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Paris Jackson


By Rehab Facility

7/2/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson can't get a break ... her request to be transferred from UCLA Medical Center to a top out-of-state facility has been REJECTED, because the rehab place fears an onslaught of paparazzi.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... UCLA docs will NOT let Paris return home, because they believe she is still a serious danger to herself -- they believe unless she gets more professional help she could end up killing herself.

We're told Paris' biological mom, Debbie Rowe, has researched adolescent facilities around the country and found one in Utah that would be perfect.  But our sources say the facility has turned thumbs down on the request, because honchos at the rehab place fear photogs will go crazy and take pictures of not only Paris but other patients at the facility.

We're told Rowe is not satisfied with the other options, so the search continues ... although we're told people connected with Paris are contacting the facility and asking for reconsideration.

In the meantime, our sources say Paris is stuck at UCLA, and she's in the wing that treats patients with eating disorders -- a problem Paris does not have. 

Rowe is telling friends, "It's just a tragedy. This girl needs help."



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Cartman, you appear to be a complete dumbass!

394 days ago


MJ didn’t want his children to be exposed to paps, tabloids, or exploited for money.


What do you know about what MJ think??? He is the root of the problem, creating and exploiting these kids to maintain his own image and covering them up while walking the streets to get more crazy reactions which Paris even said was stupid.

You can lie to your kids while they are growing up and when they come of age to find out that they have been lied to all their lives should have devastating consequences and that is what is happening right now.

394 days ago


I cant stand Debbie! She does'nt care about Paris! Why the hell wont she just take her daughter to live with her for the summer, and maybe go with her to counseling! Or take her out of that state and go else where with no paps around and do out patient counseling! Just be with your daughter sick bitch! Im so sorry for that girl! And her mother trying to ship her off alone!

394 days ago


I was tricked by how unhappy he looked but
I realized he was born with the Jackson evil character.

The more his skin lightened & the more butchered his nose was, the more pedophilic he became in the 1990s.He started believing he was the kids' mother and that he was victimized by WHITIES. LMAO
Was that why he had an elderly white best friend & very light skinned kids & boyfriends?.

He actually could keep a straight face after watching the Bashir interview. Well, the center of his face was plastic, so it was hard to remember what his face looked like year after year.
He had the Planet of the Apes combined with the Grinch face with an Asian woman's wig on.
The lunatic went ape crazy as his shoved the bottle in the baby's mouth & while baby struggled at the hotel balcony. He laughed like a hyena.
Did he think anybody worshipped him to the point where they'd chase his ugly face & his kids to hurt them?He was the freak who humiliated his kids with his stupid behavior and thought everyone would follow him around because he loved children so much.

He talked to the tabloid photographers and tried to fool everyone with his denial of his inability to sing without sounding like a breathless sickly old woman. "I'm fine!" The lie was pathetic.3 days earlier, he lied to keep the concerts.He went insane at the AEG guys and broke a vase because someone dared to tell him he was mentally ill.
He continued crying about strangers' children like he owned them in 2009. Sick low life's brain was fried by drugs while he was moaning to the disturbed doctor about a children's hospital. He didn't seem to want to be in a prison & hospital when he illegally bought a truckload of meds & Propofol..

394 days ago


What Paris really needs is love and attention from family members. If they can't give that to her, I believe Debbie can. I believe Debbie can help her heal. I don't think she should be sent to an out-of-state rehab facility where she'll have little to no physical contact with family members, or her mother. What good is that going to do her? She can still receive out-patient counseling. She doesn't need to be in some strange, desolate facility.

394 days ago


A surrogate mother who endorses good mental health from her daughter is better than the lowlife father who thought he would never be known for his stupidity & self-degrading insanity.

Instead of doing science experiments with his face every few years,
the faceless wonder should've donated his money to a MENTAL institution for drug thieves, addicts & child abusers such as himself.
The mental health center would've been positively promoted with his name because he was one of the most tragic, manipulative & confused people in history.
His mental institution would've saved his life by keeping him humble. When he was locked up at Neverland & butchering his face, no one cared what he did to the kids. If Paris believes she could bring creepy boys to Neverland again, she is sadly mistakened.

Paris is not the mentally ill one here & she's not going to a rehab center. She is just realizing what he did to her & the brothers, especially Blanket. No one wants to hear a liar who misleads the kids like they are unimportant people. Thriller & Moonwalk died along with King Propofol's mental health in the 1980s. Everything after that was pedophilia justification, disgusting arrogance & creepy transvestite face mutilations.

He got special treatment & died without imprisonment for his many crimes.
MJ's voice was too weak & he had Propofol mush brain. Who was he kidding on stage?

