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Aaron Hernandez

Jail Staff & Inmates Warned

... NO Autographs, NO Pics

6/29/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The staff at the Bristol County House of Corrections has been warned -- if you treat Aaron Hernandez like a celebrity, you're in serious trouble.

TMZ has learned ... the Bristol County Sheriff issued a warning to all jail staff members about taking photos or seeking autographs from the county's most famous alleged murderer.

And there's more ... jail staffers have been instructed to give Hernandez NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. Same food, same privileges, same everything.

We're told any staffer who violates the rule is subject to discipline ranging from an admonition to outright termination.

As for Hernandez, so far he's not acting like a prima donna athlete -- a jail rep says he's made no requests for anything special.

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Oh no!

482 days ago


if america treated its minorities better, this wouldn't happen. he's a victim of a racist society. poor guy.

482 days ago


He Is pretty much exactly where he belongs.

482 days ago

BB not bb    

There are always favorites in jail. There is an outright hierarchy and pecking order. Some people get privileges for good behavior, and some get punished over nothing. Basically you are in a dog kennel where guards treat you however the hell they want.

I think they are trying to keep this guy from even having any peace. If they are treating him too good, then the sheriff can deal with it then. Why is he making an issue of it from the start? It is like they are saying if anyone is nice to this guy, they are in trouble.

I don't know if it matters, but his lawyer looked like his suit didn't fit and like he didn't comb is hair. Then he was saying inconsequential things like the suspect owned a house and is married with a baby and is an upstanding citizen, which is moot after an arrest.

I think he should have addressed the evidence brought up by the prosecution. I think the judge based her denial of bail on that. She pretty much judged him as guilty in her mind already. She said someone who shoots someone over an insult is not fit to be out on the streets.

I think he needs a lawyer who believes in him and wants to see him let out. The guy he has seems like a piker.

482 days ago


So there's a demand that he should be treated the same like the other inmates, huh! California judicial system should follow this example; and do the same to the're celeberties. From i recal they gotten special treatments and they all should also be treated the same as the other inmates too. just saying.

482 days ago

BB not bb    

Don't celebrities get put in solitary for their own protection, or does that only happen with delicate female inmates? I guess they think a big football player could handle himself, or maybe they want some gang member to shank him.

If he has gangs after him, he could be in big trouble. They pretty much run the jails in some places. They even have the guards and staff in their pockets. If he had gang members set him up so that he ended up in jail, maybe they wanted him there so they could kill him.

The case is all cir***stantial evidence. I wish his lawyer would paint some kind of picture as to what part his client played in it. We are just hearing the prosecution's case.

OJ, yeah, you could tell he did it. This guy, I think there is evidence to suggest that powerful people wanted to set him up.

482 days ago


He's a gang banger. Letting him in with general population is just going to strengthen some prison gang and when he gets out is going to mean more trouble

482 days ago


What about protective custody? You know, the same thing super tough blood gang member and all-around hard guy Lil Wayne petitioned for and received.

482 days ago


No why would you treat this guy any different than any other suspected murderer. He is no better or worse than any one else...unless he is found guilty...then to the chair with him.

482 days ago


Hopefully he will get treated to a **** sandwich.

482 days ago

Ozzie X    

Who would want this thug's autograph? Oh yeah social media, fake reality freaks.

482 days ago


the main news this country is talking about is the murder of an unarmed 17 year old Trayvon Martin.

AH and GZ are a menace to society. Cold blooded killers

482 days ago


I guess we forget he killed someone or should I say he might have killed someone. Oh and to make matters worse he is connected to a double homicide that happened two years ago!!!

But please keep saying this is a racial thing, or a gang thing, or whatever you want. This is an idiot thing he took another humans life, he deserves no bail, I wish this happened in Texas so they could swiftly give Mr. Hernandez the death sentence.

He had problems before the Patriots even drafted him is what people forget, he is right where he needs to be.

482 days ago


There's celebrities and then there's celebrities. Famous, or infamous--both get lots of attention. One could argue Charles Manson is a celebrity. Put this little punk on an island with Jodi Arias, and I think without his gang behind him, he'd run like hell!

482 days ago

Pete Beau    

he's hot, i'd be his tp for life....jus sayn

482 days ago
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