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Lindsay Lohan

Rips Her Own Movie

It Sucked!

7/3/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan knows ... her stripper movie "I Know Who Killed Me" was so bad, no one should ever watch it ... EVER ... at least that's what she's telling her fans.

Lohan -- who's still in rehab at Cliffside Malibu -- was allowed to play around on the Internet yesterday (which happened to be her birthday) ... and responded to a fan who had tweeted her the following message:

"@lindsaylohan can you tweet me I seriously watched I know who killed me twice last night."

Lohan's response was classic -- "two times too many!"

For the record -- it's not THAT terrible ... as long as you watch it on mute (see below).



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I actully likes that movie... haha love you Linds! I love how she can joke about herself :)

And I find it hilarious how everyone says that The Caynons is gonna bomb and its an indie film, its not supposed to be sucessful...

Anyways hope u had a great bday Lilo, can't wait for more movies! xoxo

453 days ago


Lmfao, so ROL is saying that Blohan is moving home with Dulna after she gets out of Griefside and that she is throwing her a big pool party? How on earth is Dulna goung to cope with the catering for that "Huge Affair"!!!!!!!
Will the Merick Mansion have the neccessary facilities to accomodate all of Blo's "Friends"!!!!!!!!

453 days ago



DUIna Lohan, the surly, wretched, worst single mother of five (one was left at Walmart because of sniveling long ago) in the Universe is preparing for Lindsay to come Home, rejoin the Family and contribute to Family First, eh? She has contracted with a limousine company to arrange the Flying Arab Express, limos from NYC out to the Merrick Mansion and return. The plan is to operate 24/7.

The Merrick Mansion garage is being converted into a Fukatorium where Linds can earn her living; it will include a kiddie pool, water bed, trapeze, mirrored beam ceiling, delousing shower, stirrups, stuffed animals, a FULL BAR and PHARMACY and an extensive fantasy wardrobe for Lilo. The Menu of Services and Rates will be released concurrent with Linds returning home and getting eight balled up for business.

When Linds has time between appointments, she will join the Lohan Ladies in the parking lot of Jugs and Strokers to service the Carriage Trade, eh?

DUIna says “Let the bruising begin, I can hardly wait!”

(Neighbor Peep Photo)

453 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    


453 days ago


Has everyone 'Decamped' over to the Merrick Mansion to help Dulna prepare for the coming home rager?

453 days ago


I replied at rol to a comment Madi made about the fun that could happen if ho-LILO did move back in with her mom as rol reported evil mommy claimed she is going to along with a pool bash for Lindz's missed birthday. So I said something along these words:
And a reality show as someone mentioned here would be FAB too. HO ing around with the Lohans, starring out of work, has been, used up, drunk addicted Lindsay Lohan, with evil brain dead alcoholic mommy Dina Lohan, included in cast anorexic, famous model from unknown country, sister Ali along with shots of sibling brothers and GUEST appearances from lecherous, do-anything-for-a-buck, daddy Michael Lohan. Tune in to see which Lohan woman Lecherous daddy sleeps with. This would be a hit.
That is what I said, I'm sure a bit different as I had to recreate but no profanity except HO which I type all the time. Why would that be moderated and then erased? These sites are sucking all the fun out of posting. 😡

452 days ago


FFS, is there anyone out there?

452 days ago


Do not wish to curse anyone, but could it be at all possible that the tech wizzards at TMZ have finally got their shyte together?

452 days ago


"Hello" ? Is it Me Your'e lookin For?!!!!!!!!

452 days ago



452 days ago


I'm here NOW Regi, I'll talk to ya, where are you . . ?

452 days ago


This dead old thread has had its last tube removed.

451 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

When my Lindsay had first coke overdose at 18, I got my gun to kill aide who gave it to her

Says troubled star's father, Michael Lohan

Lindsay Lohan
Troubled ... Lindsay Lohan

Dan Kennedy



Published: 12 hrs ago


ACTRESS Lindsay Lohan has been battling her drink and drug demons for almost TEN years and first overdosed aged just 18, The Sun can reveal.

The shocking claims come in an exclusive interview with her worried dad Michael Lohan, who reckons his daughter’s once glittering Hollywood career is OVER unless she sorts herself out.

According to Michael, Lindsay’s first brush with drugs came when she was filming the rom-com Just My Luck in 2005.

