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Televangelist Benny Hinn

Heckled at Airport

'World's Greatest Scammer'

7/1/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
You Gotta See This!


Televangelist Benny Hinn is a legendary scam artist who steals sick people's social security checks in the name of bogus faith healing -- at least according to one loudmouthed heckler at LAX, who's damn lucky Hinn's security didn't kick his ass.

60-year-old Hinn was making his way through LAX Friday with 5 bodyguards when the heckler sounded off ... big time ... calling Hinn the "world's greatest scammer" among other things. The man then continues his tirade after Hinn gives him the cold shoulder. Watch the clip.

But despite some death stares from Hinn's security, the man was left unscathed , which is surprising ... because Hinn's previous heckler wasn't so lucky.

One of Hinn's close advisers tells TMZ, Hinn's security had pounced on another heckler just days before in Brazil when the man threatened the master pastor during a sermon.

Hinn's rep says the heckler was "peacefully removed" from Hinn's audience ... but when the man became violent, he had to be "subdued." And you know what that means.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Beatdown.


No Avatar


People who believe this moron get exactly what they deserve. Nothing.......

445 days ago


what is interesting is Joe Q. Public knew more than the paps? Hire him Harvey.

445 days ago


Never heard of him, he is insignificant to me BUT...

I do know that if you are gonna mouth to ANYONE...make sure you can cash that check or be prepared to get your azz beat.

445 days ago


I say Benny doesn't force anyone to give the money...How many people have came forward and said they really werent healed? 1 out of all of these years..hmmmm....

445 days ago

Keepin' it Real    

“Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool."

- Mark Twain

445 days ago


if the person god was trying to heal through benny was possesed or was in the covenent of god its not bennys fault. the devil will decive and create corruption. this is what this is.

445 days ago


When a self-proclaimed "man of God" needs 5 huge bodyguards to go anywhere, pretty much says it all!

445 days ago


Guys like hin and the fools that fall into his trap are a dime a dozen. I do believe in God and the afterlife, but these guys are total scam artists. Like the guys who talk to the dead and make millions off of the living, this guys act is simply to make money off of those who are so desperate to believe in anything, that they will believe in anything.

445 days ago


chrisians..mormons..jw..scientology..they're scammers!!! Religion is a scam!

445 days ago


Its because of people like him that EVERYONE needs to talk with their elderly parents/grandparents to make sure their monies aren't going to questionable places.

Luckily, my grandparents died before Jim Bakker and the PTL Club were exposed publicly as scammers, but sadly it was after my grandparents sent them thousands.

445 days ago


Hinn will have to fight Joel Osteen for the scammer title

445 days ago


That was so staged. The guy who insulted Hin was an actor (and, a bad one at that) he was just too animated and phony. Either that or he was drunk or high or both. He's correct in what he said, it just seemed staged to me.

445 days ago


Back in the day, BH and his entourage of about 12 people flew the Concord 2-3 times per year London - NYC - dude said the airfare (paid for by God) was justified because of time constraints and the value of his time... (more or less the excuse)

445 days ago

velveteen rabbit    

anyone who tries to convince people that an imaginary friend is for real.... is a scammer.

He's only marginally worse than the rest of the cultists (pope, osteen, warren, etal.) because he so specifically expects money for "divine" services.

445 days ago


I was healed through Pastor Benny Hinn's ministry. Be careful what you say about the Holy Spirit working through the person. TMZ is going to fail.

445 days ago
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