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Alec Baldwin

Hates Lots of People

But REALLY Hates Gays

6/28/2013 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3:30 PM PT
-- Alec just responded to all the homophobe allegations.

Alec Baldwin
-- who puts Paula Deen to shame in the bigotry department -- again showed his true colors with a hate-filled tirade that targeted gays.

A British reporter wrote a story that Baldwin's wife was tweeting recipes and other things during James Gandolfini's funeral.  The actor went nuts on twitter, claiming the story was false.  Nothing wrong with that.

But then Baldwin played his go-to homophobic card -- he's done it before --  tweeting that the reporter was "a toxic little queen."  Baldwin continued, "If (sic)  put my foot up your f***ing ass, George Stark, but I'm sure you'd dig it too much."

Baldwin then called the reporter a "f***ing little bitch" several times and then just plain threatened, "I'm gonna f**k you up."

So we gotta ask ...


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So what? The little bitches can't take it? Why is it NO ONE can say boo to these fragile little wimps? Good one Alec!!!!

453 days ago


Alec... a heart attack waiting to happen

453 days ago


So, his his brand going to be destroyed too like Paula Deens? Probably not...

453 days ago


I've heard gay people describe other gays as "queens". Is this like the n-word, only if you belong to the group you can use those words and not be considered a bigot? Alec has anger management issues, that doesn't make him homophobic. It's ridiculous how people now expect impeccable behavior from celebrities but in their own lives get to be as rotten as they can. Celebrities are no different than us, when they get mad they can loose it too.

453 days ago


Because he's a card carrying liberal elitist, nothing will happen to him. In fact, he will get even more endorsements. Had this been someone with constitutional values, he would of been hung out to dry, the media would be calling for his head, TMZ would dig up every little thing he has ever done, he would of lost all of his jobs, his commercials would of immediatly been pulled off the air, and the government would try to find a way to prosecute him.

453 days ago


Hold up TMZ, he did not target Gay people at all, he targeted a specific person and although clearly Baldwin has some serious anger management issues, I don't see that as an anti-gay rant at all. I must say, I doubt anyone would enjoy a foot in the ass gay or straight, don't google it though, there's always someone.

452 days ago


I think this lunatic is either going to beat somebody to death or have a massive stroke/heart attack. He is ALWAYS full of rage

452 days ago


Perhaps Alec should fire his wive's ghost tweeter who was posting for her if wifey was not.  Easy enough to check time stamps.  Either way this story makes HER looks like a mad "Tweeter Twin" like Alec.

452 days ago


The gay slur aside, Alec is still a major loud mouthed jerk. The SOB wouldn't know humility if it came up and bit him on his bag.

452 days ago


So this is a gay slur? Is it only a slur when used against a gay male? Is Mr Stark gay, did TMZ just out him? I'm going to need Harvey and co to start checking the comment section. Kanye, justin beiber, etc get the same remarks every post from commenters, they are constantly called closet queens, people refer to sticking things up their orifices....all that stuff. Harvey doesn't seem concerned about putting his foot down then for those gay slurs.

Baldwins comments, IMO, are not gay slurs but directing them at a gay man MAY make it a more sensitive topic. TMZ and other blogs probably need to relax on this one.

452 days ago


I'm more inclined to believe that TMZ is heterophobic.

452 days ago


Still with capital one. End of story. He gets away with everything. He's a bigger hater than Paula. The difference he's a big time liberal

452 days ago


Hang him by his toes like they are doing with paula dean. Go paula!!!!!!

452 days ago


I love the irony that someone so humorless and full of anger would marry someone named Hilaria.

452 days ago


Sooo, TMZ, w/your awesome reporting :), WAS she really tweeting recipes during his funeral service?

If she was not, then, Alec is right to get mad. BUT, definitely, should've handled it better!!! He's a knothead!

AND...If she WAS tweeting during the service then, shame on HER!

452 days ago
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