He died so lucky. Even playing the victim until the last bitter breath, despite using Klein & Murray to remedy his insanity.
Child abusers are unforgiven.

394 days ago


Poor little rich bitch can't find a rehab that will take her. I feel so sorry for that mis-fortunate human. Grow up already you spoiled ugly thing.

394 days ago


Why are some of you people posting horrible abusive rants to a child? You also post the most hateful horrendous insults about her parents. Do you think its good for any child to hear such disgusting hateful jabs about their parents too? This article is about a child going for help who cut herself and took pills because she was so unhappy. Your yelling at her and kicking a child when she is down. Why are you trying to punish a child so viciously? How would you have felt being so young and hearing such hateful things about your parents and even the constant reposting saying she does not have Mj's DNA? Would you do that to an adopted child just because you don't like her father? You have no conscious. This article is not about MJ and what is so terrible about a daughter being reunited/bonding more closely with her mother? What do you want from this child and why are you behaving like a lynch mob towards a child. I don't understand and I wouldn't want you near my children.

394 days ago


DEbbie Rowe you stepped up to the plate and are doing all you can to help your daughter, keep it up !!!!! As my son would say bring on the noise .. bring it !!!

394 days ago


First of all, she's a minor and there are patient privacy laws. This information should have to be private. The problem is that "a source close to the family" will run their mouth, yet again. Give this poor kid a break. If no one announced where Paris is seeking treatment, then there wouldn't be any paparazzi issues. Seems to me that if everyone in the Jackson family decided to STFU for once, this problem would be solved. With a family like that, this poor kid doesn't stand a chance.

394 days ago


None of us asked to be born but Paris was allowed to talk on twitter to celebrities and had a rude exchange with one of them. She's no angel either. Katherine should not have let her do whatever she wanted on twitter. She got extremely depressed because her life was about worshipping celebrities & her father. I mentioned the nasty comments on twitter, then 2 months later, she slashed her wrist.
MJ was the one who gave Katherine guardianship. He was no hero & made an almost fatal error with the kids' "parent replacement". Who lets a dumb as a doorknob passive granny take care of 3 kids?
MJ was a ticking time bomb. Paris is lucky that there is one parent because MJ was an infantile, severely ignorant, humorless, disrespectful, lame brained, tantrum throwing egomaniac. Many kids have little money, no parents due to death or absence & have to accept their abusive families.

394 days ago

What I Think    

It looks like Paris aka Crazy Eyes Jackson just can't catch a break.

394 days ago


WOW!!!! Paris looks so much like her mom...TWINS!

394 days ago


There's a difference between lying, and not telling.


Try explain that to Paris - Oh, MJ was his birth father, or he just didn't tell her who her real birth father was - Ah, she should really feel better for the latter case!!!

394 days ago


Of course, absolutely NONE of this would be up for question - let alone talked about - if the US treated children humanely as ALL other western nations do. Instead, you treat your children as "fair game" fodder, citing "freedom of speech" as your reason to publicly abuse children in the media.

EVERY Western democracy (and there's lots of us) have FREEDOM OF SPEECH - you don't seen articles about people in Canada, Australia, the UK, Europe being politically gagged, do you? - but WE (everyone in the Western world EXCEPT FOR YOU, US) protects children from things they cannot possibly have protected themselves from. So in the UK - and by media agreement, no law needed - the UK press allow the children of royals to grow up out of the public eye. They don't spy on them, they don't report it (even if they do spy on them), and the children don't grow up fearing being treated as some cheap entertainment on a website.

Compare this with how Michael Jackson's children are treated in the US. And if you're not ashamed enough of that! (that you have NO laws protecting minors from public exposure and abuse) - then how do you feel seeing this poor girl's EVERY teenage anguish, her personal grieving, you name it! The US is the ONLY Western country where that is OK - and you do it in the name of "free speech". Well great, apparently you are SO mentally impaired and lacking in creativity that you cannot figure out how to both protect freedom of speech AND at the same time protect children from public abuse. And there's no excuse really, cos EVERY OTHER WESTERN NATION KNOWS HOW AND DOES IT.

Bit like how to protect yourself and your family and stay alive without going around killing people.. EVERY OTHER WESTERN NATION can do it except the US.

It took Rome HUNDREDS of years to go from hero to zero, to lose their credibility and leadership. The US seem to have managed to go from leader to old-fashioned fascist WWII-era state in about 10 years!

So STOP reporting on childrens private ordeals - it's cheap, it's nasty, and it's only legal in the US because you have not caught up with social norms in the Western World.

It's always been clear Harvey has no kids (and gay guys can, but he clearly doesn't). If he did, even he wouldn't be so reckless and cruel to children.

394 days ago
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