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Paris Jackson


By Rehab Facility

7/2/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson can't get a break ... her request to be transferred from UCLA Medical Center to a top out-of-state facility has been REJECTED, because the rehab place fears an onslaught of paparazzi.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... UCLA docs will NOT let Paris return home, because they believe she is still a serious danger to herself -- they believe unless she gets more professional help she could end up killing herself.

We're told Paris' biological mom, Debbie Rowe, has researched adolescent facilities around the country and found one in Utah that would be perfect.  But our sources say the facility has turned thumbs down on the request, because honchos at the rehab place fear photogs will go crazy and take pictures of not only Paris but other patients at the facility.

We're told Rowe is not satisfied with the other options, so the search continues ... although we're told people connected with Paris are contacting the facility and asking for reconsideration.

In the meantime, our sources say Paris is stuck at UCLA, and she's in the wing that treats patients with eating disorders -- a problem Paris does not have. 

Rowe is telling friends, "It's just a tragedy. This girl needs help."



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I think it's sad that any facility would refuse to admit/treat a child who needs help, who has attempted suicide, because they are worried about the paparazzi. If judges can hand down gag orders, how about a no photo order or something? She is a minor and it is medical.. you would think something could be done.. not like the family doesn't have money for attorneys or what not... Oh right, they love all this being in the media. It's also sad that it's Debbie doing all the footwork and trying to help while we are hearing nothing about the people who are in control of all this girls money..she should be able to go to any facility she wants.

448 days ago


Who cares if Paris' has MJ's DNA?
She certainly would rather have a sane adoptive live father and a mother who didn't call her dead pathological liar father a strong, sane intelligent man.

MJ couldn't wait to look & act like a child-nurturing white woman.
He was more willing to exit this Earth than admit he was a pedophile who faked a high-pitch girl voice and drowned himself with a deadly sedative.
Nothing worse than a bitch who used the imaginary God excuse to justify having criminals in his home.

Karen Faye couldn't even call the hospital to save MJ's life. She knew him for 26 years, but it was no surprise that she let him surgically damage his nose & tattoo on creepy eyeliner & lipliner then she tried to camouflage that by placing a humiliating rug on his head & putting thick white foundation, annoying nose shading & red lipstick on him.
The "feminine look" didn't cover up his pedophile obsession with how "god-like" boys looked to him.

He was allowed to do only 1 music video for Invincible because he ripped up his nose, screamed paranoid accusations of racism & bragged about how sweet it was to share a bed with boys.

Most people he knew were money-hungry or pathetic liars. No one admitted that MJ had mental illness.
MJ hoped millions of dollars would make his "friends" go away.
Suddenly, the film deal with Jordan Chandler & "friendship" with Jordan's mother didn't exist anymore.
The evil boy Gavin Arvizo was the criminal but MJ defended him & insisted that Gavin was totally innocent & naive.

The video camera didn't show him loving kids like Chandler & Arvizo after 2005, so MJ stopped speaking in a high-pitch girl voice.

When he bullcrapped that he'd kill himself if there weren't a bunch of kids in his home, and then endangered his kids by repeatedly letting criminal perverted boys in his bedroom, that meant he was a pedophile. There were no women & girls begging to be in his bed. Boys were on his lap.
He was always next to them or sitting next to boys. He lied to Oprah that Brooke Shields was romancing him even though she was with other men, & Frank Cascio (the assistant) pretended that MJ had girlfriends with him constantly and that Madonna was attracted to him (lies). He wanted pedophile Elvis' grandkids, despite not even living with Lisa Marie and screaming that he hated pedophiles.

448 days ago


She looks like Debbie, only much better.

448 days ago


One of the luckiest people in the world & doesn't even know it! Hopefully maturity will help. Maybe she has a chemical imbalance in the brain & just needs a medication. Born into wealth~pretty darn nice.

448 days ago


Adopted daughter of serial child rapist and drug addict is in deep poopoo.

448 days ago


Someone other than the mother better check out rehab...if it's in Utah, it's not a good place to be.

448 days ago


There are therapists who offer services at home in LA , debbie should live with her daughter and provide 1:1 care and supervision. Sending Paris in rehab centers is only a temporary solution, her mother should be able to support her needs long term, working with a family therapist and knowing how to deal with her daughter's situation. Fact is paris won't live in these centers for the rest of her life she needs to know how to function in society. 99% percent of these centers are run by poorly qualified people who don't have a choice but get jobs in the middle of nowhere. The high end care facilities cost between 43k-96K /month and have waiting lists(see privee swiss, etc). Choosing a rehab center from the internet because they advertised themslves as successfull means nothing.

448 days ago


She needs to come out to Laureate.

448 days ago

Hell If I Know    

So now this paid for surrograte mother wants Paris to believe that she actually gives two shiats about her and her welfare? Debbie Rowe rented out her womb to Michael Jackson. She was a very well paid surrograte mother who should stay out of this young lady's life. Rowe never gave a dayam about this kid, all she ever cared about was getting millions out of Jackson. Oh, and does anybody with two brain cells to rub together really believe that these two ever had any sort of "marriage"? LOL...come on....that was all for show. I feel for Paris. Unless this girl finds a therapist who really cares about her and not her $$$$, Paris is doomed to be a "poor little rich girl"...a girl who has everything except what matters in life. Too bad the rest of the Jackson are just as wacko as Wacko Jacko was. Aunts, uncles and other adults can play a huge role in a teen's life. This kid ended up on the short end of the stick on so many, many levels.

448 days ago


TMZ... You Screwed Up on the Title Again! The fact of the matter is.. She can't get in because of TMZ.. Your the paparazzi! So.. The Title of this article should read... "Paris Jackson Rejected by Rehab Facility because of TMZ"

448 days ago


Why do stars always go to American rehabs? Don't they have enough money to go anywhere in the world, where they can have more privacy? ...maybe they want to be closer to loved ones and their support system -- but then again sometimes it seems that they might be better off with more distance from their "loved ones".

448 days ago


Frankly, I am frightened for Paris Jackson, that she doesn't get the professional counselling she need's and get's into a rehabilitation centre, that she may end up taking her own life, and that would be a real tragedy.

The young lady, need's the best care possible right now!

448 days ago


Unfortunately for this young girl, and unfortunately for the most famous black family in the world (more so than Obama), the only chance they can get in a University campus or near is not for an education but is for a flawed suicide attempt, and where do they stay? The mental ward!!!

LOL LOL LOL!!!! I think they should make a donation to the University to at least attach the Jacksons' name to that mental ward for people to remember them!!!

448 days ago



Why doesn't DR do what MJ did the best, pay the rehab centre a few millions, or even buy them up, if they can help Paris. Afterall, DR should know the power of a few green bucks!!!

448 days ago


So, Debbie is the one who’s looking for the right place for Paris. Her guardians (Jacksons) obviously has other priorities (money grabbing in court).

No paparazzi should be tolerated near the place where Paris is treated! She should be able to get treatment at the place that is best suited for her. This is about a 15 year old girl's health, and her life as well, since she is suicidal.

MJ didn’t want his children to be exposed to paps, tabloids, or exploited for money. If he had been alive, he would’ve let the children decide on their own whether they wanted a life in the public eye or not. But not until they were old enough to understand what that decision meant. The Jackson family took the kids’ anonymous life away from them, which was very selfish, and also disrespectful to MJ. They managed to destroy all his efforts to protect his children from the spotlight the moment they got their hands on them (and the money).

448 days ago
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