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The Game

Aaron Hernandez

Ain't No BLOOD!

7/2/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A "Blood" tattoo on your hand doesn't make you a Blood ... so says bona fide Blood member The Game, who tells TMZ Aaron Hernandez is definitely not a member of his beloved street gang.

Game was leaving Tru in Hollywood last night -- with TWO giant gold chains around his neck -- when we asked the rapper behind the hits, "It's Okay (One Blood)" and "Red Nation" how he felt about the former New England Patriots star's connection to the Bloods.

"Aaron Hernandez ain't no Blood man ... n**ga killed his sister's husband, what the f**k??"

Game says there is a way for Aaron to BECOME a Blood -- but it involves being "packed out" by the rapper and his crew.

... and if you wanna know what being "packed out" means, watch Game describe it in the clip.


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No Avatar

Elizabeth Alan    

Dang, and he wasted all that money on an education to become a blood. Maybe he can join a diff Alma Mater.

476 days ago


This turd sees a camera and CANNOT stop himself from running up and flapping his lips

476 days ago


19 HEROS die in Arizona fighting fires and this no account monkey is alive,,,

476 days ago

BB not bb    

This guy looks and acts like a real Blood. Aaron looks like Santa's elf. He really doesn't seem like a member of a gang. It is like the Chechen brothers being called members of global jihad.

They claim that Dzhokhar confessed, but they way they treat him, he is liable to say whatever they want. I think maybe Aaron is the same way and will do anything to get along, even if it means lying against himself.

This is all about making people afraid of guns and banning guns. This story comes out during the Zimmerman trial. Zmmerman's lawyer is talking nonsense about which way blood flows when you get punched in the nose. I don't think any of these people are going to get a fair trial.

476 days ago


How ignorant is he?????

476 days ago


The Game ain't no Blood either........Bloods don't let other members get beatdown every week by lil hoes

476 days ago


another use of the N word, and no one is saying anything to this man for using it?

476 days ago


And Paula Deen is a disgrace? Give me a break!

476 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

So let me see Game is vouching for Lil Wayne as a real Blood then? Didnt this mush face h0m0 cover up his butterfly tattoo and this dude had a tounge ring and was a ex stripper and was on change of heart this dude aint no real Blood either especially when you're friends with a fake Blood named Wayne

476 days ago

juggalo 6    

Fuk the Game. If he is so bad why doesn't he go to Chicago and announce he is a blood. They will show him why there aren't any in our city.

476 days ago

Joe t. Pico    

Aaron would make "the shame" his bitch if they were face to face

476 days ago


Who cares.

Any gang or gang member is a f*ing p**sy anyway. If it takes a group of you to fight with one person, you are a p**sy.

If it takes a gun to fight with someone, you are a p**sy.

People in gangs are just very laughable and not scary at all.

Being in a gang is like having a treehouse clubhouse but with guns because they can't do their own fighting on their own.

476 days ago


So The Game is the 'be all and end all' of Bloods? He can identify who is and who isn't? Not that it matters, because that gang bs is stupid, but what an arrogant position to take. And someone can only become a Blood if The Game and his homies "pack you out"? So thousands of Blood gang members are finding out by watching this video that they aren't even Bloods if The Game himself didn't jump them in. Sad day for all the gang members today. The Game is such a fu**ing joke! This is what happens when ignorance is rewarded with money.

476 days ago


Aint life grand when this moron uses the word "n**a...." and TMZ catches it all on video for the world to see. And then there is Paula Deen. Who actually works and contributes to society. This country is falling apart.

476 days ago


Oh no The Game said the n***a word!!! He should be fired, dropped by record company & any sponsors & banned!

476 days ago
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