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Pauly D

I Support NJ Saggy Pants Ban!!!

Who Wants to See Guys' Asses?

7/4/2013 7:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Well this is surprising ... "Jersey Shore" star Pauly D actually supports a New Jersey town's war on saggy pants -- telling TMZ, "I'm not trying to look at guys' asses going down the street."

As we reported, several big rappers -- including The Game -- have spoken out against the City of Wildwood's recent ban on saggy pants along its boardwalks, claiming it's a racist law that targets black people.

But Pauly D doesn't think so ... saying, "Put a belt on!"

Oh yeah, we also talk about air sex. It's a thing.


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Having your pants down like that does look dumb. But it sure as Hell shouldn't be controlled by a law.
You can't see their ass, you can see their underwear. Who cares? Get over it.

442 days ago


look im all for enjoying a nice ass on a guy but it has nothin to do with race not everyone wanna see that **** which is understandable

442 days ago


WHY does it have to be said that it's "a racist law that targets black people"?? There are plenty of white fools that go around with saggy pants too. . . . .it's NOT just a black thing!! People gotta come up with the dumbest things to say sometimes and that statement was just one of them. REAL racism needs to be exposed whenever it happens, but people need to stop playing the race card just because they don't like something or to get away with something. The Game needs to wake up and grow up! Just like Paula Deen getting hung out to dry. While I certainly don't condone what she said, that was how many years ago?? If everyone on tv were "punished" for what they said/did, the screen would go black. AND IF people are hanging Paula Deen for racist comments, then WHY aren't more people complaining and doing something about the music with the "N" word in it and the other filthy lyrics??? The "N" word in any form IS wrong. It doesn't matter what race is using it or using a shorter form of it! It's not cool, and it's time for the double standard hypocrisy to end!

442 days ago


It's a racist law that targets black people? Um, last time I checked, Justin Bieber was white.

442 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

I never watched that show but I think he'd be cute if he got rid of that ridiculous hair. He seems kind of sweet. Dumb, but sweet.

442 days ago


A the problems in America we focus on the easiest one to solve by simply not looking smh I don't sag but if I see a fat chick wearing a low cut jean with her thong showing I'm making a citizen arrest

442 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

Maybe Pauly D needs to add General Larry Platt's Pants On The Ground to his DJ playlist.

442 days ago


of corse its racist what other intelligent comment did u expect?

442 days ago


at this point we care less about the butter you cook with, the diabetic pills you peddle or used to, or THIS BOYS BUTT you don't wanna look at !!

442 days ago


Really the government should not be making laws as to how one should wear their clothes. But on this one I have to agree. I %^&*ing hate it. I really hate it. I cringe when I see some guy wearing his pants like that.

442 days ago


I don't want to see what the toilet paper missed on your underwear NIT WIT'S and stop sitting in public places with your dirty ,nasty butt's

442 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

If Pauly D doesn´t want to see guy´s asses, he shouldn´t look at his own face in the mirror.

441 days ago


I only wanna see "it" when the guy can squat over 450lbs.
love ya Pauly D

441 days ago


Parents need to do a better job enforcing this instead of taxpayers.

441 days ago


I agree with the NJ ban. There have been similar bans in other US cities. The practice should be banned everywhere in the US as a violation of indecency codes and laws. It is a ridiculous trend originating in prison culture that The Game (supposedly) and other ignoramuses want to claim as synonymous to black culture. Maybe they should ask their pals who've done time to tell the truth about how humiliating it feels to be forced to wear their pants that way in prison. I believe I remember reading somewhere that even Tupac didn't find being forcefully dominated something to brag about. Much of youth culture today is pitiful--something I didn't believe I would ever say.

441 days ago
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