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CBS & 'Big Brother'


Our Racist Houseguests

7/2/2013 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The honchos at CBS tell TMZ ... they were certainly OFFENDED by several racist and homophobic comments made by the current "Big Brother" houseguests ... but hey, that's live programming for ya.

The houseguests have been under fire from what appears to be the ENTIRE INTERNET over the following comments:

-- GinaMarie referred to welfare as “n**ger insurance”
-- Aaryn called gay contestant Andy a "queer."
-- Spencer referred to Andy as “Kermit the F**" ... and praised Hitler as a gifted speaker.

CBS has released a statement to TMZ ... saying, "We certainly find the statements made by several of the Houseguests on the live Internet feed to be offensive."

However, The Eye points out that 24/7 live programming can sometimes reveal some bad things about people ... saying, "At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone."

There have been rumors that Big Brother will be 86ing some of the offensive cast members -- but it certainly doesn't appear that's gonna happen.


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If Paula Deen is out so are they! Get rid of them!

486 days ago


After reading some of the comments I originally thought Aaryn was the worst but now think it is Spencer closely followed by Aaryn. Sorry, but to support Hitler does make me sick to my stomach. All of these idiots along with McCrae who has also made comments should be evicted but unfortunately it is true that CBS will do nothing because of ratings, but I for one will not help CBS with their ratings because I am done watching this racist bigot filled show.

486 days ago

Heather Lucas     

I think they should get rid of all the s*** and bring back past hated big brother contestants Rachel, Evil Dick, and Dan. That would make for good tv!

486 days ago


Suck it up babies and grow a spine. It's just words.

486 days ago


Oh boo freaking hoo. People need to grow a spine and quit crying over name calling.

What a bunch of whiny, pre-pubescent children you are.

486 days ago


Don't vote them off KICK them off and let ALL TV Land know EXACTLY why they got booted off the show.

486 days ago


Not gonna lie hitler was an amazing motivational and strong speaker....that used his power for a horrible cause unfortunately =\ I don't understand why people watch these types of television shows anyways?

485 days ago


I agree, 99% of those comments were completely unacceptable but one is very astute. Hitler was a great speaker and many say very charismatic as well. How else could a man indoctrinate so many people with such a deplorable ideology that led to one of the worst genocides of all time. Many evil dictators were very smart, charismatic and excellent speakers.
When someone makes blatant homophobic or racist comments call them out on it, but lets not go searching so hard for ways to hang people out to dry that something observant and intelligent is used to vilify them.

485 days ago


So Paula Deen gets fired and CBS allows these two to stay in the house? See how hypocritical all of this is?

485 days ago


I will not watch big brother again, I am sickend by the racist commets. Cbs needs to act on this , or domthey agree......

485 days ago


BFD. So what. People are making the biggest deals out of nothing. Isn't the word "gueer" used in the title of a tv show? Blacks use the N word as often as people blink. It must be acceptable. Don't punish those kids. Get over it....

485 days ago


Since Big Brother and CBS don't care about people saying the "N word" on their show/network maybe Paula Deen can make a comeback after all... I can see it now, "Teachin' you how to cook weddin' food plantation style' Featuring Paula Deen.

485 days ago


So... Aaryn cheated ti win HOH (exchanged cups instead of pouring them as per instructions) Won the HOH competition and promptly set the black girl, the asian girl and the black guy as "Have Nots" for the week.

485 days ago


Big Brother itself is racist-Look back through the years and count how many non-Caucasian folk have been contestants.

485 days ago


people need to stop acting as if they haven't said anything bad or thought anything bad in their lives. we have all said and thought inappropriate things in our lives and anyone who says otherwise is a damn liar. there are worse things in the world than this. if people are gonna be fired for saying and thinking inappropriate things then everybody needs to be fired. it's stupid, get over it, every person on this planet has said and thought terrible things. i'll clue you people in on a little secret, people will continue to say and think terrible things and you know what, it doesn't make you a bad person, it just confirms that you're like everyone else. stop with the pc crap, i'm not holier than thou and no one else is either. just be honest with yourselves.

485 days ago
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