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Wade Robson

Details Molestation Allegations Against MJ

6/27/2013 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson has outlined the sexual molestation allegations against Michael Jackson, claiming MJ molested him in various ways from February 4, 1990 and 7 years thereafter.

The documents -- obtained by TMZ -- are heavily redacted.  In one section alone, 7 lines of alleged abuse are blacked out.

Wade's lawyer claims after MJ's first accuser -- Jordan Chandler -- made allegations against MJ, Michael started calling Wade and "brainwashed him into being a good soldier."

According to the docs, Michael would role-play with Wade, saying "They are saying we did all of this disgusting sexual stuff.  We never did any of that, right?"

In another role-playing session in 2005 - during the molestation trial -- Michael allegedly told Wade, "They are making up all these lies about you and I, saying that we did all this disgusting sexual stuff.  They are just trying to take us down, take away my power and my money, take away our careers.  We can't let them do this."

The docs also describe the incident reported by a former housekeeper during MJ's 2005 criminal trial -- when she testified that she walked by Michael's shower and heard him playing with "little Wade." She said she saw two pairs of underwear outside the shower -- one was MJ's, the other was a "little boy's neon green pair."



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Dose Of Reality    

Why was almost the entire world, including everyone from the government, huge corporations and pre-pubesent boys all involved in an a well orchestrated nearly 30 year conspiracy to bring MJ down?

Why would anyone suspect that a person that had every outward appearance of being a child predator and molester, who admittedly shared a bed with several boys that fit every profile of a child molestation victim, think that MJ may have been such a monster?

If it's all a money grab,
where are all the girls?
Where are the adult females?

Why is every accusation from people that were pre-pubesent boys from troubled homes, that were isolated and alone with MJ. A rich and powerful "man"?

Why do the fans insist the each one of them should have immediately faced up to their abuser, his multimillion dollar legal team, their peers, the world and bunch a crazy fans and say that a idolized man had sex with them. After all, isn't that what Sandusky's and Jimmy Savile's victims did?

Wade, at the very least, deserves to be heard.

480 days ago


Pure bull****.

480 days ago


Anyone that knows anything about MJ, knows that he WAY too shy to do anything like that with anyone

480 days ago


get a job! stop trying to get a free ride of other's hard work!
you sicko

480 days ago


Wade who???

The most importante thing is: Michael will Always be FOREVER!
Thanks MJ for stop by on Earth and make us happy!

480 days ago


When is Corey Feldman coming out with allegations?

480 days ago


He's so full of $hit! Just looking to cash in on Michael's name.

480 days ago


I love how one sided the public can be about MJ
I am not saying the guy is innocent, but common sense tells you this is Bullsh..
Surprised Memories? Really, Come on be truthful with yourself people

I understand blocking out moments because there too painful
But, when you hear this guy is being charged again with molestation
And your being called to testify to defend someone who did the same to you allegedly
Pretty sure memories come back as painful as they are,
because you have finally been giving the opportunity to finally put the man who cost you pain for years away for life
But instead he lies under oath and lets the man walk free so he can commit the same act on others
That Doesnt Make Any ****ing Sense, People..
Common Sense tells you, dude is in rough times
And see's an open opportunity to make fast cash, and the publicity regardless who odd it is, doesn't hurt.. actually he looks like a hero for stepping foward.

I call bull****, and thats as clear as day
But most cant get past Michael as the "freakshow"

Prettt sad that I can make up sex claims against MJ
And most wouod believe it without even doing any research on it.

480 days ago


I recently posted my opinion elsewhere concerning wade's allegations.

