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Lindsay Lohan

$5 Mil Lawsuit On 'Rehab Hold'

6/28/2013 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
just learned a bad lesson while she tries to get her life back on track in rehab -- addicts get special breaks when they're sued.

As we reported, D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries -- which manufactured clothes for Lindsay's 6126 line back in 2009-2010 -- sued the actress for the massive $5 million sum in May, claiming her "drug-addled image" made the clothes unsellable ... and they lost millions as a result.

But in a twist of irony, Lindsay's "drug-addled image" just bought her more than a month to scramble a legal defense -- because D.N.A.M. has just agreed to a ceasefire while she's in treatment.

According to new court docs, D.N.A.M. won't serve Lindsay 'til she leaves rehab in mid-August "in a gesture of good faith and so as not to disturb her healing process."

FYI, the lawsuit's already been filed ... but the legal process can't begin until Lindsay has been served with the documents.

You'll recall ... Lindsay initially sued D.N.A.M. for $1.1 million, claiming the company licensed the 6126 trademark, but shortchanged her big time on hundreds of thousands of dollars she claims she was promised in exchange.



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Ellie G    

Well, yayyyy! This will give her something to do when she gets out. Ya know, to help her stay sober.


483 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

HOLA!!!! I've missed you guys soooooooooooo much!
Had a great vacation. Just got in a hour ago. Just wanted to say HI! To everyone before I make love to my well missed pillow, blanket and bed. Its good to be home.

@Sez, smack me silly, but I am so Mimosa and Margarita out. Never thought I would say that.Hahahha Its the weekend, Im sure I will get over that.

Love and missed you guys, will catch up tomorrow

483 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Before I say Sweet Dreams, does this company know Dina is planning a huge get out of rehab/Bday bash for Crackie? Lots of drugs and alcohol will be served.

Looks like Lying Lindsay will be sued for FIVE MILLION......YAYYYYYY!!!!

483 days ago


For along time I thought Lindz might rally and come to her senses but as time went by the thing that struck me the most was how badly ho-LILO treats people. And not just when she's intoxicated. Lindsay Lohan's sense of ENTITLEMENT has so gone to her head, that she uses people like toilet paper, wipes her ass with them, then flushes them. I think even the few friends she had in the business are leery of the adult Lindsay. She has not grown nor improved with age. Another day in court, don't think you can make a living that way ho.

483 days ago


If I was in charge.... lol @ the end of the 90 days .... Lindsay should have 2 subbmit a manditory hair sample 4 drug testing . If it does not come back clean 4 the last 3 mths . SHE MUST GO DIRECTLY 2 JAIL . 2 DO THE ENTIRE 90 DAYS OVER AGAIN ! Lol Hey & if she gets out early 4 over crowding that is fine. @ least she wld end up in jail for a day or so . WHERE SHE BELONGED ALL ALONG !!!!! LOL

483 days ago


I bet Lindsay Promise to pay Back Shawn Holley first will be put on Hold!!!!!!!

483 days ago


Flap jack titties and triple chins couldn't hide her shame.

483 days ago

Sad sad    

Wondered what happened. I thought the clothes were cute but had problems twice of them canceling my subscription. I just stopped after the second or possibly 3rd time. Was suppose to be sent every month. That system I don't think was set up very well. But the idea of it was great. Clothes were decent too.

483 days ago


They should sue her for having to put up with her bullsh-t. She is a POS!!!

483 days ago

Sad sad    

My last order was in 2011. You guys have 09-10 ? But anyways that's when I notified them of a date error I made on something for the last order and either they closed or just were too lazy to change it for me. No idea. They sent that order and got nothing after.

483 days ago


This is a non story. Typical of TMZ not to inform you of ALL the facts. The company Lindsay is associated with 6126 sued D.N.A.M. because 6126 was contractually promised a % of their sales of the 6126 clothing line. D.N.A.M made a fortune in Japan and Asia and paid 6126 zero hence the lawsuit from 6126.

Now D.N.A.M come up with their ridiculous counter lawsuit. There was NO moral clause in the contract and when DNAM signed the contract Lindsay was in rehab at that actual time and had been in rehab twice before that. They knew the situation so their counter lawsuit is bogus in the extreme.

483 days ago


The MIGHTY POWER keeps marching on to September!!!!!

483 days ago


Wasn't it big of Susan to point out that Lindsay was in REHAB when DNMA signed her on?

Was that her third, fourth, or fifth stint Susan?

483 days ago


I want to personally thank Susan, on behalf of all companies, who, prior to reading Susan's post, had any inclination of entering into any contractual agreement with Lindsay Lohan,

Good job Suzy. Well done.

483 days ago


I think "Susan" has gacked 100 to many lines of her (Middle Eastern)supplied Peruvian Jumping Powder. Couple that with about 3 bottles of (Low End Piss) and here we have her. Now "Susan" do enlighten us as to what you have planned for the *Actress* on her big day?

483 days ago
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