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'Big Brother'

Puts Racist Houseguest


7/8/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bigotry under the "Big Brother" roof has finally made it to television -- 'cause last night, the show aired a segment featuring Aaryn basically auditioning for the KKK.

Among the highlights ... Aaryn mocks Asian people, refers to a gay contestant as a "queer" ... and makes fun of a black person for good measure.

The segment featured commentary from some of the other guests, who seem to have noticed Aaryn's disgusting comments ... but no one had the stones to call her out for it.

In fact, Howard -- an African American houseguest -- said the comments "hurt and are disrespectful" ... but said addressing the issue might hurt his chances to win the game.


As for Aaryn, she's been dropped by her modeling agency in Texas.

She's not the only bigot who's been exposed in the house -- GinaMarie Zimmerman was also bounced from her day job from comments she made in the house, and Spencer Clawson seems to be on his way out from his regular gig as well.


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William Hoover    

Arryn--obviously named in honor of the Aryan Nation. Good one dad.

283 days ago


Aaryn now falls into the "instant ugly, just add words" category. She deserves bad things....

283 days ago


A lot of the Big Brother Sponsors are the same ones who dumped Paula Deen for a comment she admitted to making 30 years ago. Why aren't they dropping BB for not kicking these racists off the show?

283 days ago


Hotmoviesforher has some ideas for what these girls can do without jobs when they get out of the BB house.

283 days ago


Two Points:

1) There seems to be more racism in our country now than ever before - on all sides.
2) I agree with another poster that prejudice is not necessarily racism.

Bottom Line: Our society today, in many instances, has pushed PC beyond sensibility. The fact is that ignorance and stupidity come in all colors - across all races and nationalities. I will admit to be prejudiced against people - ALL PEOPLE - who are ignorant and stupid. Does that make me a multi-cultural racist? Of course not! What it does make me is very selective of who I elect to associate with and who I call "friend."

Remember this: "People are known for the company they keep."

283 days ago


Big brother UK is waaaaaaayyyyy better. People have more depth. When thay say anything racist big brother calls them in the diary room give them a formal warning or kicks them out. They do not tolerate racism at all over there. go to 31.22

and she is just talking about her preference.

283 days ago


Hey tmz, explain to me how they "put her on blast"? When I think of blasting someone, I think of calling that person out and telling them exactly who and what I think they are. All BB did was air the episode. No one even said anything to her, therefore no blasting took place.

283 days ago


"mocks Asian people, refers to a gay contestant as a "queer" ... and makes fun of a black person for good measure"

Or, in other words, acts like pretty much anyone else does. Truth. Tell us some more about how you don't make fun of anyone, you liars.

283 days ago


when the liberal ****s heard her say those things.they rushed to their computers to blast her and clear their conscience for they have done the same things before.also the ***got andy called black people violent and black guy howard said he wanted to molest the women.yet all we got was crickets for that.

283 days ago


Where's the n**** insurance remark?

283 days ago


She made derogatory comments again black people and also made racist comments about black people.

283 days ago


Aaryn's name is an anagram of "Aryan". Is she related to Heath and Deborah Campbell?

283 days ago


Her father is the Imperial Wizard of the Texas Chapter of the KKK. Thus her name Aaryan spelled different but pronounced the same way as Aryan Nation.

283 days ago


i think AquaMan should be Played by an Asian, Wonder Woman by a Latina and Cyborg by a Black in The Justice League....

283 days ago


The thing that’s really gonna make me sick is when she gets out and realizes that she’s been exposed, she’ll do the obligatory “I’m not a racist I love everyone I’m really a good person I’m sorry” video. And it will be loaded with crocodile tears. Wait a minute. . .that sounds familiar. . . .

283 days ago
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