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Paris Jackson


By Rehab Facility

7/2/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson can't get a break ... her request to be transferred from UCLA Medical Center to a top out-of-state facility has been REJECTED, because the rehab place fears an onslaught of paparazzi.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... UCLA docs will NOT let Paris return home, because they believe she is still a serious danger to herself -- they believe unless she gets more professional help she could end up killing herself.

We're told Paris' biological mom, Debbie Rowe, has researched adolescent facilities around the country and found one in Utah that would be perfect.  But our sources say the facility has turned thumbs down on the request, because honchos at the rehab place fear photogs will go crazy and take pictures of not only Paris but other patients at the facility.

We're told Rowe is not satisfied with the other options, so the search continues ... although we're told people connected with Paris are contacting the facility and asking for reconsideration.

In the meantime, our sources say Paris is stuck at UCLA, and she's in the wing that treats patients with eating disorders -- a problem Paris does not have. 

Rowe is telling friends, "It's just a tragedy. This girl needs help."



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I'm just wondering if MJ's obviously staged 'family-idyll' had only one purpose to camouflage his insane gigantic pedo-ism? I mean, maybe Neverland was just a huge pervert Pedo-Farm??
This strongly reminds me of Jimmy Savile...

444 days ago


Paris wasn't the one who needed rehab. She was lied to by her drugged up father when he was in a paranoid state. He was so messed up that he requested a $93 million mansion that he couldn't afford.

He thought he was doing "fine" with the kids in the home while he stuffed painkillers & Propofol in his arm & groin.
He had to be forced to stop butchering his nose
after what he did in 1990 & 2000.
He was freezing cold & his skin was sunken in when he abused medication & Propofol.
He would've died with 3 months of insomnia, according to the sleep expert.

He had kids with IVs in their arms in the Neverland theatre, like that was normal as him injecting Propofol in his groin to induce real sleep.
MJ denied that deadly Propofol & constant painkiller overdoses were weakening his organs.
It didn't matter if he took Propofol only a few times.
The damage was irreversible. He also starved himself to prevent himself from vomiting after Propofol injections. He knew exactly what he was doing.

He had numerous Demerol injections; that's why he repeatedly had his face injections & nose mutilation.
No one would hire him to star in a movie when his nose was destroyed & he needed to read his lyrics on the teleprompter after he forgot his songs in the concert rehearsals. He scared the kids after he broke a vase & cried & slammed the phone down when people asked him why he was sick and unable to rehearse for concerts.

He kept rejecting the fact that Propofol would kill him. He threw his money on failed business deals, criminal doctors, lawyers & little boys. He manipulated his kids yet the fanatics want to blame the media for his death?
He could do business meetings. He could travel around the world, lived in mansions of a prince of Bahrain & in Ireland, but
he had no drug abuse when he had no concert.
He was no clueless patient like the fanatics pretended he was.

As soon as he wanted concerts for the kids, needed money to pay Katherine, Jermaine & Randy & couldn't make enough money to buy a mansion, he started doctor shopping for Propofol.

He pretended that he could have grandchildren of Elvis Presley and claimed that he hated pedophiles.
MJ clearly knew Elvis was in bed with little Priscilla Presley.
MJ "married Lisa Marie" but didn't live with her.
If he had loved women, he would've been in bed with women at Neverland.

Of course, fanatics vote HATE 20 times to prove that MJ never lied about anything to his kids.

444 days ago

just because    

hey somethings wrong with the sign in process

444 days ago


That bitch Debbie Rowe needs to stop selling stories to TMZ and other tabloid sites. Once a media whore, always a media whore. I hope Paris runs far away from Rowe before she knows what kind of bitch she's allowed in.

444 days ago


She should try that popular facility just outside Tucson, AZ. I forget the name right now.

444 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

Michael could really spin on stage, but sadly he is continuing to spin in his grave thanks to his no good family.

444 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Fame and money are a curse. They can´t get you what you really need in life ---- in this case, psychological help.

444 days ago


Why is Debbie Rowe the one shopping for/picking Paris' rehab facility if she is not her legal guardian? Shouldn't this task fall to Katherine Jackson? (Not that I think she'd do a better job - just asking).

444 days ago


My first thought was if the child was incognito how would the paps even know about it? Then I thought twice and thought not only would those circling vultures of the Jackson-JackSUN family sell the information there might be people inside and visitors to residents who might be happy to make a few bucks on the kid's misery. It could be worse; the Jackson-JackSUN family could be contacting Dr Phil or Dr Drew for a payday.

444 days ago


That does NOT say much for that Utah Rehab! Wherever she goes should be kept top secret. If the Utah rehab is more worried about photogs than that young girls mental health - she should not go to that sorry facility anyway. Paris should be left alone to get the help she needs without a low-life photog snapping pictures of her every move. That poor kid - I wish her well. And I wish her privacy. There needs to be strong laws concerning paps and what they can and can NOT do, how close they can get to a celebrity and long jail time for stalking and invasion of privacy. No more camping out in front of someones house 24/7 and no hacking into their phone, texts and e-mails. Those pr*cks are getting away with murder and a lot of them have very bad reputations. Its all about the $.

444 days ago

ivona poyntz    

Poor girl.

444 days ago


Really? All the times they locked my ass up for a 72 hour, then shoved me to IOP, and this girl gets forced into extended stay? I've known un-medicated schizos that have been dumped back out quicker than her. In-patient has its place. I doubt she is a danger to herself after several weeks. The impulses should have died down so that she can function well enough to do some OP therepy.

444 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

It's a shame she's rejected, but you certainly can't blame the facility for wanting to protect its patients and not have the whole circus freak show camped out on the front lawn.

444 days ago


its because this nosey ****ing website keep stalking her or they wouldnt have this info

444 days ago


Anyone notice that she and Debbie have the exact same nose?

444 days ago
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