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Rachel Reilly

Ex-Big Brother Champ

SLAMS Racist Houseguests

7/3/2013 10:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Rachel Reilly -- the 2011 "Big Brother" champ -- says she's "disgusted" by all of the racist and homophobic comments being made inside the BB house this season -- telling TMZ, "It makes me sick to my stomach."

Rachel has a vested interest in the show this season because her sister Elissa is one of the houseguests -- and is currently living with the people responsible for the bigotry.

We spoke with Rachel and her husband Brendon (another BB alum) who tell us they, like CBS, are offended by the hateful words that have been spoken inside the house.

"We think it's vile and disgusting and are completely horrified that people can even think such hateful things."

The couple adds, "Being former houseguests we understand how people can turn on each other ... but the offensive things that Aaryn, GinaMarie, Katlin, Spencer and Jeremy say disgust us, and make us sick to our stomachs."


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She's baaaack    

Watched it back in the day. Now it's all formulaic with no "real people" or even people with the semblance of "real." Over it.

485 days ago


I've been a BB fan since Season One, purchasing live feeds for last 4 or 5 years. This year, I chose to not go with the live feeds because of CBS/TVGN rather than CBS/Showtime. Instead, I put my $$ with Evel Dick who's on RTVZone. Now that CBS has casted racists on the show, unless things change, as an African-American fan, I can no longer support it :-(

485 days ago


CBS Producer Alison Grodner has previously said that the reason the racist and gay slurs do not make it to the edited TV show is because they may offend the viewing audience.. I think it has more to do with advertisers being offended and pulling ads from the show.


I have the feeds and it appears they are now on a FIVE minute delay. It is supposed to be LIVE, but this controversy seems to have altered the way the feeds are being aired, which is a shame.


If you have the feeds -- notice the time stamps of the "live" stream -- mine are time stamped 5 minutes earlier than the actual time.. Something fishy is going on..

485 days ago


It was disgusting to watch those 2 paw each other during their time on the show. I do agree the house needs to cut out remarks about different races but Rachel is more pizzed about her sister being on the block than what was said.

485 days ago

Carole Gilman    

Brendon did a "weiner"gate on the internet. His indignation is laughable.

485 days ago


What's the big deal. Asians like rice and cook it good. I know, I'm married to one. I like it too. Italians like and make good pasta. I like it too. Germans make great wienerschnitzel and I like that too. Blacks like fried chicken, so do I.

It's queer that queers call themselves queer all the time but people who are not queers can't.

485 days ago


So freedom of speech means nothing anymore?
Our first right should be you are to walk on eggshells. cus thats how it feels nowadays.

Its tantamount to censorship, but I know you cant make sense with people when they are a privileged special interest party (they always win due to pity).
I can understand why such words would hurt peoples feeling, but thats not good enough reason to trump our rights.

Anyway, those people on Big Brother really dont help things. Not very bright of them to carry on like that, knowing they will be scrutinized. The people who casted them should be let go as-well.

485 days ago


Smart play by Rachel. She is guaranteeing another MVP for her sister in the BB house.

485 days ago


CBS used to pick mostly decent contestants but now every season gets worse. Where in the rules does it say you can't play the game and be respectful at the same time ?

485 days ago


Oh yeah, after EVERYONE has forgotten her, she is suddenly concerned with what went on in the house. ASW

485 days ago

Carole Gilman    

Hey, Brendon, doing a "Weinergate" on the internet is also disgusting. #WhoAreYouToTalk?

485 days ago

buzz kill    

WTF this is still a free country, everyone has a right to their own opinion.

485 days ago

john sarter    

Free speech unless liberals disagree. The term "redneck" is racist, "hillbilly" is racist, what about all the religaphobes comments. Liberals are hypocrites who are not very tolerant of other peoples vies but are quick to be racist towards religion and southern people.

485 days ago


During the elimination vote on tonight's live broadcast, CBS should play the offensive remarks live in front of everybody to show the viewers and the rest of the houseguest that comments like theirs will not be tolerated, then evict them from the house and bring in replacements. I'm sure CBS has plenty of other contestants that didn't make the first cut that will be willing to replace those evicted. These people all have watched the show and know that the mic's and cameras are almost always on, the name of the show alone should let them know that Big Brother is always watching.

485 days ago


That's the beauty of 'choice' which allows any viewer who doesn't care for the season to have the option to not watch the uncut live feeds. The beauty of the remote control is that it puts the viewer in control & enables them to switch the channel to a show they enjoy..... #choices

485 days ago
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