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Wade Robson

Michael Jackson Had

A Child Sex Alarm

7/1/2013 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
went to great lengths to avoid being caught sexually abusing children ... even installing an alarm to warn him whenever someone was approaching his bedroom -- so claims Wade Robson in his latest complaint against the singer's estate.

Robson just filed an amended complaint, claiming the alarm would go off whenever someone came within 30 feet of Jackson's room. Robson claims Jackson also hung a "Do Not Disturb" sign on his bedroom door.

As we reported, Robson has filed a claim against the MJ estate demanding damages. Robson claims Jackson sexually abused him for 7 years as a child, beginning in 1990.

The details of the abuse are redacted in the complaint, but  the allegations are pretty clear -- Robson claims he and MJ frequently shared a bed, Jackson often showed him porn, he told Robson they loved each other but no one would understand and he needed to keep his mouth shut.

Interesting side note -- the lawsuit mentions the Jordan Chandler case in 1993, when Robson was called to testify before the Grand Jury.  Robson -- then 11 -- refused to testify and the Judge -- Lance Ito of OJ Simpson fame charged the boy with contempt.  A deal was struck and Robson testified in a private session -- not before the full Grand Jury.



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This would totally explain why every piece of his choreography is so 'dark' and centers around zombies and junk of a pagan nature.

448 days ago


Would Wade Robson agree to take a lie detector test so people can be sure he's telling the truth?

448 days ago


The tranny kept staring at little boys and said "God watches over me and I'm on Earth to heal the children! I need to be god-like because I see God in each CHILD'S FACE!"

"Sleep with me, little boys! I searched for a childhood the last 35 years. I want to be a white girl. I cut off my nose and I'm wearing my favorite lipstick for my boyfriends!
You have your milk and I'll have my Jesus JUICE and Milky Propofol!"
"Die Sony RACISTS... .Heal the world!"

Maybe he needed to live in a detention center for 15 year old boys, where he could sleep with them everyday.

After all, he was very upset when Lisa Marie told him to stay away from 12 year old murderers...

What a loving nurturing transvestite MJ was!
Too bad his nose & brain disappeared in the 1980s.

448 days ago


One of the rabids defense was that people do anything for money.

Well, this maybe true, but it does not preclude that MJ did the molestation
for joy, fun, and pleasure and self gratification that he had enough money
to hide it and that he would make more money to have more boys, and there
would be more greedy parents to supply him with little boys.

And if people do anything for money, what will stop them to tell the truth
and get some money as well???

In Wade's case, I am sure besides monetary compensation to help him for
counselling, it would be very helpful for him to speak up and have a
closure and justice and heal!!!

It does not matter whether he would win or lose in the court. One thing
that is important for Wade is that he got a chance to tell his story and
that there are many many supporters for him. That is the justice he is
seeking and he is getting!!!

448 days ago


This Robson´s fairytale is so see-through-thing, I don´t buy it. I think he is dreaming about double compensation in money from both AEG and estate about his nonsense. What a timing, just to say.

448 days ago


This is OLD news.......this came up in the trial in 2005 and had been explained already. Why is it such a big deal that Michael Jackson would have an alarm on his bedroom door?'s been said crazy people have been sneaking onto his property and trying to get into the house to see him. Notice Michael was still paranoid when he was living at the house where he died...he had 2-5 body guards protecting the property and him 24 hours/day.....had them walk around the house checking everything several times throughout the day. PLUS cameras. I wish TMZ would stop reporting things as if it's brand new breaking news and as if these things are somehow proof of something.

448 days ago


He knew how to make his kids follow his orders.
How would anyone recognize him to care what he did at Neverland? His face changed every 5 years. No one would've murdered him unless he hired them to inject Propofol. Most people would feel sorry for the "artistic" idiotic evil liar.

448 days ago


So that alarm proved that the maid lied??? Not that simple. Have you ever missed a telephone call while you are taking a shower???

Remember MJ was not in the shower by himself, he was with a boy, water splashing, giggling and laughing, getting.......whatever, (Ewwww), he would have missed the alram easily. Hey when you are about the c......okay, the stars and bells are ringing and you would think that was why you were in heaven...........not...........!!! Besides according to reports, MJ made out almost every where in the compound, not just in his bedroom. He had certain areas he told his staff not to go, and he had crazy nude games with boys there!!!

You know what, I am stopping here, before I get really sick!!!

448 days ago


Why did Wade say something when MJ was alive???
Its disgusting how people attack a dead man. Thought Wade was classy....not after this.

448 days ago


Bunch of NUTTERS LoL.

The alarms were explained during the trial 8 years ago and actually assisted the defense's case. Michael's house had also been broken into several times previously


Larry Nimmer's test of MJ's bedroom alarms .

448 days ago


Child sex alarm? How ridiculous. Do people really believe this nonsense? Michael Jackson had alarms in his house to protect himself. This "child sex alarm" has been rumored for years, so of course Wade ROBson is going to use that to try and support his "case".

448 days ago


I don't believe Michael Jackson messed with those boys. Now if Emmanuel Lewis and/or MacCauly Culkin came out and said something, that might make me change my mind. I'm thinkin' that if you're a pedophile it's not something that starts when you're in you're 30's. And perhaps more boys and/or young men would have been stepping foward way before like in the early 80's. I think one of his mistakes was associating himself so closely with poor people, or people who were in some type of financial trouble who saw MJ as an easy target. And about the alarm, after we found out about his propofol usage I assumed he didn't want anyone to walk in on him hooked up to i v' s and such or seeing him without wigs & makeup and whatnot.

448 days ago


o dear goodness.....wade robson u sir r on drugs!

448 days ago


Wade Robson , Your a F--king "LIARRRR"
and everyone knows "AEG" is your pimp
and has their dick up your assssss

your nothing but a nasty parasite

448 days ago


It's not that people take Michael's side because he's Michael Jackson, people oppose guys like Wade Robson because of the timing that they choose to expose this stuff. And these people allowed their children to sleep over with this man, then get in interviews and act as he's the sweetest guy EVER, then later accuse him of wrong doing. The parents are just as sick as they believe Michael was. I mainly believe that Michael was delusional, thinking society would accept his friendships with children. His maids and employees can say what they saw all they want, but the fact of the matter is, they did nothing. They'd rather keep their paying jobs than to expose a "so called" child molester. Everybody put MONEY first, so they're sick too. The second accusers should've learned from the first accusations that it's not okay for her kid to share a close friendship with Michael. Or didn't they learn to falsely accuse from that? You have recordings of Jordan's dad, saying he'd screw MJ over.

448 days ago
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