?
TMZ should demand more $$$ from PimpMomager as it is clearly evident that they are no longer PR worthy...

483 days ago


MJ had performed oral sex on this guy multiple times. But he is not the only victim.

483 days ago


U think all these children our lying? U believe its normal to have sleep over with children as a male adult? U believe its normal to bleach ur skin? grab ur privates? Go crazy with plastic surgery. Have kids not from ur sperm. Have a shrine of Macaulay Culkin. take drugs..I think Mj thought he was normal. but i dont

483 days ago


OMG!!! Get a fkn life loser. All the sudden you want to cash in??? Shoulda done it while be was alive!!! I didn't care for MJ but why bash him while he's dead? Anything to get your face in the news!!! LOSER!

483 days ago


Get a real job works for everyone else instead of tryn to hit the lottery! Silly boy!

483 days ago


Blanca Francia, the "witness" to this crime, conceded on the stand in 2005 that she really didn't see or hear anyone but Michael in the shower! And even that she was unsure of. She first sold her salacious stories to Hard Copy for $20,000 and other tabloids, and all of this only came about AFTER the Chandler allegations which was several years after she was fired. If this is who Wade is depending on to corroborate his claims, he is going to be sorry.

483 days ago


Here's where I find the bullshìt in these type of cases. This guy says Jackson molested him for 7 years. You mean to tell me that once wasn't enough to tell yourself that wasn't right? You don't let someone lay hands on you and then go back for more. If he did...he liked it. If he liked it...STFU!

483 days ago


This guy looks like the biggest fool. It would be funny if he wasn't making a mockery of real abuse victims.

Uhmm he applied to work for MJ's 2 Cirque Projects (Immortal Tour & MJ One) which are highly successful and Mike's estate hired Jaimie King instead who is doing a phenomenal job.

I guess if he had been hired for Michael's tribute shows, he would have been able to deal with the abuse that he at first he forgot and couldn't remember, then he remembered and couldn't forget but didn't know it was wrong.

483 days ago


dur, dur, dur.

483 days ago


I think this is all about money and he is a liar.

483 days ago


I don't buy MJ worrying about his power or money . And those quotes sound just like things Michael Jackson would have said....NOT!

In the past, I really didn't know if MJ was a child molester or not, but the videos out now showing him interacting with his own children--sad he couldn't release them before he died, but he was protecting their identities--makes it seem unlikely.

483 days ago


How convenient that another Robson story drops right in the middle of AEG taking it in the chops in the wrongful death trial. Yesterday and today the jury has been hearing just how fantastic a father and uncle he's been. These docs becoming available now smells of a desperate damage control attempt. Shame on you Wade for playing pawn.

483 days ago


Also, a full grown man in his 20s would not voluntarily testify to support their longtime abuser, especially when faced with intense cross examination and never wavering the slightest. Wade would likewise not have carried on this "roleplaying" with Michael when he was an adult. It makes absolutely no sense and he should have stuck with the repressed memories angle.

I do believe the quotes that Michael told him about saying people were after his money trying to take him down, but it is really stretching it to call that brainwashing. Wade also continued to support his "abuser" years after he died through tribute concerts, books, etc. He would not have made these allegations if he would've been chosen to star as MJ in Cirque du Soleil.

483 days ago
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