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Paula Deen Game

Pickin' Up the Pieces, Y'all

7/5/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen's career is spiraling out of control and business partners like Target, Walmart, and Home Depot have slipped through her fingers ... can you help her get them back???


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Paula Deen is my Queen.!!!

421 days ago


how old is this woman.. dosent she have older adult sons.. isnt it time for this grey silver haired older woman to retire and enjoy her money and go to florida like old rich silver haired women do.. like time to retire from working or being greedy..

421 days ago


she is 66.. please retire.. i thought only attorneys work past 65..

retire and enjoy your money ..geeez

421 days ago


Harvey Paula first has to decide if she wants to go to court and try and clear her name or keep up the racist act that she is playing. why would she want the racist part dismissed only to have other employees sue her for it. Her team makes no sense on fighting this.

421 days ago


Paula, you were screwed, and I'm rooting for ya. Mistakes were made, but the witch hunt was beyond unfair.

421 days ago


Am a black man, my concern is that, why is it ok for black pple to use N word or racial slur but is not ok for white pple to use it. I guess is better for everyone to stop the non-sense. the person that crashed this womans world think, she can cash in by going court. shes a joker. how would someone be happy to see another fellow getting destroyed. lets stop this nonsense in this country. i wonder where the so called human right leaders are. nowhere but when a black get into trouble they will run out. so sad. saggy pant issue is there, is not being discussed but we fight over things that should be overlooked. The morals are missing among the children, girls gettin pregnant at early age instead of getting education.we soon run to china to borrow us money to take care these children. PAULA,SORRY ABOUT THE MESS. YOU WILL SURELY COME BACK SOON, BUT DO THE RIGHT THING. GIVE TO THE NEEDY PEOPLE.

421 days ago


Her goose is cooked. She's old. She should just kick back and count her cash.

420 days ago


I am voting with my money and will no longer spend my bucks at the dumb organizations who dropped Paula. It's a matter of principle with me.

420 days ago


This is ridiculous. stupid corporations act like they are doing a good deed. why is there a double standard. look at Martha Stewart for stealing and yet she has her own show and products in stores.

420 days ago


I don't want to help her get her sponsors back. The World has had enough of this woman. She needs to take the MILLIONS she earned for her more than 11 years with the Food Network and just retire.

420 days ago


People need desensitize training. Also a sense of humor and thicker skin. Paula Deen did nothing wrong. The companies act like she is going to go on a killing spree because she said words they don't like. Just because you make ethnic jokes does not make you a racist that is an extreme overreaction. You can joke about people and make fun of people and still like them. These companies are a bunch of cowards who cater to an irrational minority of the population. They are also Hippocrates because they buy into the anti bullying racket but are bullies themselves. Paula Deen should not apologize but go tell these companies to fudge off. These companies are run by mentally and emotionally weak people. If Paula Deen showed some backbone and stood up to them she would have a lot more respect. Same goes for anyone else that gets attacked by the PC Mafia. If more high profile people stood up to the PC Mafia instead of crying an apologizing this garbage would stop. Stand up to the PC Mafia.

420 days ago


She's done was she's done!!!! How much more insulting and degrading can this woman get. She is no dumb blonde and she knows better. Delighted she lost everything! She rightly deserves it.

420 days ago


so happy these companies are dropping her- she totally deserves it!!

420 days ago

Sue Perna    

Her punishment should be to live on a factory farm and work in a Smithfield slaughterhouse along side all the other soul-less people who work in those hell holes she once smiled and endorsed.

420 days ago


I is what I is, a racist.

420 days ago
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