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Charlie to Brooke:

I'm Gonna Cut You Off!

7/3/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The gravy train is about to come to a screeching halt in the child support department ... at least if Charlie Sheen has his way with Brooke Mueller.

TMZ has learned ... Charlie filed legal docs this week ... asking a judge to cancel his obligation to pay Brooke $55k a month in child support. 

Sources close to Charlie tell TMZ ... he thinks it's absurd he should pay her anything while she's in rehab, because she doesn't have the kids -- they're with Denise Richards.

Charlie believes Brooke is using almost all the money for her rehab -- something he doesn't want to pay for.  Charlie has paid for several of Brooke's rehab stints before, and he doesn't think he owes her that obligation any longer.

Now get this ... we've learned Charlie has offered to up Denise's child support while she cares for Bob and Max, but Denise has refused the money. 

One final thing.  It's feeling like there's some bad blood here.  We've learned Denise recently brought the twins by the set of "Anger Management" to see Charlie at work.  You may recall ... last XMAS Brooke went nuclear when she heard Denise planned to take her kids by the set, and Denise backed off.

When mom's away ... the kids will play -- and dad won't pay.



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If the kids aren't with Brooke because she is incapable of caring for them, why should Charlie pay child support. The money is to help pay for the kids = no money!

479 days ago


Yeah, take it all away dumb@**ss. She is not raising your kids, so why the hell are you giving her any f**cking money?? She only spends it on drugs. Take it away and keep the kids far far the f**ck away from her.

479 days ago


The judge was pissed as hell when Mueller left Betty Ford because it was too hard for her. Staying off of drugs is going to be a cakewalk?

All those drugs she had in the open in the house with the boys. She's not getting the boys back anytime soon if ever.

Let's see if the judge will do the right thing.

479 days ago


Charlie is right. All that $55K does is fuel her drug habbit - and I also agree he shouldn't have to keep paying for her rehab.

479 days ago


It's not about the money, it's just another dead beat dad who isn't man enough to take care of his own children.

479 days ago


The only concern for the judge at the custody hearing is the welfare of the children. If neither of the parents is fit to care for the boys due to drugs and associated lifestyle they should be placed with someone they know and like. As they have spent most time in the last year with their half sisters and Denise she would seem the most suitable. If parents want to get clean and stay clean for a good period of time then they can try to build some parenting skills with a view to eventually getting the children back in their lives. A good foster parent is better than a bad biological parent.

479 days ago


Kids are lucky that Denise is a great mom!

479 days ago


There is no way Denise Richards isn't getting any money from him. I don't even mean that in a negative way - he's making millions of dollars to film his show while she's raising his kids. He absolutely should be paying her. They must have come up with some kind of under-the-table arrangement.

479 days ago


I agree with Charlie on this, he shouldn't have to pay support while the children are out of her home and she's in rehab. Let her parent flip the bill for the rehab. Can't believe I agree with Charlie but I do.

479 days ago


Denise has the kids. If there is any child support involved it should go to her.. Brooke should not get a cent until she is taking care of the kids full time.

479 days ago


Any normal Mom out there can't even imagine two rehabs while pregnant and many more during their children's young lives, If we lost them through our own fault we would think and work toward nothing but getting them back. There's a piece missing in Brooke and I don't think she will find it because she doesn't really want to see her true self. Abandoning addicted mother.

479 days ago


At least Sheen knows he's wacky and leaves the boys with Denise. He's not putting the boys in pontential danger.

He's doesn't have drugs out in the open the boys could possibly get into.

479 days ago


Half you people are sexist tell me why you call Brooke a junkie whore and say she should never be allowed near kids but have a far more forgiving altitude to Charlie, he's been in rehab at least 5 times, been breeding and walking away from his responsibilities as a father since he was a teenager and he's been screwing any dirty thing he finds in the trailer park or paying for it since he was a kid, he lost his virginity to a whore he paid for with daddies money. So tell me what the hell is the difference between the two because I dont see one other then the fact he's male and she's female.

479 days ago


Who'd have thought ten years ago Denise Richards would become the model celebrity mom? I never see her in a tabloid except occassional single shots with shopping with her daughters. It will be intersting to hear what her kids have to say one day... it would be nice to think that Sheen has some redeeming qualities. We shall see...

479 days ago


It makes sense that, if she doesn't have custody of the children, she shouldn't receive child support. Give the $$ to Denise. She cares for Brooke's kids.

479 days ago
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