Wade Robson should have not filed a Late Creditor's claim. If his allegations are true, he should heal in private with a therapist and the support of his family and not drag 3 innocent children trough his 'healing process.' He should have made these allegations when Michael was alive. As an adult, Michael would have dealt with him. Now that Michael is dead and cannot defend himself, his children are the ones being attacked here and forced to pick up the pieces. The way I see it, If Wade Robson lied under oath in 2005, then he put more children at risk, if he is lying or telling the truth now, then he is now hurting 3 innocent children who thought of their dad as 'the best father you can ever imagine.' Either way, Wade Robson is wrong, and probably the 'real child abuser' here. And for what? Money? Money then, and Money now? Wade does not deserve a dime. If he is really traumatize, he should heal in private and stop focusing only on himself. What about the children? the children do not deserve this. Note, by suing MJ's estate he is attacking Prince, Paris, and Blanket. Have you ever heard of a case where people attack kids for their parents' wrong doings? It just shows that people like Wade will do anything for money. And Wade Robson does not care who he hurts in the process. Personally, I don't believe Michael did anything to him because I find it hard to accept that in all MJ child abuse claims, molestation was and still is the BUSINESS deal to do. Who needs a justice system when you can just get paid by your attacker right? Investigators, police officers, and prosecutors are useless. Correct?

And note when I say Wade Robson should heal in private, I'm not saying he should be silent because I believe if you are a victim you should speak out. What he needs to do is to SPEAK to a therapist and his family, lawyer etc... That is not being silent. However, doing interviews and suing for money is way too outspoken since MJ is not here to defend himself. If Michael was alive, FINE! he could go public, global all he wants. But Michael is not here. So do you think MJ's children should pay the price, here? How many people who are sexually abused have spoken that you don't know about? I'm guessing many! that's what a family is for. Wade has a support system. Why isn't that enough? Wade Robson can go do interviews all he wants but all he is doing in the end is hurting these three kids, because ONE, in their minds, 'Dad didn't do what Wade said he did,' and TWO, MJ can't be hurt (If you believe Wade is lying) or punished (if you believe wade is honest) by this. He is DEAD. The bottom line if it did happen (which I don't believe) Wade is no longer a child and he wasn't even a child when he had the opportunity to confront his attacker, but Prince, Paris, and Blanket are children. There is no point to his claim other than scandal. Just because someone was abused as child does not mean they should hurt their molester's children, who obviously weren't even born when the abused happen. So, Wade STFUP. You had your chance.

480 days ago


Wade who???
The most importante thing is: Michael will Always be FOREVER!
Thanks MJ for stop by on Earth and make us happy!


Yes, thank you for leaving behind three sad innocent kids for a life time of dysfunctional living. They certainly love you after you died, for a chance of normalcy and being laughed at for a pedophile daddy.

I think the pedophile supports love MJ even more when they know his pedophile legacy is still hurting an unknown number of victims left behind.

In a secret and prevented way of thinking, they do wish Paris suicide attempts were not just attempts so that their sick minds will love MJ even more, with a real tragedy.

480 days ago


Wade Robson should have not filed a Late Creditor's claim. If his allegations are true, he should heal in private with a therapist and the support of his family


Who are you to judge. With your own logic every murderer should not be prosecuted if they have children???

Thank God for Wade to finally have the courage to disclose this pedophile and make the case such high profile. Hopefully people will learn more about pedophiles and be aware of them and protect innocent children all over the world.

What good does your worship to a pedophile do? Only to hurt the three innocent children more. The higher you try to put him up, the more pieces he would ****ter when he falls, and the more it will hurt the children of his.

480 days ago


What are people afraid of ...a dead black man that obvious still has money and power from the grave..that they will never have...LMFAO

480 days ago


You don't wait 4 years after someone's death to come out and claim they abused you, AND on top of that try to collect money from the estate. You would want justice, and you would want to see that person suffer while they were alive. First repressed memory, when that didn't fly, oh "he never forgot" what MJ did to him. He's a liar that is out for publicity and money!

480 days ago


Claudia, I didn't copy your entire post because you were repeating yourself over and over and there is nothing new on your post besides what has been repeating over and over as scripted in the MJ fans sites and I stopped reading your post.

This goes to all you mj rabids, say something new instead of repeating the same old crap that's not convincing any intelligent people but to harm and re-victimizing the victims of child sex abuse. A lot of these victims are still children and dare not say anything even to their parents as they would think it is their fault especially the physical reaction part that their body feels the pleasure during the act when their innocence is getting violated.

And yes, crimes, no matter what should be exposed even after the perpetrator is dead, that includes murderer and sinisters like Hitler and pedophiles like MJ and Savile. For the betterment of future generation, for the progression of mankind, for the spiritual growth of all human beings including stupid brain dead rabids like you!

