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Bye Bye Paula

6/28/2013 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Paula Deen
's officially the least popular kid on the playground ... JCPenney just severed ties with the celebrity chef in the wake of her n-word scandal.

A rep for the department store released a statement today, saying, "We can confirm that jcpenney has decided to discontinue selling Paula Deen branded merchandise."

JCP had sold Deen-brand kitchen products ... which is good news for Martha Stewart.

The retail giant is the latest to run for the hills -- Target, Home Depot, QVC, Kmart, Sears, and Walmart (to name a few) have already dumped Paula.


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Meanwhile all the rappers, legislators who have used this word far more recently get off. So does that Kardashian tramp who got famous making a sex tape where she gets peed on - Sears apparently could care less about that.

426 days ago


Gotta love tmz's fake moral outrage. You've outdone yourselves on this one.

426 days ago

no way    

this has gotten ridiculous - i'd rather buy something with paula deens name on it before martha stewart anyday - these companies are being ridiculous - lets support a felon but can someone who said what 99% of the population has said at one time or another

426 days ago


black people say it over and over, but thats cool.. if a white person says it all hell breaks loose. just cause its a word against blacks does not make it okay for them to say it.

426 days ago


A bunch of companies are dumping Paula Deen because she said a bad word many years ago. Fair enough. And who are these companies?

Sears, who lost a 5.2 million dollar racial discrimination lawsuit to a Sacramento man

Target, who lost a half million dollar racial discrimination lawsuit

Walmart, who has been sued multiple times for racial discrimination. Here's one case:

JC Penny, who lost a 50K for racial discrimination:

QVC faced a $100,000,000 federal lawsuit for racial discrimination

Home Depot, who settled for 5.5 million to settle a gender and race discrimination case:

I'm no fan of Paula Deen. Never even heard of her before all of this. And I don't defend what she did. However I hate effing hypocrites. I'll be taking MY business elsewhere. TMZ seems not allow posts with links, so look it up yourself

426 days ago


Sorry Paula, but JCP has some great pj's and slippers! But if it were anyone else, well you know what I mean!

426 days ago


that's all JCP hires anyways. Your much better off.

426 days ago


Does that mean that JCPenney are not selling any N-Products anymore?

426 days ago


This is so foolish!!! Why are people so afraid of black folks???? I bet if a word was said about an Italian or Spanish person, it would not even make the news. Such a double standard!!!

426 days ago

michigan city    

Hiprocrites!!! All of you @ TMZ. Paula Dean has been dragged thru the ringer for her use of the N word 20 yrs ago. Yet all this week you (TMZ) have followed up her story with a Kanye West story who has used the N word in every Cd he has made. By the way I am Black. Lets not have a double standard.....Peace

426 days ago


all I have left to say on this unfair situation is FU JCPenneys, along with the others.

426 days ago


"JCP had sold Deen-brand kitchen products ... which is good news for Martha Stewart."

Yeah .... like Martha Stewart is any better or any more moral than Paula Deen! Sheeesh!

426 days ago


ANYONE who looks over the lawsuit and deposition can plainly see that the lawsuit has merit and is backed-up by Employee, Vendor, and outside contractor testimony. They have all submitted to depositions IN SUPPORT OF THE LAWSUIT.
Q: Attorney Mr Billips for the Plaintiff
A: Paula Deen
Various Attorneys present by name
Q: Are you aware of the.. or how much do you know about the evidence that has been obtained in this lawsuit about your brother’s conduct?
A: I don’t know What is the evidence?
Q: Well, the deposition testimony of various employees.
Mr Franklin: I’ll object and instruct her not to answer anything
BAADBOY: and now she knows but is doing NOTHING
Q: Okay. Are you aware -- you were here during your brother's deposition, right?
A: Yes.
Q: So you are aware of the things that he admitted to?
Q: Did any of the things that your brother admitted to doing, including reviewing pornography in the workplace, using the N word in the workplace, did any of that conduct cause you to have any concerns about him continuing to operate the business?
A: No
Q: Are you aware that your brother has admitted to using that word (N word) at work?
A: I don’t know about that
BAADBOY: and now she knows but is doing NOTHING
Q: Are you aware of employees, or former employees, of Uncle Bubba’s who have testified that he frequently used the N word to refer to staff?
Mr Withers: Objection
Mr Franklin: Objection that mischaracterizes the testimony, the word frequently.
BAADBOY: and now she knows but is doing NOTHING
Q: Are you aware of Mr Hiers admitting that he engaged in racially and sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace?
Mr Franklin: Objection..
BAADBOY: and now she knows but is doing NOTHING
Paula: Karl is the most judgmental person I know. And out of every team member on our team, he is certainly the most prejudice.
Q: Prejudice against who?
A: You name it.
Q: African-Americans?
A: Gays, you name it.
Q: Did you hear of an incident involving an employee referred to as Big Will?
A: Oh, yes
Q: And as you, - the incident was first described to you, it involved a - essentially an attack on Mr. Frazier?
Mr. Franklin: Objection.
Q: Okay. Now, do you recall the incident involving Dustin Walls and Ray Parrish?
A: Yes.
Q: All right. And Mr. Walls was found to have called Mr. Parrish
Q: And the investigation that was conducted by Mr Schumacher of that incident, he found that Mr. Walls had, in fact called Mr. Parrish a monkey, you aware of that?
A: I’m aware of that accusation.
Q: Okay. And what if any, investigation have you done to determine if it is your brother who is lying, as opposed to Miss Jackson and Mr. Schumacher and the people at Machworks?
A: I’ve never said Mr. Schumacher was a liar
BAADBOY: and now she knows but is doing NOTHING
Q: Okay. And do you have any reason, and if you don’t, that’s fine, but do you know of any reason why an employ – a former employee named Lindsay McCoy would falsely testify that Bubba told Lisa Jackson in her presence to keep the front “light” when hiring – and looked at her and told her she didn’t hear that?
Q: Miss Deen, earlier in your testimony you indicated that one of the things that you had tried to – that you and your husband tried to teach your children was not to use the N word in a mean way, do you recall that testimony?
A: Yes
Q: And could you give me an example of how you have demonstrated for them a nice way to use the N word?
A: That’s kind of hard. Most jokes are about Jewish people, renecks, black foldks.
A: They usually target, though a group. Gays or straights, black, redneck, you know, I just don’t know.
Q: Okay. And would you consider telling jokes, racial jokes, to be an example of using the N work in a way that’s not mean?
A: I mean, that’s not my style of joke
Q: Okay. Your style of joke generally has some sexual component to it; is that fair?
A: Yeah, lots of times.
MackWorks workplace study performed at Paula Deens restarurant – Question about Lisa Jackson to all employees:
Q: Miss Mack has testified that the employees, that the primary complaint about Miss Jackson was that she worked very hard and expected everyone else to work at the same level.
A: Yes, you know I understand, because I’ve – that was my original thought as well.
Q: At Uncle Bubba’s, do you know whether the front of the house employees were allowed to use the customer restroom?
A: I don’t know.. but I’ll tell you , there nothing more distasteful than being in a restroom and seeing a cook come out covered in flour and buttermilk and all of that.

426 days ago


yeah right, this lady should lose everything for being honest about calling a black man who held a gun against her head 20 years ago a n1gger. Makes a lot of sense. Now that she has been unfairly punished, the idiots who did so will have to live up to these ridiculous new "standards", or we will certainly call them out.

Meanwhile, the rappers and other huge sections of the black population use the word daily.

426 days ago


I dumped JCP years ago

426 days ago
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