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Kim Kardashian

Publicly Humiliated

By Construction Workers

7/6/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One erects buildings, the other erects ... well, you know ... but it seems a construction company in Canada is taking a shot at Kim Kardashian with a hilarious street sign, and TMZ has the pic.

The Bay Adelaide Centre in Toronto, Ontario is currently under construction -- but in an effort to alleviate public concern, building honchos posted a sign telling the locals, "Construction set to finish faster than a Kim Kardashian marriage."


We're told the sign was created by legendary comedy group Second City ... and is part of an ongoing series of jokey boards that will be used until the project is complete.

For the record, the construction WON'T be completed fasted than a Kim K marriage -- 'cause her union with Kris Humphries was over in 72 days ... and the project won't end until 2015.

Bummer, eh.


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That's funny. An international joke.

443 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

And they say Canadians have no sense of humor, eh!

443 days ago


Oh yea, I smell a lawsuit on the way. The Kardashian's love to sue others for their own stupidity.

443 days ago


And K. West won't be marrying her cause he's a homo.

443 days ago


That sounds about right! lollll!

443 days ago


LOL. Words of warning to you, Kayne. Run while the gettin's good!

443 days ago


So suddenly Kim Kardashian has become a recluse and a "private person"??? Shows how inept the media really is, as all they can get is second hand,scripted "info", on Miss Pris. WHAT are the Kardashians hiding?

443 days ago


Everyone here is posting here about KK suing the Canadian construction company. Here's the would be a very very difficult endeavor for her. It's called the "USA's long arm of the law". It means that American citizens CAN file lawsuits against Canadians within the US court system. Now, the plaintiff and his/her attorney/s may need to travel to Canada at some point during the legal proceedings but not in all cases. Many cases are settled without the plaintiff ever crossing the border. But for any individual who does in fact file a libel lawsuit in the US or in Canada, he/she must prove the following: a) the libelous words are only the opinion/s of someone else and are indeed false; b) the insults were intentional; and c) the libelous words caused her harm, damage, etc. Now here's the problem for old KK...."A" is a fact. Her marriage DID last only 72 days and there is no possible way on the planet to refute this fact. Therefore, the rest does not matter one single bit! There is absolutely nothing KK can do. Remember, Canadians must be careful too so that sue-happy Americans cannot sue them. I'm certain the construction company's lawyers would have never allowed their client to post this sign if there was a possibility of KK suing. My legal opinion...KK should just laugh it off because there's not a damn thing she can do anyway.

443 days ago


****, are we all selling something or completely off topic? Who are these brilliant construction workers? Where can I find out more about them? They know what I want, instinctively, without making me ask! Sexy! Oh, god, construction worker look is very sexy. Mm. And police men. Sexy. Sexy! Sorry, it's cosplay time, had to go there. Seriously DTLA is all drilling 24/7. And don't get me started about the city ordinances. Oy, vey. They call it a luxury loft and lure you in with the lowest per square footage. Then they use their high occupancy rate as leverage and start renovating the whole damn ground floor. Somebody's trying to talk high net worth and then the effin fire alarm goes off, and nobody's liable for the power surges because the city thinks they're perfect and the building is owned by an invisible Iranian. I saw the Ritz Carlton lofts and you can get an Italian villa for my place plus soundproofing and a little branding. Yeahzues, no wonder they make crackers. Is that the same Ritz that makes crackers with flour and salt and like an 80-90% profit margin? I mean how cheap can it be to make crackers? How hard can it be to make your own crackers for like a buck fifty and save 90% for a silly package? Least it's cardboard. But I digress.

443 days ago


Yup, THAT'S how we do it!

Kimberly in Calgary

443 days ago


You should credit reddit. They had it before you guys put it in.

443 days ago


She's officially an International joke!

443 days ago


Not funny at all. Basically, adults bullying other adults. Everyone else is doing it, so it's ok right? Get some morals and values people, whether you like KK or's not a joke, it's an attack!

443 days ago


Maybe it will end up on Suits cause they film at the Bay Adelaide Centre

443 days ago


Classic, good job.

443 days ago
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