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Aaron Hernandez

Jail Staff & Inmates Warned

... NO Autographs, NO Pics

6/29/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The staff at the Bristol County House of Corrections has been warned -- if you treat Aaron Hernandez like a celebrity, you're in serious trouble.

TMZ has learned ... the Bristol County Sheriff issued a warning to all jail staff members about taking photos or seeking autographs from the county's most famous alleged murderer.

And there's more ... jail staffers have been instructed to give Hernandez NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. Same food, same privileges, same everything.

We're told any staffer who violates the rule is subject to discipline ranging from an admonition to outright termination.

As for Hernandez, so far he's not acting like a prima donna athlete -- a jail rep says he's made no requests for anything special.

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He grew up in ct. I lived in ct, the only gangs there are the country clubs. So sad for the lives waisted.

483 days ago


Explosive Report: Michael Jackson Spent $35M To Silence 24 Young Boys He Abused Over 15 Years

Posted on Jun 29, 2013 @ 16:48PM | By Dylan Howard

Secret FBI files published in a British newspaper allege how superstar singer Michael Jackson paid off parents and victims of his sexual abuse.

The thousands of pages of do***ents include private investigators’ reports, phone transcripts and hours of audio tapes that were created by a former investigator who once worked for jailed Hollywood sleuth Anthony Pellicano.

“They describe how the Thriller hit-maker was once caught by a member of his household staff groping a world-famous child star, watching porn films while molesting another boy and fondling the genitals of a third in his private cinema,” Britain’s PEOPLE reported late on Saturday.

“The mother of one of the youngsters was sitting two or three rows in front of them at the time – unaware of the vile abuse her son was suffering.”

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

The files, reportedly provided to the FBI as part of its probe into Pellicano, name 17 boys – including five child actors and two dancers – whom Jackson abused.

Other children the singer allegedly preyed on include a European boy and the sons of a screenwriter. Their names were not published in the report.

In a transcript of one tape from 1993, Jackson’s ex-butler Philip LeMarque and his wife Stella detailed how screen legend Marlon Brando complained that the King of Pop would “disappear with the children” at his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Stella said: “He’d come to the ranch and always see Michael playing, disappear with the children. Michael would never spend time with the adults at the ranch.

“He [Brando] said, ‘What the hell is Michael doing with those kids!’’’ She said another famous guest, the late Elizabeth Taylor, “never” complained.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Performing

The couple said Jackson would watch porn films with young boys in his private bedroom behind a secret wall.

The explosive report comes just days after a dancer-choreographer revealed how he’d been allegedly abused by Jackson beginning at age seven and said it continued unabated for a period of seven years.

Wade Robson, now 30, told a Los Angeles court that Jackson made his first sexual advances in the star’s bedroom in 1990, as his sister Chantal slept in the same room and often with his mother under the same roof.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson’s Kids Star In Tribute Concert

PEOPLE reported, “The files seen by this newspaper appear to confirm Robson’s claim to be one of many child victims who were invited to fulfil Jackson’s sick fantasies at his isolated playground in the Californian countryside.”

Ironically, the files were commissioned by Jackson himself who had hired Pellicano to ensure that any skeletons in his closet remained out of the spotlight.

In a jailhouse interview in 2011, Pellicano claimed he dropped Jackson as a client because he “did something far worse” than molesting young boys.

“I quit after I found out some truths. He did something far worse to young boys than molest them,” said Pellicano.

PHOTOS: Katherine Jackson Holds Memorial For King Of Pop In His Hometown

The investigator, who the newspaper declined not named, said Pellicano was hired after the dentist father of 13-year-old Jordan Chandler claimed his son had been abused.

“Around 1993 things were really heating up. The suggestions were Jordie was not the only victim. The momentum became so great Jackson needed a private investigator to go straight for the jugular and produce results,” the sleuth said.

“His actress friend Elizabeth Taylor encouraged him to hire Pellicano ­because she had used him to stop dirt on her drug problems being released in the media – Pellicano was a master of negotiation and keeping stars’ ­reputations clean.

“I was hired by him to find out where the fires needed putting out and, in this case, where allegations would be coming from.

“But I have never worked on a case with as many potential claimants as the Jackson case.”

PHOTOS: Really Bizarre Celebrity Pets

The snoop said their reports discovered that Jackson, who died in 2009 at age 50, was a “serial child predator.”

“It showed at least two dozen children were given money to stay quiet – which came to around ­$35million,” the investigator said.

“Wade Robson was one of the kids identified as a victim while our reports show many others were paid off before their names even emerged.”

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson’s History Of Suspicious Slashes On Her Wrists

He said the pay-out total included about $20 million to Chandler.

The investigator added: “I haven’t released this now to upset Michael’s children, who haven’t done anything wrong.

“But when Wade’s case was announced, I felt it was time the public knew what information had been ­collected, what the authorities have – and what has never been released.”



Are you still napping????

Wake up, wake up, we want dirt.........we want dirt.............

We want dirt until the rabids hurt!!!!

483 days ago

Specimen Yarp    

He is an idiot but I bet he knows the difference between your and you're, unlike most people on TMZ.

483 days ago

BB not bb    

Where is the proof of his gang affiliations? He has the words Blood and then possibly Sweat and Tears on his hand, and people say he is in the Bloods. He has a red outfit on and is making what has been idenctified as a fraternity sign from the college he went to, and people say he is making a gang sign. I never see people smile when they make a gang sign, or one that looks so silly and conspicuous.

The chief of police said that he was not the brightest bulb. Maybe people are taking advantage of that to frame him. The cir***stantial evidence agaginast him is very strong, but we are not hearing peep from his side as to a defense.

Most people who go around shooting others realize that the potential for jail is in their future. I think he looks shocked and dumbfounded. Why would he do that with his career and family?

The guy who is suing him for being shot doesn't even have a criminal charge against him. How is that possible? Then he claims a bullet can travel up his arm and pop out his eye. I have never heard of that and dont' belive it is possible.

His lawyer may be famoous but that doesn't mean he takes the defendant's side. He could throw cases as a favor for winning some and getting a name. I don't see how he really posed any defense to the evidence the prosecution presented.

Gang tattoos are very obvious and specific. With all of his tatoos, if he doens't have any known ones to the gang, I don't think that you can say he is in the gang. Maybe some of them don't have the tatoos, I don't know.

483 days ago


He is a victim of the gang lifestyle.

483 days ago


Funny how street thugs imagine themselves as athletes and vice versa.......

483 days ago


You have to wonder why a 23-year-old NFL player on one of the most well respected teams in the League...would want to screw up his life as well as all the other lives which have been effected by his heinous actions and his stupidity.

483 days ago


Notice in every picture of this loser, his facial expression is like he is in the midst of crapping his pants.

483 days ago


Nice life until life ended?

483 days ago


I wonder how many times he dropped the soap?

483 days ago


The way Boston jail/prison laws are much different from NY city and state. If Hernandez was from NY city and the crime happened in NY area he would be at Rikers and he would be allowed to get married. There is no sheriff there stopping marriages. It would take a few months but can happen. He would be in population or ask to be in protective custody.

479 days ago


To be placed in the medical unit and only allowed 1hr out of you cell is not to his benefit. I guarantee he would want to be in gp and allowed to socialize with other inmates. Its for liability reasons if something were to happen the correction department would be held liable

477 days ago
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