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'Big Brother' Aaryn

Dropped By Modeling Agcy.

Over Offensive Comments

7/3/2013 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0703_aaryn_gries_Getty_CBSAaryn Gries -- the Paula Deen of the "Big Brother" house -- has been dropped by her modeling agency after dropping racist and homophobic comments in the BB house ... TMZ has learned.

Gries has been under fire for referring to a gay houseguest as a "queer" ... AND for telling an Asian-American houseguest to "shut up and go and make some rice" ... AND for saying racist stuff about black people.

When referring to a black contestant, Aaryn said "Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see that b*tch."

Now, Zephyr Talent in Austin, Texas says they've seen enough -- and have decided to DROP Aaryn from the agency because of her filthy mouth.

"Aaryn, season 15 cast member of Big Brother, revealed prejudices and other beliefs that we (Zephyr Talent) do not condone."

Zephyr continues, " We certainly find the statements made by Aaryn on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Upon much consideration, we have decided to release Aaryn from her contract with Zephyr Talent."

Obviously, Aaryn cannot be reached for comment -- 'cause she's still in the BB house ... with all of those people she hates.


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Don't worry, with the left and the right both moving toward fascism at light speed, politically incorrect speech will soon be ended once and for all, as well as the people who dare use it. Of course when offensive speech is outlawed, all freedom of speech ends with it. But hey, as long as nobody has their feelings hurt, right?

479 days ago


So much for being on the show helping her career. Paula deen called said thanks for taking the heat off. Stay classy

479 days ago


wow, very classy. BB should kick her out.

479 days ago

BB not bb    

What is the difference between ostracizing a person for their attitudes and beliefs and doing it for their religion, ethnic background or race? It is all discrimination and prejudice in the end. It just seems that some prejudices are more equal than others--to quote Animal Farm. Some ways of judging people are allowed and some aren't, but it is all done in the name of more tolerance.

I think tolerance has passed the point of being useful to now being intolerant. If people aren't free to be offensive then what is the point of having tolerance? You will have people segregated anyway, just based on a new set of criteria.

I notice that one blonde female after another is being kicked out of their employment due to alleged thought crimes regarding race. First it was the white man who was under fire, now it is blonde women.

If their thoughts don't serve the aims of the state, it is bye bye birdie. Who will be next, all white women, redheads, then brunettes?

479 days ago


STOP using the word "homophobe" as if you're comparing to something as bad as "racism." Racism is a method of putting someone down because of their race...a non-transferrable immutable characteristic. People have no control over their skin color. Sexual behavior on the other just that, a behavior. We ALL have the capacity to control our behavior. The term "homophobe" is actually used as a slur against people that disagree with perverted behavior. Disagreement does not equate to fear. Wise up TMZ!

479 days ago


shes a dumb ****..... a very hot-lookin dumb ****. God bless her little heart.

479 days ago


She is obviously a ribcage model...very high in demand for medical applications

479 days ago


well i personally thought her comments were funny.

478 days ago


Hooray for Zephyr! They addressed the issue quickly and decisively. This attitude should not be tolerated. I hope she learns from this.

478 days ago

Julie Mitchell    

This chic is awesome. Let's hope she doesn't cave and "apologize."

478 days ago


Her and GinaMarie will just have to do a porno when they get out to pay the bills. Maybe they can team up with Lohan?

478 days ago


Dumb ass!

478 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

..."Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see that beech"... Admit it, A LOT of you have filed this line away in the back of your mind to use later when you are alone with your friends (black or white) now haven't you?... Come on, admit it.

478 days ago


@WTFKID Finaly someone with a brain to explain to the high school drop outs what " freedom of speech " means. Free speech does not mean one is devoided of the consequenses such as lawsuits, loss of job and public retaliation. Let's educate the imbeciles one by one. This woman is a nasty racist and thinks she did nothing wrong. Was probably raised in a white trash non cultural household. I can't wait for her to be seen like a dog on the whole www for years to come. I hope she knows how to cook some rice, she might need a cook job.

478 days ago


AARYN or is it really ARYAN (Brotherhood) Hmmm.......

478 days ago
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