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Jermaine Jackson

Paris Jackson Needs


7/3/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson does NOT respect authority ... so says her uncle Jermaine Jackson ... who insinuated that P's cutting incident was an overreaction to being told she couldn't go to a concert.

TMZ broke the story ... Paris was hospitalized last month for slicing her arm with a meat cleaver ... after she became upset at being told she was not allowed to attend a Marilyn Manson concert.

Sources say Paris'  issues stem from her father's death -- which she's had a very hard time dealing with ever since he passed in 2009.

But when we ran into Jermaine in Calabasas yesterday, he told us ... issues be damned, Paris still needs to learn she can't always do whatever she wants.

"[Paris] has to learn there are certain guidelines when you grow up being a teenager," Jermaine said ... "There are rules."

But Jermaine isn't just pointing the finger at Paris ... suggesting P's guardians are to blame -- "I just think that ... things could have been enforced a little stronger."

Jermaine never named names ... so it's unclear if his issues are with T.J., Katherine, or Michael himself.


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Shut up Jerkmaine and go cheat on your wife as you always do! Stay away from Michael's children! Oh wait, you are court-ordered to do so! Better take care of your own brute, lame sorry-a$$ "dad".

446 days ago

Miley Cyprus    

Poor Paris. She deserves better - a healthy, safe environment, with no pedophiles, psychos, enablers, narcissists etc.

And Jermaine has an extreme case of Celebrity Worship Syndrome. That is clear after hearing him talk about MJ immediately after his death.

446 days ago


Paris suffers from severe depression. She is still at the hospital. This has little to do with her being a rebellious teenager.

446 days ago


Wow all she needs right now is lots of love thank god at least her mother is back in her life hopefully she'll help bring some stability into her life, you don't punish someone who wants out ...utter stupidity and ignorance.

446 days ago


Isn't his name JackSUN now?

446 days ago

mj fan forever    

FIRST OFF Jermaine does NOT have the requirements to judge Michael Jackson and his way to raise his children. He raised well-mannered and educated children because he used to raise them with discipline AND love, if ever Jermaine would want to refer to Michael. Then Jermaine is the very last person who can judge since his own children are totally undisciplined. It was his son who bought on the internet those guns with which he threatened Blanket. Jermaine should think about his own children and himself who even kidnapped and drugged his own mother. Aside from the fact that Paris deeply suffers for the loss of her dad, they are her so-called guardians - greedy unnatural mother Katherine first - who started to raise her and all of Michael's children with no rules trying to delete all that Michael did and exploiting them for money. They ALL (Jermaine included) should be ashamed of themselves and stop to put the blame on a 15 years old who needs care, attention, love and discipline in the right way. All things they are totally unable to give since they are only disgraceful money-grubbers.

446 days ago

★★★★ Lindsay Speaks The Truth ★★★★    

Nice Boobs.

446 days ago


He could use a training bra.

446 days ago


You're spelling the moron's name wrong, first of all. It's JackSUN, remember? eyeroll

And I can tell that he really thinks deeply, comprehends psychological issues, and is as pathetic as he ever was. Anyone who names his kid Jermajesty has no room to talk.

446 days ago


Inbred child breeder believes there are rules?
Nobody can sing but they want MJ's money.
That's all.
It's ironic that Janet called Paris a spoiled effing brat but she couldn't say that to MJ.

Granny had no idea there was a will for her to follow. Her troubled son demanded that she took care of his kids until she dies.
Why would she have rules when she never
found a real father with rules for her kids?
Religion isn't necessarily the same as a
useful rule.
MJ had no real rule. That's why he's dead.
Jermaine obviously was busy promoting MJ & the Jackson family concerts in 2009.

Since Paris didn't understand the cir***stances of MJ's life & death, it would be abnormal for her to be emotionless.
If she had worshipped Katherine as MJ did, she would've been self-destructive all her life like he was.

The media victim card only lasted for so long before the Jacksons faced the expiration date on June 25, 2009.

446 days ago


He is such an ignorant POS, loser! Having that fool say those things about Paris, just gives us a little insight of what MJ's kids are living with, and who they have to be around! He needs to STFU and take care of his direct family! And i think he is the jacksun that owes the IRS alot of back taxes! F/OFF IDIOT! YES to the haters, i have taken my meds! :)

446 days ago


Jermaine JackSUN, if Paris needs discipline, then YOU need a job... just saying......

446 days ago


UNBELIEVABLE. If it was an issue of discipline, the hospital would not have kept her for so long. What an uncaring creep. A simple "this is between the family, no comment" would have sufficed. It's obvious some members of this terrible family have some serious resentment towards these children.

446 days ago


whether that's what she needs or not, he should probably keep his fat mouth shut about it. what a boner.

445 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i'm sensing a huge ol rainbow flag awaving.. is there something 'inherently' wrong with the girl?

445 days ago
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