A box office flop, it was Lindsay’s first movie role after Michael and her mum Dina legally separated — a break-up that hit her hard.

At the time news of her meltdown angered Michael so much that he was prepared to SHOOT the assistant who gave her the drugs.

Michael, 53, says: “Lindsay was filming in New Orleans and I got a call saying she had overdosed on cocaine. One of her assistants had given her the drug.

“I was so angry I got a gun from the house and planned to go to New Orleans to kill him.

“I couldn’t believe what had happened to my daughter. I was just so angry.”

However, Michael’s revelations contradict his daughter’s own recollection. Lindsay recently claimed she has only done cocaine “four or five times”, first trying it aged 21.

Yet there can be no doubt that Lindsay, now 27, is still struggling with her addictions.

Lindsay Lohan
Despair ... Lindsay cries as she is jailed in 2010

At the moment she is in rehab for what is the sixth time.

This latest 90-day stint was court-ordered after she violated her probation for a previous offence.

It means she has now spent a total of 250 days in rehab, fighting addictions to cocaine, painkillers and alcohol.

And Michael believes that his daughter’s Hollywood career will be finished unless she can clean up her act for good this time.

He says that she is currently hooked on vodka and Adderall, a prescription-only drug which is used to treat attention deficit disorder.

Michael, a former Wall Street trader who now works as a counsellor at a drug rehab centre, says that Lindsay’s preferred combination is the equivalent of a “speedball” — drug jargon for a potentially lethal mix of cocaine and heroin.

He says: “If Lindsay does relapse, then I think it will be over for her with Hollywood.

“There will be no more second or third chances. She has got to stay clean and sober this time.

She takes Adderall and vodka. The combination just turns the brain to mush. People who do that are zonked out.”

But he concedes that his daughter’s chances of keeping away from drink and drugs are stacked against her.

Michael Lohan
Support ... Lindsay's father, Michael Lohan

Chris Bott

He adds: “The odds of someone relapsing after treatment at a residential centre are something like 97 per cent, so they’re not really in her favour.

“But with support from her family I hope she can overcome this.”

Lindsay, who was once one of Hollywood’s biggest child stars with films such as The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday, is living proof that rehab does not always work.

Her latest attempt to stay clean and sober follows a plea deal to avoid an 18-month jail sentence after she slammed her Porsche into a truck in California in 2012.

Lindsay lied when she said she was not driving, which led to charges of reckless driving and obstructing justice. Those charges meant she was in breach of her probation for an earlier theft case and going to rehab meant she stayed out of jail.

But Michael — who has battled a cocaine addiction of his own and in 2011 appeared on US reality TV show Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew to combat alcoholism — insists Lindsay is in the best shape of her adult life.

Although father and daughter have had a notoriously rocky relationship in the past, he went to see her recently at the Betty Ford clinic in Palm Beach, Florida, where a month of treatment costs more than £40,000.

Lindsay has since moved to another rehab centre where she was recently photographed laughing and joking with other guests. Michael says: “When I saw her at the Betty Ford Center she was looking the best I have seen her in the past seven years.

Lindsay Lohan
Stark ... police mugshot photo in 2010

“She was very happy and pleased to see me. I saw a real difference in her and hope that it can last.

“I know Lindsay wants to be different and I pray she will find her way. She is very positive.

“There is no quick fix to addictions. I know that from my work with addicts.

“When Lindsay comes out I will be there for her, and so will the rest of her family. She will have the support she needs.”

Lindsay’s career began at the age of three when she was a child model in TV commercials. Aged ten she appeared for a year in the US soap opera Another World.

After that, she was already considered a showbiz veteran.

And by the time she was in her teens she was the biggest female child star in the world.

Her place as one of Hollywood’s most promising young actresses was cemented by her role in the now iconic 2004 teen movie Mean Girls.

That same year Lindsay signed a record deal — with her first album, Speak, going platinum.

Seemingly she could do no wrong and was the envy of teenage girls around the world.

Mobbed everywhere she went, she also enjoyed the perks of being an international film star. But then she suffered a spectacular fall from grace — all stemming from a bout of drug and drink-fuelled meltdowns. Her first one, at the age of 18, caused problems for her dad, too.

He heard about her overdose and, despite having been drinking, jumped in his car to drive to the airport and catch a plane to see her.

He had a gun and intended to give the assistant who had given her the drugs both barrels.

