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Aaron Hernandez

Cops Theory on

M.O. For Murder

6/30/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Police have a theory as to why they think former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd -- he knew secrets that could have destroyed Aaron's relationship with his fiancée and the team.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... there are several operating theories, but a prevailing one based on evidence they have already unearthed is that Lloyd "mouthed off" to Hernandez about "secrets" Hernandez had told him in the past. 

As for what the nature of the secrets -- we're told they involve 2 issues:  Aaron's involvement in drugs and Aaron's involvement in several violent incidents.

Our law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they do not believe Lloyd tried to extort Hernandez -- in other words, ask for money in return for secrecy.  The theory is that Hernandez went ballistic after Lloyd started throwing damaging information in Hernandez's face -- information Hernandez thought would end his relationship with his fiancée and his football career.

Short story -- Odin's crime may have been that he was a blabbermouth.


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No Avatar


How about some down-low incidents?

448 days ago


Why would you screw up your career or dumb stuff and you mad cause he was gonna tell your girlfriend that you were gay and you better watch out for your booty when you in jail don't drop the soap

448 days ago


Snitches get stitches.

448 days ago


I guess he consulted with OJ Simpson for advice.

448 days ago


haha please dont tell me yall believe that it was about his troubled past man smh dude was gay thats THE REAL STORY !!!!

448 days ago


OH well...

Loose lips sink ships...

Or like my mom always told me:
"One of these days, your mouth is gonna write a check that your a** can't cash!"

448 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

He might have told him he was homosexual or that he was a secret fan of Justin Bieber and felt that him knowing those secrets that his best option was to kill Odin. Either way Hernandez is a turd eater.

448 days ago


Thank you for making Paula Deen my hero. She told the truth based on her experiences, and has been crucified for it. I have learned telling the truth is bad. Let's give George Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt though. After all, he killed someone and she said a bad word 30 years ago when it wasn't even a bad word yet and many people said it, but she was honest enough to admit she said it. Let's forgive him because someone "dissed" him after they learned about his horrible lifestyle and condemn her and destroy her life for being truthful. She;s been punished enough. She didn't break any laws and repeated things that have been repeated for years, and she is much less prejudiced than many people. Given her age and upbringing, I think she has come a very long way and should be commended. BTW, my BF is black and he agrees also. I would say African American, but he didn't come here from Africa. He was born here, so he is just as American as I am. Our ancestry may be different, we may have arrived here under different cir***stances, but we have all been here for a long time. His family may have even arrived here before mine did, so maybe he is more of an American than I am. I bleed red,white and blue, but his family came here 100 years before mine did. My family came here willing, his didn't, but they embraced it once they got freedom. How would you feel if someone decided you should be a servant for everyone else? I know intelligent people will understand my comments, but still expect some ignorant people to post some negative comments. People are people, or at least they should be. Fortunately everything has equaled out.. Well, may be not equal, but at least we are giving billions to foreign governments even though our people still need help and aren't receiving any.

447 days ago


there is no way a guy can be so sloppy and dumb like this he had to be framed.... what's his IQ anyone know ?

447 days ago


He has the smallest forehead ever LOL

447 days ago


Blaming the victim? Are you kidding?!

447 days ago


Aaron Hernandez may have killed a guy? Well, check out these photos, you'll see some truth behind that baby face... >>> http://bit.ly/1ave0sp

447 days ago


This guy hasn't looked sad or depressed or even crying since his arrest. It's almost as he realizes this is where he is supposed to be in life. Usually someone gets emotional about being arrested for murder. He looks to be content.

447 days ago


It only took the cops about a week to figure this murder out; and they say it may be a year before this goes to trial; the criminal justice system is going to make as much money off Aaron Hernandez as they can; "

447 days ago


It only took the cops about a week to figure this murder out but they say it may be a year before it goes to trial; the criminal justice system is going to make as much money off Aaron Hernandez as they can

447 days ago
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