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Alec Baldwin

Hates Lots of People

But REALLY Hates Gays

6/28/2013 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3:30 PM PT
-- Alec just responded to all the homophobe allegations.

Alec Baldwin
-- who puts Paula Deen to shame in the bigotry department -- again showed his true colors with a hate-filled tirade that targeted gays.

A British reporter wrote a story that Baldwin's wife was tweeting recipes and other things during James Gandolfini's funeral.  The actor went nuts on twitter, claiming the story was false.  Nothing wrong with that.

But then Baldwin played his go-to homophobic card -- he's done it before --  tweeting that the reporter was "a toxic little queen."  Baldwin continued, "If (sic)  put my foot up your f***ing ass, George Stark, but I'm sure you'd dig it too much."

Baldwin then called the reporter a "f***ing little bitch" several times and then just plain threatened, "I'm gonna f**k you up."

So we gotta ask ...


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It's a shame he's made a mistake calling his daughter a name then her mother Kim Leaking it the media ! So her daughter has to relive it over and over for the rest of her life

450 days ago


Alec is a closeted homosexual himself. Why else would that be his go to comeback. The story was probably correct. You don't have to be a genius to determine that Hilaria is a gold-digging, shallow airhead, that only cares about the advancement of her "career". She's ridiculous and so is Alec. They're made for each other, and I hope they go off by themselves and be miserable together. I've never liked Paula Deen, but she is no where near the arrogant, entitled, self-serving bigot that Alec is.

450 days ago


I'm gay, and that didn't sound too bad. Where's the story here?

450 days ago


His wife is VERY annoying. She comes off as a wannabe celebrity......she's even a correspondent for EXTRA now. I remember them at The Emmys ...when they were on the red carpet SHE was the one who was constantly talking and answering the questions....even when they were asking her husband...THEN when they showed Alec in the audience when they were announcing the nominees for his category SHE BUTTED INTO THE FRAME.....literally bent over sideways to get into the shot...LOL >>> Yesterday I saw her doing an interview for EXTRA outside of James Gandolfini's funeral.....I know she's a correspondent for them ...BUT REALLY you can't stay away from the camera for one day?

450 days ago

im mom    

How is Alec Baldwin homophobic? This comparison is like the whole over use of the word "bullying". Because he called him those names doesnt mean he hates or fears gay people. If I called someone fat, a fatass, does that mean I am against or hate fat people? What paula Deen said is a million times worse because she was supporting and promoting racism AND lying about it

450 days ago


GOD made MAN!!!!!!

450 days ago


Alec Baldwin is probably gay.. It would explain hos constant rage.. Self Hating. He left a (

450 days ago


She most likely was texting, her and a lot of others. Disrespectful? You betcha!! Baldwin needs anger management, this marriage will not last. Hilaria will divorce him and take a good part of his money and another child will be split amongst the ruins! All because Baldwin has never grown up!!

450 days ago


I'm sure he will suffer no consequences, because everybody is too busy piling on the poor southern white lady. She is an easy target, grow some balls and go after somebody who will fight back.

450 days ago


How many more 'free passes' is this dickbag going to get??? This is HARDLY the first time he has made a very inappropriate comment like this. And he has never ever apologized...and shame on that twit Hilaria for tweeting during a freaking funeral. What a messed up kid those two have created.

450 days ago

Breaking Bones    

more bigoted...i dont know?
but for sure.... more angry!

450 days ago


paula deen didn't even shed one not one tear just a face like she's crying she just covering her ass loosing all that money acting is her bag that phoney accent y-all --i is what i is ''popeye '' alec is pissed big deal whippn on gays love the sinner hate the sin

450 days ago


tmz, when are you going to report the real paula deen story, it wasn't just about using the "n" word, it was a pattern of behavior toward her employees and a hostile work environment You make it seem like it's one word / one time, no it's much more. Remember she has a pattern of lying.
I don't get all this "poor paula" where you crucified Michael Richards for way less, lets not mention Mel Gibson.

btw, if Capital One decides to fire Alec, fine.

450 days ago


Paula is not a Bigot, she said some very hurtful words 30 yrs ago, fessed up to them and told the truth, poured her heart out and apologized to everyone and now is being burned at the cross. That's what you get for being honest. Then you have people like Alex who hide behind lies and anger, and lies.

450 days ago


neither one is bigoted. i love them both

450 days ago
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