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The Game

Aaron Hernandez

Ain't No BLOOD!

7/2/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A "Blood" tattoo on your hand doesn't make you a Blood ... so says bona fide Blood member The Game, who tells TMZ Aaron Hernandez is definitely not a member of his beloved street gang.

Game was leaving Tru in Hollywood last night -- with TWO giant gold chains around his neck -- when we asked the rapper behind the hits, "It's Okay (One Blood)" and "Red Nation" how he felt about the former New England Patriots star's connection to the Bloods.

"Aaron Hernandez ain't no Blood man ... n**ga killed his sister's husband, what the f**k??"

Game says there is a way for Aaron to BECOME a Blood -- but it involves being "packed out" by the rapper and his crew.

... and if you wanna know what being "packed out" means, watch Game describe it in the clip.


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No Avatar

Jim in Cali    

The GAme is another one of these fake studio gangstas.

445 days ago


true bloods get pwned on "Change of Heart"

445 days ago


Silly old me ... I thought gangs were illegal.

445 days ago

Los Pepes    

All gang members are low life pos losers

445 days ago


Game just said "N*gger." . . . and he said today, not 30 years ago.
Will he be stripped of all his endorsement deals & record contracts?
Does not matter how one chooses to spell it, it's pronounced the same way.

444 days ago


Wow, he speaks about the gang crap as if it's important. What a crock. Too bad he isn't schooled in world politics or something that gives back to society. Why do these dumb guys fall into to this silly stuff?

444 days ago


Who is this game guy? what team does he play for and is it football or basketball or what and what type of team would want some ignorant creepy gang guy on it? I just don't get it.

444 days ago


So, being a real gang member is something to be proud of? Society is so screwed up. Quit giving publicity to these cancers on humanity.

444 days ago


Why the hell can this "blood" dude say ni**er but Paula dean says it and she's trash. Tired of the stupid double standards

444 days ago

chuck taylor    

For all you people asking why game can say ***** and paula can't look at the context paul used it in a way for hatred as game did not. Did you hear game say he wanted to have a slave theme for a wedding. I also seen people say game is uneducated lol he was in college on a scholarship until game broke his ankle and could no longer go to the nba. As far as being a gang member i don't agree with but when you are born and raised in poverty in L.A you pretty much have no choice at all you're usually born into it. Don't judge someone just because you were born with better cir***stances than another person..

444 days ago

Jesus Shuttlesworth    

lol and TMZ asks Game like he is a real Blood. They aski as if being a blood is a good thing. smh

443 days ago

Y~Town Proud    

Lmao... You ppl are f*ck'n slow!! The Game sucks, yes! But he is black so... He has a hood pass n can say "ni69a" all he wants, on the stets that iz fine! Not sure if this Paula lady is black or not but if she isn't... Then she defhas NO right saying it regardless! Hernandez is a joke! And the person who said there are no Bloodz in Chi obviously doesn't know a$$ from hole in the ground!! Lol. Plus The Chi is a dirty POS city... If the Bloods left they wouldn't be missing much! N so everyone knows Wayne is 100% tru Piru! What cause these two are rich you think they can't be in a set? You all are a bunch of victims!! Losers... Ppl wonder why three rest of the world thinks our country it's a joke, cause stupid ppl like you! 5ooWoooo 5!! P.s. Gangs are for ppl who didn't have life handed to then w family n money!

352 days ago


sincce when game bkicch azz ccan say he who's a blood & whos not? this mark ass nicca name hold no weight cuhz, what hood he from again? if it wasnt for this nicca brother he wpuldnt had no pass cuhz

269 days ago
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