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Jermaine Jackson

Paris Jackson Needs


7/3/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson does NOT respect authority ... so says her uncle Jermaine Jackson ... who insinuated that P's cutting incident was an overreaction to being told she couldn't go to a concert.

TMZ broke the story ... Paris was hospitalized last month for slicing her arm with a meat cleaver ... after she became upset at being told she was not allowed to attend a Marilyn Manson concert.

Sources say Paris'  issues stem from her father's death -- which she's had a very hard time dealing with ever since he passed in 2009.

But when we ran into Jermaine in Calabasas yesterday, he told us ... issues be damned, Paris still needs to learn she can't always do whatever she wants.

"[Paris] has to learn there are certain guidelines when you grow up being a teenager," Jermaine said ... "There are rules."

But Jermaine isn't just pointing the finger at Paris ... suggesting P's guardians are to blame -- "I just think that ... things could have been enforced a little stronger."

Jermaine never named names ... so it's unclear if his issues are with T.J., Katherine, or Michael himself.


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Jermaine's jealously of him and Michael's children. Jermaine is the LAST person to determine parental responsibility since he makes his own child support payments at random. He should NEVER be giving his opinion of any person when they are undergoing psychological problems.
Jermaine has been and always will be an uneducated jackass.

447 days ago

chubbs McBuff    

Jermaine needs to keep his big mouth shut. Paris has serious problems and telling TMZ that all she needs is a little discipline is not helping her.

447 days ago


He's right, but it's clear that Jermaine Jackson has no patience with Paris and her antics. That little girl was brought into a world of privilege yet lacking any real love from anyone, including Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson who treated her and her brothers like prize pets.

447 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

What do you expect when you put 3 kids in the care of an old woman? Plus she's a teenage girl, they're difficult.

447 days ago


You don't slice your arm open over one event, like not be allowed to go to a concert. Yeesh Jermaine, get a clue.

447 days ago


Jermaine is so ignorant!

447 days ago


I believe him one look at her and when she speaks can tell she doesn't respect her elders or authority Micheal Spoiled those kids was too much of the good parent and yes spoiled kids do dramatic **** like cut themselves when they down get there way . It's not her fault micheal raised her that way

447 days ago


I so agree with Jermaine. She needs a good old fashioned azz whooping. Thats whats wrong with todays kids, they want to run the parents/guardians over. If she were my kid, she would beg to stay at this hospital, because when she got home, it would be on and popping. SHE'S TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

447 days ago


So, this young girl has a history of cutting, and all the Jackson camp can come up with is "She needs discipline?!?" Their concern for her is underwhelming. She needs to be with her mother and away from her father's dysfunctional relatives.

447 days ago


Uh...issues be damned? Listen, I can see his point, and I don't necessarily disagree. But can we agree that, when a kid is told no, their "overreaction" doesn't usually involve A MEAT CLEAVER?! Her issues go beyond discipline. And of course, Jermaine would be the one to talk sh*t. I wish these a-holes would shut their mouths and go spend time with the kid and figure out how to prevent this from happening again instead of spouting off nonsense about discipline to the f*cking paparazzi.

447 days ago


she sure does need some discipline, she needs a good long hard spanking! giggity!

447 days ago


HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You people crack me up, you ruin your kids, and then you want to tell others how to raise theirs. How many of you are afraid of your children? I bet most of you on the board. Its called discipline. I got my azz BEAT, NOT ABUSED, but the beatings made me relize that I wanted to do better. This chick needs Aunt Janet to come in and TAX THAT AZZ

447 days ago

He might be right but he shouldn't be talking to the media about it. He's just making things worse!

447 days ago


People cut when they can't express themselves. You go into a trance like state that takes away all pain. Then the pain of the cut takes over so you concentrate on that and not on what's bothering you. Every therapist will tell the person to feel what they feel and express themselves in words or any other way that is not SELF destructive. Clearly when you express yourself around a Jackson, you get hit or in trouble and that is cruel.

447 days ago


marilyn manson concert. yuuuup thats a white kid...nothing as all black about her.

447 days ago
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