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'Big Brother'

Puts Racist Houseguest


7/8/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bigotry under the "Big Brother" roof has finally made it to television -- 'cause last night, the show aired a segment featuring Aaryn basically auditioning for the KKK.

Among the highlights ... Aaryn mocks Asian people, refers to a gay contestant as a "queer" ... and makes fun of a black person for good measure.

The segment featured commentary from some of the other guests, who seem to have noticed Aaryn's disgusting comments ... but no one had the stones to call her out for it.

In fact, Howard -- an African American houseguest -- said the comments "hurt and are disrespectful" ... but said addressing the issue might hurt his chances to win the game.


As for Aaryn, she's been dropped by her modeling agency in Texas.

She's not the only bigot who's been exposed in the house -- GinaMarie Zimmerman was also bounced from her day job from comments she made in the house, and Spencer Clawson seems to be on his way out from his regular gig as well.


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I think they ought to stop the show and start with different people you have a bunch of idiots on the one deserves to win..Poor Alisa..shes a nice girl and I think they are all jealour of her..everyone else needs to get a life and ha ha for losing their jobs i wouldn't want people like that working for me either

469 days ago


You have a bunch of disrespectful idiots on the need to cancel this show and redo it with different people..I feel bed for Alisa they are just all jealous of her..they all need to get a life I think Aaron is part of the KKK she sure sounds like it and what a BITCH she is

469 days ago


I can't watch these shows...the level of stupidity is incredibly annoying.

469 days ago

Shervell Jones    

I can understand what everyone is saying about taking moments of ignorance and getting too caught up in being too politically correct, but this is not one of those moments! She displayed an ppalling degree of racism and disrespect. She was brazen in her rude remarks and show no sign of remorse for making them. Most of the time, it seemed as if she was looking for the validation of the other caucasian castmates to back up her offensive comments. Publicity or not, She was wrong, but sadly instead of this backlashing on her, other races will just generalize all caucasians as racist, furthering the divide, and bringing out even more hateful comments and remarks.

469 days ago


She said bad awful things and my shoes fell off......

469 days ago


Even the black man on this show calls African Americans "Colored People", so yes Coloreds is the new Black.

469 days ago


Aryan is such an IDIOT! Does she not realize that the show's host, JULIE CHEN, is Asian and is also married to the Head of CBS?! What a PEA BRAIN!!!!!!

469 days ago


I know the drama is good for ratings but, they need to pull these girls a side and let them know that just as with fighting that this type a behavior wont be tolerated . It sounds like she a little rich girl that thinks she can do and say anything she wants. Oh and fyi she did ask for the wine and did drink a huge glass.

469 days ago


If Julie *ever* addresses this during their ouster interview, I truly hope she'll grill Howard for basically putting racism on a sliding scale. IOW, Howard has a game to play and the comments not directed at him thus it's not worth denouncing. Let;s see how Howard feels when his boss tell him, "Sorry Howard, that attack on your race by your colleague is no biggie; I've got a company to run and frankly, it doesn't affect me."

469 days ago


Not having watched big brother until last night can someone help me out? Does this girl know all the stuff that's going on in the outside world (i.e. being dropped by her modeling agency, the other losing their job) or is this going to be huge surprise when they exit the house? Just curious

469 days ago


Oh, it will be a BIIIIIG surprise, Dave. As most reality checks are to idiots.

469 days ago


BB needs to step up and evict those who choose their words as weapons, as they have shown zero tolerance to previous house guests who have been assaultive or have threatened assaults. I hate to see this show renamed as Big Bigots. Hate it!

469 days ago


She is an idiot and also trying to do an impression of comedian Anjelah Johnson- Nail Salon. look it up on You tube. The comedian is funny. This poor girl is trying to be...wrong crowd blondie.

469 days ago


I was thinking about her Parents watching that whole video - BOY , what a sh*tty Job they've done ...

469 days ago


They aired it for ratings. Nothing more.

469 days ago
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