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Charlie to Brooke:

I'm Gonna Cut You Off!

7/3/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The gravy train is about to come to a screeching halt in the child support department ... at least if Charlie Sheen has his way with Brooke Mueller.

TMZ has learned ... Charlie filed legal docs this week ... asking a judge to cancel his obligation to pay Brooke $55k a month in child support. 

Sources close to Charlie tell TMZ ... he thinks it's absurd he should pay her anything while she's in rehab, because she doesn't have the kids -- they're with Denise Richards.

Charlie believes Brooke is using almost all the money for her rehab -- something he doesn't want to pay for.  Charlie has paid for several of Brooke's rehab stints before, and he doesn't think he owes her that obligation any longer.

Now get this ... we've learned Charlie has offered to up Denise's child support while she cares for Bob and Max, but Denise has refused the money. 

One final thing.  It's feeling like there's some bad blood here.  We've learned Denise recently brought the twins by the set of "Anger Management" to see Charlie at work.  You may recall ... last XMAS Brooke went nuclear when she heard Denise planned to take her kids by the set, and Denise backed off.

When mom's away ... the kids will play -- and dad won't pay.



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john blahuta    

charlie is absolutely right!

476 days ago


he is certainly right. she shouldn't get a red cent

476 days ago


She only wants the money.

476 days ago


You know, it does make some sense. Why should Charlie be paying Brooke child support payments when she has no contact with the children? Obviously, that $55k/month is not going towards expenses to take care of the children. It is going towards Brooks' business aspirations, rehab stays, and drug and alcohol addictions.
Denise might not be the primary caregiver in that household, but at least someone is taking care of those children. And, apparently, Denise has contact with those children from time to time (just not 24/7 helicopter contact). That is more than what Brooke was known for.
The situation might not be fair to Denise, but she is a grown woman. She can say no, I will not take care of someone else's children. I have my own children to take care of. It is up to Denise to decide what to do, not Brooke and the Mueller family. Not Charlie and the Estevez family. It is up to Denise. If she wants to be the pillar of strength for those children, let her be. Better than leaving them forever with the nannies, wondering what a mom or dad is that they keep on hearing about on the telly.

476 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Denise couldn't have paid for better P.R. if she hired the best PR peeps in town. Not too long ago people were calling Denise the most hideous names because she was dating Richie Sambora after Heather Locklear threw him she's "St. Denise". Let's not forget that Denise is a major mess for marrying somebody like Charlie Sheen in the fist place. Denise allowed her two girls to be put into a situation at the Plaza Hotel where Charlie trashed the hotel room, held a hooker hostage, and cavorated with a number of other hookers all while she and the girls slept in the next room. Denise was also photographed having dinner with Charlie and the hookers during this trip. Anybody with two brain cells to rub together would get a restraining order against Chuckles and keep him away from the kids!!!! The guy is very dangerous, he's shot, stabbed and tried to kill every woman he has ever been with. He beat up a hooker, he shot Kelly Preston, he held a knife to Brooke's throat. Chuckles is unstable, a drug addict and mentally ill, he went off on a major bender a year or so ago and managed to get himself fired from a million dollar per WEEK job, he also claimed to have werewolf blood and any number of other idiotic things. Chuckles has anger issues and recently got into some twitter fight with the Teen Mom. Chuckles has also done such unstable things as pay a hooker with a $60...,000 check. Guess he forgot that paying a woman for sex is illegal in the state of California.

476 days ago


Neither Sheen NOR Mueller are parent materiel. They BOTH are screwed up & haven't truly gotten their acts together. GOD HELP THOSE KIDS. Denise's heart & maternal instincts are in the right place but...Denise? PLEASE don't get yourself involved in this mess. Just makes sure YOUR kids are being supported properly. Direct your concerns for Bob and Max to Child Services. Sheen doesn't have to pay support directly to Mueller, He can set up an account (for Bob & Max) that is SOLELY for the use of the children's care, that she can't touch for personal use. Mueller should pay for her OWN damn rehab. Maybe with some damn luck Sheen and Mueller will GROW THE HELL UP & step up properly as parents. Denise? you are the one looking good here honey with your heart in the right place..but again, don't go in the mess Sheen and Mueller are slinging.

476 days ago

John F. C. Taylor    

Makes sense. Child support should go to the kids, not to mom's rehab.

476 days ago


Charlie screwed up by messing up his marriage to Denise. She's beautiful and a good mom. She's stepped up to the plate more than once for Charlie and continues to clean up his messes.

476 days ago


WTH is wrong with Brooke? That's not what child support is suppose to be used for. Seems like Charlie has been more than fair with her money wise but enough is enough. If Brooke wants rehab badly enough she can go into one those government sponsored rehab centers to help her get clean if she doesn't have the money to pay for it herself. But NO Charlie definitely does NOT have to support her getting clean. He has done enough already to help her out and its time for her to help herself.

476 days ago


Can't figure out why he has $55,000 a month or why she deserves it.

476 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

snip snip!! i think he's probably already cir***cised. does that make him a .... new man? xDD

476 days ago


They are his kids so he should pay but not for her rehab. Provisions should be made for a manager to manage the money. There is nothing wrong with Denise having the boys if she is willing. They need somebody and they do not need somebody on drugs. Charlie is problem that cannot be fixed. He shouldn't have kids.

476 days ago


Denise seems like a good person. Not in it for money, and I really respect the fact that she turned it down. Good for her.

476 days ago


You should have never given up Denise, Charlie.

476 days ago


And that is the difference between trash and class.

476 days ago
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