480 days ago



'It's tough. She was a daddy's girl. My uncle was her world': Michael Jackson's nephew T.J. reveals Paris' current struggles in court

By Cliff Renfrew

PUBLISHED:21:59 EST, 27 June 2013| UPDATED:21:59 EST, 27 June 2013

Paris Jackson's cousin and co-guardian T.J. Jackson has admitted that the teenager is in a 'tough spot' as she recovers from her recent suicide bid.

The telling insight into the current state of mind of Michael Jackson's 15-year-old daughter was given when the 34-year-old spoke at the wrongful death lawsuit against promoters AEG Live on Thursday.

And the evidence is sure to strike a chord with the late superstar's millions of fans around the world who are hoping and praying that Paris can make a full recovery.

Troubled teen: T.J. Jackson testified in court on Thursday that Paris Jackson was currently in a 'tough spot'

Speaking at Los Angeles Superior Court T.J. Jackson said: 'Paris has a heart of gold. I just think the loss of my uncle has hit her at a different level. She's in a tough spot, but we're all loving her and doing everything we can to get her where she should be.

'It's tough. She was daddy's girl. My uncle was her world.'

'Paris is not going to be testifying,' lawyer Deborah Chang told Judge Yvette Palazuelos while the jury was out of the courtroom. 'We have a little girl in so much pain right now, she cannot come.'

During his testimony T.J. also revealed that Katherine Jackson has been struggling to cope since The King Of Pop died back in June 2009.

Impressed: T.J. Jackson described Prince Jackson as an 'amazing person' in court the co-guardian has been helping to look after Michael Jackson's children

T.J. praised Prince, 16, as 'an amazing person' while admitting that Blanket, 11, is 'extremely shy'.

'Our children are supposed to outlive us, so it's been very difficult on our grandmother. He was just everything. Since Prince was a kid, he's always been one of the smartest kids I've ever seen or known, reading books at a young age, devouring books.

'Blanket was always very shy. He was always wrapped around Michael's leg right, behind his leg. Wherever my uncle was, Blanket was there, My uncle was everything to Blanket.'

On a lighter note T.J. also testified about how incredibly generous the late King Of Pop could be by handing over $100 bills to complete strangers and generously rewarding his staff too.

Troubled: Michael Jackson's kids Paris, Prince and Blanket, have all struggled to cope since their famous father died

Recovering: Paris is trying to get better following her attempted suicide attempt

Which is ironic considering that Michael Jackson left a huge trail of debts when he passed away.

The Jacksons are suing AEG Live for hiring and not properly investigating Dr Conrad Murray who was charged with looking after Michael Jackson.

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for his part in Michael's death - which AEG contend was not their fault as the performer hid his drug abuse.

Meanwhile, former professional dancer Wade Robson has outlined molestation allegations against Michael Jackson, claiming the performer molested him in various ways from February 4, 1990 and 7 years thereafter.

Family support: T.J. Jackson testified that Katherine Jackson has also struggled since her famous son's death

In the redacted do***ents obtained by TMZ, seven lines of alleged abuse are blacked-out.

Wade's lawyer claim that after Michael's first accuser Jordy Chandler made allegations about him the performer called Wade and 'brainwashed him into being a good soldier.'

According to the do***ents the superstar would engage in role playing with Robson saying: 'They are saying we did all of this disgusting sexual stuff. We never did any of that. Right?'

In another similar session in 2005 - during his molestation trial - Jackson allegedly told Robson: 'They are making up all these lies about you and I saying that we did all these disgusting sexual stuff.

King of Pop: Since his death in 2009 Michael Jackson's family has had various problems

'They are just trying to take us down, take away my power and my money, take away our careers. We can't let them do this.'

The do***ents also describe an incident reported by a former housekeeper during Jackson's 2005 criminal trial.

She testified at the time that she walked past the singer's shower and heard him playing with 'little Wade'.

The housekeeper revealed that she saw two pairs of underwear outside the shower - one belonged to Jackson the other was a 'little boy's neon green pair'.

More complaints: Wade Robson has made fresh allegations against Michael Jackson

480 days ago
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