Katy Perry Scores Payday from Hair Company ... Because She Deserves It

7/8/2013 4:00 AM PDT
Katy Perry didn't just settle her lawsuit against a hair care company ... SHE WON ... TMZ has learned.

GHD (Good Hair Day) and KP (Katy Perry) got into a nasty lawsuit/countersuit over what Katy claimed was an oral agreement to pay her $2 mil for a 2-year extension on her endorsement deal.

GHD not only sued Katy ... the company trashed her, claiming its market research showed Katy had a "significant decrease in appeal across Europe" and was "increasingly polarizing ... with negative perceptions in all markets."

Katy countersued for her fee and, as we first reported, the case has settled.

But now we know what happened in the settlement, and GHD ate crow. We found out the company got zilch from Katy, but sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Katy got "a significant amount of money" from GHD.

Moral of the story -- when Katy gets a hair extension, it best be honored.