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Paula Deen

Kmart & Sears

Bailing Out Too

6/28/2013 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen can't apologize enough to stop the bleeding -- Kmart and Sears are now cutting ties with her in the wake of the n-word controversy ... TMZ has learned.

Sears Holdings -- owner of Sears and Kmart stores -- tells us, "After careful consideration of all available information, we have made the decision to phase out all products tied to [Paula Deen's] brand."

But the retail giants -- which carry Deen's cookware and dishware lines -- seem to be guilty of a little fence-sitting, because they added ... "We will continue to evaluate the situation."

Yesterday Home Depot, Target, and QVC also jumped ship ... following the Food Network's lead.

What's that saying about a pound of flesh?



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This has gotten so out of hand, she said it 35 years ago
Well, if they are doing this to her, I'm going to assume the music industry will be closing up shop soon

480 days ago


After reading Nancy's post about Rob leaving the country, I want to tell Rob to read the "Her Imperial and Royal Majesty" post on the Justin Bieber story. On the first page, he talks about a wonderful place for people like Rob. Read about it, Rob--you'll love the place! Politics aside.

480 days ago


Ridiculous smh

480 days ago


Disgusting unfair hypocritical lopsided justice. I cannot WAIT until the shoe is on the other foot, and it will be.

480 days ago


Talk about "kick you when you are down" ..Paula should just move on, and sell ALL of her products on-line and cut out the big company middlemen...and rake in all of the $$$$ for herself....

480 days ago

Norma Desomd    

Yet that POS Alec Baldwin skates again? The hypocrisy is stunning.

480 days ago


Her TV ratings were declining even before this. If you want to buy her products, knock yourself out. I read her deposition and her constant fudging in answering simple questions was apparent. It was obvious that she was unwilling to do anything about her Neanderthal drunk, porn obsessed brother, Bubba. She acted as if she had no idea what was going on in her own company. She wasn't even willing to put her foot down about Bubba subjecting female employees to having to view his porn and making embarrassing sexual comments to them. In the deposition she passed it off as nothing. This woman hasn't a clue as to what appropriate conduct in the workplace is.

I suspect these companies that dropped her did it after reading her deposition which goes far beyond just using the "n" word.

480 days ago


She never should have said if anyone out there has never said something they were ashamed of, just please throw a brick at me and kill me. This was a mistake as she was saying we're all guilty of this. This isn't about everyone being guilty, this is about her being guilty.

Instead she should have said, I am guilty. I will try to do better. I'm going into an in patient rehab for counseling. I am very ashamed.

She needs to take complete responsibility without pointing fingers at others. She screwed herself by acting as the victim.

480 days ago


Maybe what is happening, is that these companies, are tired of her diva like behavior and now that they have a reason to bail, their all tagging on to this one issue and bailing. I for one am glad.

480 days ago


She cashed in on her image as a sweet old lady. Fair or not the controversy has destroyed that image. It is a bit like Mom of Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil on Futurama. Mom has a public image of sweet old lady but she is in private not so sweet.

480 days ago


I think if Paula had just been truthful from the start, she wouldn't have been hit so hard by all her businesses associated. No body wants to be associated with a known racist who use the N word and say she will not change because "She is who she is" which is part of a racist joke. This woman keep putting her foot in her mouth everything she open it. You tube, Today's show etc... UGH Shut up and go away Paula and let this crap die down.

480 days ago


They're a bunch of cowards. This was 29 years ago... and anyone who claims they have NEVER said something to someone that is bigoted... the "N" word, calling someone who is gay a fa g, calling someone who is slower a retard, a white woman a ****, a white person a cracker, an asian a chink... you're a liar. Half of us used At least Deen had the balls to admit it. How many of you are hiding the horrible things you've said about someone or even to their face that you never apologized for? not acknowledging it and pretending it was never said so you can all be the self-righteous people you believe you are (but really aren't).

480 days ago


The disposition transcript for which she is being crucified over is a joke. In fact, she was asked if blacks wearing white waiter attire in a pre-civil war world would be considered slaves, right? And I quote, "..slaves, right"? and she said yes. She was posed a baited and obvious statement masquerading as a question during an official disposition and quite naturally agreed (I think we all know our pre-civil wart history) that possibly maybe they were slaves. As for the rest of the alleged comments she made about having little n*ggers at a wedding, ect, these are only allegations and nothing more at this point. Anyone can stand up at any time and make allegations about you and yours and turn your life upside down, be you rich or poor.

480 days ago


She made money off of being a sweet, old southern lady. Naturally no one is going to want to be associated with her after a sex and racist scandal. She has told people she is what she is and she's not changing. She's said she would love to have a party with all black waiters and that it doesn't bother her that her brother tells race jokes or views pornography in her restaurants. She used crude language in her deposition and has a video of vulgar, obscene out takes. She admitted using racial slurs in the past and probably has used them all her life.

480 days ago


This is absolute insanity. I will boycott every business that dropped Paula. Believe me when I say I can survive without Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, etc. I think these companies have made a huge mistake.

480 days ago
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