Lindsay Lohan
Monitored ... Lindsay with court alcohol tag


But Michael crashed his car and was arrested for drink-driving, spending a year in prison. Recalling that incident, he admits: “After I was pulled from the car I couldn’t believe how stupid I had been. I was angry but I wasn’t going to shoot the guy. I am just glad that I did not get to New Orleans.”

Over the past six years, he has been involved in various highly public spats with Lindsay.

Just six months ago, Michael likened his daughter to a prostitute.

He said: “She is getting paid to date rich men. Her mother Dina is pimping her out — it’s disgusting.”

For her part, Lindsay once said she never wanted to see her dad again and made the recent assertion that Michael will “never change”.

There is no doubt Michael feels a terrible guilt for the way his daughter’s life has turned out. He says: “I do in some way blame myself for what she has been going through because if I had not divorced then things might have been different.

“Lindsay has been in pain and that is a core cause for people who turn to drink and drugs.

“She wrote a song on her album called Daughter To Father where the words spell out how she was feeling.”

That song, Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father), includes the lyric: “I dream of another you, one who would never leave me alone to pick up the pieces... so why’d you have to go?”

But while Michael admits the break-up of her family is a root cause of Lindsay’s problems, he lays most of the blame squarely at the door of ex-wife Dina. He says his estrangement from Lindsay was made worse because Dina was managing their daughter’s career at the time.

Lindsay Lohan and Michael Lohan
Reunited ... Lindsay with her dad in 2007

X17 Online

Michael says: “Lindsay was told lots of things by her mum that were not true. I have always tried to be a good father.

“Dina is a sick woman and I feel sorry for her. She continues to do this and just create more chaos in their (the kids’) lives.

“Not only is she the root of all the problems but she is the root of all evil in our family.”

Despite his vitriol for Dina, he is confident he can rebuild his relationship with Lindsay and help her to do the same for her career. Now it is up to her.

Troubled life in the spotlight

1989 AGED just three, Lindsay is signed to a modelling agency. She appears in more than 60 adverts, including Pizza Hut and Calvin Klein Kids.

1998 She plays identical twins in The Parent Trap. It wins the 11-year-old a Young Artist Award for best performance in a feature film.

2003 Now 16, Lindsay stars in Disney’s Freaky Friday, winning her an MTV Movie Award.

2004 Appears in teen movie Mean Girls, which remains her most memorable role.

Then, while filming Herbie: Fully Loaded, Lindsay is hospitalised with a kidney infection, reportedly brought on by stress in her private life.

2005 Her debut album, Speak, goes platinum. In December, her parents Michael and Dina legally separate – their divorce going through two years later.

2006 In May, Just My Luck opens. During the making of the film the previous year she overdoses on cocaine.

In July, Lindsay is hospitalised during the filming of Georgia Rule. In a public letter, the film’s producer blames it on LiLo’s partying. In November she crashes a car because a paparazzo was following her. A month later it is revealed that she is attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

2007 Lindsay says, for the first time, that she is no longer in touch with her father.

She later admits herself to Wonderland Center rehabilitation facility, completing a 30-day stay.

In April, she is replaced in movie The Edge Of Love shortly before filming starts. A month later, four days before filming is due to begin on Poor Things, Lindsay is arrested for drink-driving. She enters rehab.

In July she refuses to take a sobriety test and is taken to a police station, above. There her blood alcohol levels are found to be above the legal limit, while cocaine is discovered in her pocket.

August sees her third stint in rehab, where she remains for three months. She is later sentenced to one day in prison – serving just 84 minutes – and ten days’ community service.

2007 also sees her winning the Golden Raspberry award for Worst Actress for her part in the low-budget thriller I Know Who Killed Me.

2008 Starts a relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson. In September, she offers to help Barack Obama’s election campaign, but her offer is declined.

2009 Her three-year alcohol probation is extended in October by an additional year, after she fails to attend several treatment classes.

2010 She is dumped from her role in The Other Side in April, with the director branding her “not bankable”.

In July she is sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her probation. In September she fails a drug test, prompting a fourth stint in rehab.

2011 LiLo is charged with the theft of a necklace – she pleads no contest – and is sentenced to 120 days in jail, which she serves under house arrest.

Read more:

451 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

I see TMZ deleted one of my post....Bwahahhahahahahaaha! It was one of Nicoles tweets

Did anyone catch it before it got deleted?

451 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    


451 days ago
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