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Paula Deen

Kmart & Sears

Bailing Out Too

6/28/2013 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen can't apologize enough to stop the bleeding -- Kmart and Sears are now cutting ties with her in the wake of the n-word controversy ... TMZ has learned.

Sears Holdings -- owner of Sears and Kmart stores -- tells us, "After careful consideration of all available information, we have made the decision to phase out all products tied to [Paula Deen's] brand."

But the retail giants -- which carry Deen's cookware and dishware lines -- seem to be guilty of a little fence-sitting, because they added ... "We will continue to evaluate the situation."

Yesterday Home Depot, Target, and QVC also jumped ship ... following the Food Network's lead.

What's that saying about a pound of flesh?



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All of these retailers have a huge customer base of minorities. She never should have answered the question about using the "n" word with "Of course I have." But...she can lay low, take the criticism and perhaps learn why there is the backlash....and buy out her brother Bubba because he appears to be the one harassing the employees which is the basis for the lawsuit. It's a shame that she is vilified and punks like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber slide through life and never lose a dime for their behavior or language. No venues cancel them! A sad sign of the times.

482 days ago


Wasn't she the one cooking all kinds of fatty recipes when she was a diabetic?
If only all of the so called Reality people would just go away.

482 days ago


Not a Paula fan but enough all ready!! She should retire while she is still a very wealthy woman!!

482 days ago


But she's a friend to the black community. Why else would she wanna hire an all black wait staff for all her parties?

482 days ago


I had no clue she had all these deals......they don't have her stuff here in Canada least where I live. Damn she was rolling in $$$$

482 days ago


I'm no fan of Paula Deens but she does currently have the top TWO selling books on Amazons bestseller list.

482 days ago


This politically correct crap is so out of hand it's a joke.

Back to all the double standard garbarge.

482 days ago


This is America for you! Priorities are now what words you can and cannot say. The way people are acting, it is like she is the only individual to ever use a racial slur. Quit clutching your pearls people. There are more important things in this country and world to worry about instead of words.

482 days ago

Jay E.    

Kmart did bail but the KKKmart is still in.

482 days ago


Great...I'll add K-Mart and Sears to my list of stores I will not spend my dollars with...

482 days ago


Just goes to show, whether we like it or agree with it or not, we are living in a different world. ANYTHING you say can cost you your job, sponsors, etc. Things WILL come back to haunt you, especially in this digital age. People get fired for what they post to social media, colleges are starting to look at the social media of athletes they plan on recruiting, etc. I tell my kids every day, watch what you post on the internet, because even if you think you deleted it, that doesn't mean it is really gone, and things WILL come back to bite you! Now, I don't know where I stand on this whole Paula Deen thing...wasn't really a big fan of hers anyway because her food is so unhealthy, and I'm all about clean, healthy eating. I also feel she can be rather obnoxious! Yes, I get the arguments that she grew up in a time where segregation was still alive and well and people of color were looked down upon, but at the same time, we are in a different world today, and people need to learn to adjust and get above the hate. We also don't know for certain when she used the word...she just admitted in a depo that she used it in the past. The past could mean in the 60's and 70's...maybe even the 80's as things were STILL changing depending on where in the country you lived. I know when I was in high school in the 80's, racism was still very alive and well in the small town I lived...not for me, as I moved in from the city, so I had no problem with anyone who was of a different race or color, but I do remember having many friends of different race and/or color who were treated terribly by teachers, and it upset me dearly...and I would even get bullied for the friends I kept. Let's just say in my high school, if you had darker skin, and you weren't an athlete, you were blamed for any and all trouble in the school, and it was assumed you were a poor student! Imagine their shock when they had to admit that a black male was in the running for valedictorian of my graduating class! I'm sure that was a huge culture shock for that school back then, judging from the atmosphere I witnessed!

482 days ago


I'm sorry I called Sears and K Market the N Word.

I cry without tears and I have gray pubes, don't y'all care.

482 days ago


ENOUGH all ready. She said something she shouldn't have, like everyone else has, she's apologized all ready, now let's leave her alone. Harvey lay off.

482 days ago


Good for them!!!

482 days ago


I AM SO HAPPY she is being thrown from the mountain!

482 days ago
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