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MLB Steroids Investigation

Fingering Baseball Stars Forces Whistleblower


7/8/2013 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The whistleblower who claims to have proof Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and other baseball players took steroids ... has been threatened and hounded so much ... he's being forced into hiding, TMZ has learned.

According to sources connected to Major League Baseball's steroid investigation ... Porter Fischer has been under constant pressure for more than six months from private investigators -- hired by players, he believes -- attempting to get their hands on his records from the now infamous Biogenesis clinic in Miami.

We're also told Fischer's received death threats.

As we previously reported the ex-Biogenesis employee has documents which allegedly nail several players for purchasing and using performance enhancing drugs from the clinic within the last year.

He's currently negotiating a deal to turn over the docs to MLB officials.

Although Fischer stands to make a fortune -- possibly seven figures -- we're told he plans to use the money to disappear, and to protect his loved ones ... sort of like his own witness protection program.

As one source puts it ... "he just wanted to do the right thing and reveal the truth," but didn't realize he'd face such a backlash and have his life turned upside down.

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Americans and their farce called the freedom of speech. Between this ding dong and the one stuck in Russia, you gotta wonder: should America start offering common sense classes up to PhD level. You didn't think your life would be turned upside down eh?

473 days ago

steak man     

I'm sure the player's union will still say not enough evidence to protect it's players. There should be a 1 stike and youre out of the league policy and you forfeit all your money. Let's get back to real baseball.

473 days ago


Major League Baseball needs to hide him. Maybe the government should get him some security. Anyone goes after him they have the right to protect him. I bet some of those guilty players are offering a lot to stay out of trouble. Get this over with already.

473 days ago


We don't like the truth here in America. We like everything to look like all perfect and righteous on the outside while we rot on the inside. And for crying out loud TMZ fix your site! For three days now every comment I try to post comes back with a "Sorry We are Experiencing Difficulties" page.

473 days ago


He didn't realize no one likes a snitch?

473 days ago


Oh please... he was looking for a big payday, & trying to make himself look like the good guy for selling the information that he took from the lab is pure BS !

The people making the death threats deserve to have the FBI come down on them for being idiots !

The Players/Cheaters.. I have no pity for these millionaires that have tainted the Baseball !!

The Baseball Hall of Fame should be covered in * .. if not heavily edited !!!

473 days ago

my 2 cents    

The suspension for A-Rod begins in 3, 2, ....

473 days ago


He stole from his employer private records and tried to sell them, and he is wondering why his life is turned upside down? Idiot!

473 days ago


So why didn't he release the information? Why did he just dangle something in front of the players and MLB?

473 days ago


Still not done with this issue? Baseball is gonna be ruined if they continue this.

471 days ago

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