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Bieber Photo Shoot Rules

1) Don't Talk to Me ...

2) No Selena Gomez Music!!!

6/28/2013 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is a paranoid, self-absorbed megalomaniac ... is what you've gotta think after seeing the laughable rules he sets for photo shoots -- including a ban on speaking to the Bieber, and NEVER playing his ex ... Selena Gomez's music.

TMZ has obtained a rider from a Bieber photo shoot earlier this month, and other restrictions include NO cell phones and NO autographs whatsoever ... which are actually pretty common demands.

But Bieber also has a laundry list of food demands on set -- including herbal teas, a deli platter, a veggie platter, a large pack of Swedish Fish, Ritz Bits Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Ritz Bitz Cheese Sandwiches, and 2 large packs of Haribo cola gummies.

Munchies much?

Bieber also must have a serious sweating problem -- because he asks for several packs of white undershirts, tanks and socks as well. Weird.

Then of course, there's the required boombox with an iPhone 5 connector ... for tunes.

Just remember: "No Selena Music on set."


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I hope all those brainwashed little girls kick him to the curb and have some sense as they grow older. By the way, the word BATTERY is spelled incorrectly in the rider. I always wonder about these because the artists must waste so much food with all these platters they probably nibble on. He's ordering XS and L crew neck tees? So that must be for other people as there's no way he's a L. XS tiny boy...yes. No matter how many tattoos you get Beebs, that doesn't make you a man. Your behavior is starting to show you as the spoiled brat many of us thought you were a long time ago

447 days ago


Is this list of demands supposed to be controversial TMZ? Have you seen Mariah Carey or Lady Gaga's list of demands? This is lame compared to theirs! And let's be honest, who would want to listen to their ex girlfriends music at their photoshoot?

447 days ago


Don't talk to me. What an arrogant lil $hit.

447 days ago


everytime i see a story on justin it jus turns my f in inside i am so disgussted by him if u check all my comments about him on tmz, page u would see, he s is suck a girl, dam it the lil money he has has obviously gone to his head but i will continue to say i hope he invest wisely today u are up there, tomorrow u could be struggling to sell a song never knock on others an he is good for passing on others, y becasue stupid lil teenage girls like u, u have millions of followers on twitter lol, o please i knw for a fact tht 1 girl on twitter has 10 different accounts an all of them are following u, so do the math if u can, 1 person with ten different accounts, lets say 10 other ppl do the same, i dont think u have true followers on there beibs, ot on i gram or nowhere gosh so sickening.. no selena dont talk to u, who the f@ck is u u lil p@ick

447 days ago


drew up a nice plan or contract whtever an cant spell battery, bunch are losers call salena for she to spell it for u all stupid

447 days ago


Does Bieber really need a Large men's shirt? I think not!

447 days ago


I am just waiting for someone to slap the snot box right off his face. This kid is so obnoxious. I get he is just a kid with a lot of money but just as fast as his fans out there made him a star they could easily take it away or the trouble he causes can.... His mama needs to get to this kid and beat his lil stuck up ass.

447 days ago

Tim C    

Leif Garret, McHammer, Vanilla Ice, Justin Beiber.....................Who are they? Exactly!

447 days ago


I thought he was so close to his Mom- where the heck is she??? I know he is of age but really woman, tune your son in already, because he is a completely entitled little *******. As talented as he is and I am sure you are proud of that and the money he gives you- but are you not completely embarrassed at his behaviour.

447 days ago


Ok who the **** is Leif Garret? ??

447 days ago


Hasbeen and washed out at 19......ahhh Poor kid

447 days ago


Can Justin get any more crazy???? Maybe he will get so upset & go back to Canada - lets hope.

447 days ago


Kind of strange , calling him "talent"

447 days ago


whud i say? new sox and draws

447 days ago


Me: "How's it going, kid? Nice car."

Bieber: "You're not supposed to talk to talent."

Me: "I'm not."

447 days ago
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