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'BB' Star Spencer Clawson


by Day Job Employer

7/6/2013 4:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0706_big_brother_articleAnother "Big Brother" houseguest is on the outs with their employer ... this time it's Spencer Clawson, whose company is already laying the groundwork to hand him his walking papers.

Clawson has been captured on "BB" cams calling one houseguest "Kermit the F**" and praising Hitler as a gifted speaker.

Clawson serves as a railroad conductor for Union Pacific, who released a statement on their website saying, "The values represented by Spencer Clawson's comments during the Big Brother show do not at all align with Union Pacific's values."

They continued, "Mr. Clawson is on unpaid leave of absence while participating on Big Brother. Union Pacific does not condone his comments."

They ended their statement by saying they are "acting in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms regarding Mr. Clawson" ... which sounds like they are setting the stage to fire his ass first chance they get.

Both GinaMarie and Aaryn have already lost gigs due to their racist comments on the show.


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Hitler was a gifted speaker. That's historically accurate. It doesn't make him a good person.

I mean, yes, the bigoted comments are bad, but lines need to be drawn at historical accuracy.

437 days ago


No, sounds like he'll get a little more unpaid leave and then get his job back. He's in a union.
They ended their statement by saying they are "acting in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms regarding Mr. Clawson" ... which sounds like they are setting the stage to fire his ass first chance they get.

437 days ago


If Spencer were gay, TMZ would be defending him.

TMZ knows that there is little chance of the railroad union letting this guy get fired. Union Pacific pretended to be outraged over his comments and that is where it will end - with feigned outrage.

Don't be surprised if the railroad union makes Union Pacific issue an apology to Spencer for going public with their condemnation rather than through the agreed-upon contracted channels.

436 days ago


Big Brother. American case study in Inbreeding.

436 days ago


The way he and Jeremy talk about and behave towards women is terrible! Both of their employers need to seriously think about how much harm "men" like that can cause an employer. If they act that way on TV in front of millions of people, just think of how they must behave in a smaller, more private setting (like when the boss is not looking).

433 days ago


I agree candace was making fun of the white girl when she was day something about gone with the wind.

432 days ago


I felt so sorry for Andy when Spencer called him Kermit the ***. It's plain and simple bullying and mean. The women don't know he's calling rhem ****s as he does that behind their back, but he calls Andy Kermit the *** to his face. Bullying in America is alive even among adults.

431 days ago


They need to pull up their "Big Bigot Briefs"... and suck it up ~ with No Whining !!
If someone is going to be so rude, and hate filled... they have No One to Blame but THEMSELVES.Just because you are FULL OF YOURSELF--because you are on national TV doesn't give you a "pass" in the court of public opinion.

427 days ago

Lola A.

422 days ago

Gabrielle Robishaw    

I really hope that Aaryn Elissa and Helen do not get put up on the block

419 days ago


Jimmy D..... You yourself are guilty of reverse discrimination, think about that long and hard. Evidently have'nt checked out those stats too close, black men HAVE raped black and white children, a group of men were recently found with child porn in my city, and they were black and white men.

407 days ago


As much as it sucks, they can't fire him. He is union and his remarks did not, in any way, effect his job. The other two are not Union. Yes, I agree, he shoud be canned, but it is nmot going to happen at Union Pacific. If they try, he will sic the union on them.

406 days ago


He is disgusting! Amanda should also be fired from her job for her racist remarks and her bullying!! She and McCrea were relentless when it came to Jessie and Elissa!! Horrible that these dimwit idiots were and are allowed to continue to be in the running for half a million dollars!

374 days ago
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