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'Big Brother'

Puts Racist Houseguest


7/8/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bigotry under the "Big Brother" roof has finally made it to television -- 'cause last night, the show aired a segment featuring Aaryn basically auditioning for the KKK.

Among the highlights ... Aaryn mocks Asian people, refers to a gay contestant as a "queer" ... and makes fun of a black person for good measure.

The segment featured commentary from some of the other guests, who seem to have noticed Aaryn's disgusting comments ... but no one had the stones to call her out for it.

In fact, Howard -- an African American houseguest -- said the comments "hurt and are disrespectful" ... but said addressing the issue might hurt his chances to win the game.


As for Aaryn, she's been dropped by her modeling agency in Texas.

She's not the only bigot who's been exposed in the house -- GinaMarie Zimmerman was also bounced from her day job from comments she made in the house, and Spencer Clawson seems to be on his way out from his regular gig as well.


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Hey, this is supposed to be "reality TV." You're going to encounter people like this in real life. People complain about it not being real and then when it is, they complain, too. No win.

469 days ago


Her brain is already deep fried. She fell for a dumbass surfer in two days and now is being shown for the racist, brainless idiot she is. She said some horrible things, but I've read worse on this comment page by many posters. Racism is alive and well in this country, and TMZ has no problem promoting it. Just the other day I posted on the hotdog eating champ that I wondered how many hotdogs Harvey could fit in his mouth and it was taken down in ten minutes. Yet they allow the filthiest comments to stay up. That is called pick and choose journalism. TMZ will let us know what we can say on this site and what they feel is inappropriate. And that's fine because it is their site and their right. I just find it curious that they would leave so much racism on this site.

469 days ago


Howard isn't a "wuss" for not addressing the issue. If he flipped out on Aaryn for being the ignorant bitch she is, it would risk him being put up. This is coming from a super fan and if you watched the show you would understand.

469 days ago


For the record, the comments towards the end where she was talking as if she were a korean nail salon person...that's part of a stand up comedy thing. Take a look. It's not racist. Dear jesus.

469 days ago


I have watched Big Brother 14 out of 15 seasons and i have never seen someone as dumb as this girl. I mean you have 65 camera pointed on your arse and you are gonna spout all these racist comments. idiot. cant wait for her to get evicted and see the shiz storm waiting for her on the outside.

469 days ago


THANK GOD Steve Hirsch, of Vivid Video, is a VERY FORGIVING employer; I'm sure Steve will be able to find Aaryn SOMETHING to do at Vivid....

469 days ago


I forgive her!

469 days ago


I disagree with people commenting that Howard is a wuss for not confronting Aaryn. No one else is confronting her either.

469 days ago


CBS needs to void the BB agreement with these contestants and dismiss them from the show. Comments like these should not be condoned and glorified on national TV.

469 days ago


Don't forget Kaitlin, she's been saying racist comments as well. Spencer originally was sticking to making fun of women and gays, now he's moved over to the racist side as well. Thanks TMZ for continuing to expose them!

469 days ago


I don’t think she’s a racist, I think she’s a bicth. The whole wine drinking thing shows how spoiled she is. She let that big doofus idiot take the blame for drinking the wine when she was the one who told him to go get it for her. At least own up to your pathetic antics. She fits the stereo type of a spoiled little blue eyed blonde: cries when she doesn’t get her way, thinks she’s entitled to everything and doesn’t like those who don’t look like or think like her. That's not racism, that's bicthism.

469 days ago


Little miss Texas is in for a Big Brother surprise when she is bounced from teh show. No job to go to. Yay Karma Is her name Aaryn or Aryan

469 days ago


People are who they are and say mean inappropriate things all the time. An employer has the right to want to disassociate themselves from such un-necessary awful comments. Companies may spend lots of money crafting an image and if they fire someone whose behavior is contradictory to that image when following eeo guidlines it make sense! I look forward to the interviews once these young people exit the house.

469 days ago


What part of the cameras are on you 24/7 do they not get. What ignorant people bigoted people. I love Big Brother and still will watch even with these idiots on the show.

469 days ago

William Hoover    

Arryn--obviously named in honor of the Aryan Nation. Good one dad.

469 days ago
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