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Paula Deen

White Woman Suing Me

Is Also Smearing Me!

6/28/2013 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Paula Deen has filed legal docs in the lawsuit that sent her career into a free fall -- claiming the woman who's suing her is trumping up racial allegations and now Paula is out for blood.

Lisa Jackson -- who claims she was forced to quit her job as manager of Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House -- is asking for damages based on racial harassment, claiming she's African-American adjacent.   As for Jackson's proof she's got African-American ties, she points to her partner's biracial niece, whom Jackson claims is half Black.

According to Paula's new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Jackson's niece is NOT Black at all ... not even a little.  Paula says Jackson's partner has now admitted the niece is Hispanic -- NOT Black.

And Paula's especially pissed that Jackson alleged in her lawsuit that Paula used the N-word in connection with Bubba's wedding, yet has never offered a shred of proof that the word was used.

So now Paula wants the judge to throw the book at Jackson, fining her with sanctions for creating a bogus racial harassment case.


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Get her, Paula! You don't deserve this BS!

480 days ago

terrell m    

wait so the woman that's suing her is not even black... since when do white woman sue other white woman for using the n word... this story is getting weirder and weirder everyday

480 days ago


Paula is a BIG FAT BULLY. She is using her power and money to silence the accuser. F**K you Paula.

480 days ago


Big fat stupid Paula is now the victim. hahahhahaha, God, I hate that fat woman.

480 days ago


...and where is her racist abused brother BUBBA in all of this???

480 days ago

Tim C    

While Paula has and will lose millions she will not become penniless. Some of her employees are likely to lose their jobs due to these endorsement contracts being cancelled, so they can thank this witchhunt for their unemployment.

480 days ago


I meant..racist ABUSER brother...

480 days ago


Hey Food Network: You fire Paula Deen after she apologized for a word she said almost 30 years ago. Why is Guy Fieri still on the air? He asked producers to ‘warn him’ before he worked with homosexuals. You fired, then rehired Robert Irvine after he lied about bring a White House chef. Anne Burell was sued for sexual discrimination and Mario Batali was sued for withholding tips from employees. I just don’t understand this double standard. The advertisers should take a long hard look at the Food Network.

480 days ago


Stupid democrat voted for Obama.... and the liberals just threw her under the bus. Good job Paula, you wanted CHANGE, you got it!

480 days ago


TMZ needs to do some fact checking. Jackson quit. she wasn't fired. It's in court do***ents.

480 days ago

dfmay18, Paula covered up/ignored/allowed her brother's abuse for years at his restaurant which SHE owns 51% of...When you attach your name to IS a reflection of you...Sorry Paula, cant buy the.."all Gods creatures are created equal " shtick.....

480 days ago


Most people agree that the backlash against Paula Deen has been absurd or too extreme. We all know most people can say very inappropriate things privately they regret ....
HOWEVER - chances are this would never have snowballed as badly as it has ... if Paula made carefully scripted statements rather than these rambling ridiculous comments she has made whenever she is in front of a camera.
Speaking spontaneously is NOT Paula's strong suit. She just seems dingy and confused - and has trouble making a sincere statement that seems authentic.
PAULA ... don't make anymore public comments until this has settled down..and take classes in public speaking in the meantime..

480 days ago


You go Paula!!!!!! Give em some of their own medicine. I will stand behind you 100 percent. I don't care what you said 30 years ago or for that matter 10 years ago. Stay strong!!!!!!

480 days ago


Paula needs to sue her parents. She and her stupid brother sure did get some dumb-dumb genes.

480 days ago


regardless of weather it happened or not, she does not deserve what has happened. People are WAY to sensitive , if it did happen, it was 27 years ago, GET OVER IT. When you can say you haven't said something you wish you had not then you can raise an objection.

480 days ago
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