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1st Overall NBA Draft Pick

Non-Hockey Player

Gets HUGE Canadian Honor

7/2/2013 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Canadian native Anthony Bennett -- the first Canadian EVER to get picked first in the NBA draft -- has just received an even greater honor ... THE KEY TO HIS CANADIAN HOMETOWN!!!

The mayor of Brampton in Ontario released a statement today, saying she presented Bennett -- who was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers last week -- with the key on Canada Day yesterday ... in honor of his incredible non-hockey achievements.

For our Canadian readers: basketball is a game in which two teams vie to shoot a ball through their opponent's hoop. No actual baskets are involved, and players tend to retain most of their teeth.

The mayor added, “All of Brampton wishes Anthony the very best with the Cleveland Cavaliers and we look forward to cheering him on during the NBA season.”

That is, as soon as they figure out what the NBA actually is ... and no, the Raptors don't count.

Take it away, Kyle's mom!

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Yet again, American Ignorance makes it's way ahead of the facts.....have a look basketball was a Canadian invention.

445 days ago


For the American readers in here, Canada is that nice country north of you where you can walk the streets without the fear that every around you is armed and can kill you at will, which as you know, happens daily in the good old USA.

445 days ago


So, in summary...


Canadian invention...


Knuckle-Dragging, Mouth-Breathing Morons.

There will be a quiz.

445 days ago


O.o Me thinks TMZ writers have just been spanked lol

As for Kyle's mom...take it away Cartman

WEEELL Kyle mom's a...............

445 days ago


I think they get the fact that basketball was invented by a Canadian now......

On another note, there are places that exist outside of America. Canada won the Silver medal in the Olympics in 1936. We have been to the Olympics for basketball 9 times......

People actually go watch the Raptors play, which can't be said for many NBA teams. It's shockingly empty at most arenas when I watch the Raptors on the road......

Just acknowledge, once, how stupid you are.....at least you had the class to wait 1 whole day after Canada Day for your ignorant remarks.

445 days ago



Harvey knows how popular is show is in Canada, so you might want to update this story with the link above.....

445 days ago


TMZ, tries to make a joke - ends up being the joke. It's all too common now.

445 days ago


"That is, as soon as they figure out what the NBA actually is ... and no, the Raptors don't count."
Another dumb ass statement from an ill educated US American. Check you facts where the sport of Basketball was invented. Canada is the place. Charles be prepared to eat your s h i t. One does not have to be black to be good at this ball. AS for Harvey, every time you open your jewish mouth you think everybody is below you. your s h i t does smell

An American Canadian with strong feels.
Charles remove your size ????????? foot from your upper opening be careful of the pearls.

445 days ago

Specimen Yarp    

For you Americans, Canada is the country to your North.

445 days ago


As previously mentioned..B-ball invented in Canada, Steve Nash 2-time MVP, eat **** TMZ! We used to like you in Canada - but the insults just keep coming - every time Canadians come up ahead of you. enjoy your ****ty economy, gun violence, lousy healthcare, terrorist attacks, pollution, world-wide hatred of Americans, and second-rate education system.

445 days ago


I was a TMZ fan, you have a fan base that is not just American. Some Celebs you talk about are Canadian, so stop pulling the lame jokes out of "Hippies" ass and respect all your readers. Harvey, I would call that Discrimination, correct? Apology to Canadian will be accepted.

445 days ago


Well now he just needs to win a championship his rookie year like fellow Brampton native, Tyler Seguin of the Boston Bruins and the summer Seguin had. A lot to live up to.

445 days ago


TMZ dumbasses, basketball was invented in Canada.

445 days ago


TMZ dumbasses, basketball was invented in Canada by a Canadian.

445 days ago


" by TMZ staff " ? at least have the balls to claim your work you misinformed ignorant prejudiced poutine face, it's not ALL about America ALL the fricking time, let us enjoy our accomplishments especially when there's idiots like " Mayor " Rob Ford who make your simple job even easier. & yes THIS should be your story of the day: http://bc.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=50&languageId=1&contentId=30838

445 days ago
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