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'Big Brother' Host Julie Chen


By Our Racist Houseguests

7/9/2013 5:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, she plays it cool on the show ... but "Big Brother" host Julie Chen says she's well aware of all the disgusting racist comments being made inside the house ... and she's offended.

Julie and her husband, CBS honcho Les Moonves, were leaving Craig's in L.A. last night when we asked how she felt about houseguest Aaryn's racist comments about Asians.

"Personally, I was offended," Chen told TMZ ... "I was offended by all the comments -- the anti-gay, the anti-black, but especially the anti-Asian ones ... for obvious reasons."

Still, Chen says she's hopeful Aaryn will be able to "change the way she thinks" after she leaves the BB house.

Chen does take one thinly-veiled shot at Aaryn when asked about the houseguest being dropped by her modeling agency -- check out the clip.


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ChenBot! "....but first":

469 days ago


ever notice how the pro gay crowd always say the ones who are against it are closets??? well to steal it from them.the ones against aaryn are some of the biggest racists around they just speak against it loud to hide the fact that them theirselves do the same thing.

469 days ago


So glad I canceled cable...but it sure is fun to read about the quality television that so many people are still paying for. $100+ a month?

469 days ago


If you & your husband are so offended, shut down production & cancel the show...

469 days ago


The chick's name is Aaryn which can be switched around to "Aryan". 'nuff said.

469 days ago


Get over it you whiner. Offended my behind. That's a cop out.

468 days ago

Ozzie X    

I didn't know she is married to Les Moonves, explains a lot.

468 days ago

What a bunch of LOSERS. All reality shows are as real as the cartoon network and Mickey Mouse. I cannot believe that you sheeple are arguing about a fake tv program. If you are not on pills, you all need to be and also under medical care, mental medicall care. Get a life, idjit

465 days ago


As a longtime fan of Big Brother, I understand that you have kept the ugly racist bullies on BB because it has brought you publicity and higher ratings. I have wanted to be a contestant on BB for 15 years, because the show has brought together people of every race, religion, and sexual orientation to live together and fight for the same goal. After seeing such nastiness allowed, I find it hard to even watch the rest of this season and has inspired me to take a stand.
Last year, Willie, was immediately kicked out of the house after getting in a physical fight with Joe. How can you possibly allow Aaryn and GinaMarie to continue their horribly vile racist verbal abuse towards Candice, Howard, Andy, AND Helen?? You kick out ONE contestant for taking a swing at another, but you take NO action for the hate that is being spewed CONTINUALLY??!!!??
TMZ has reported that you AT LEAST acknowledge the hateful statements being said by stating, "We certainly find the statements made by several of the Houseguests on the live Internet feed to be offensive." yet you still feature these OFFENSIVE remarks. By allowing this, you are telling America it is alright to be racist and homophobic and it can even get you more face time on reality TV and even mentioned on TMZ.
Everyone who has ever been bullied can tell you that words CAN hurt more than physical violence. Bruises and cuts will fade in time but hatred can cause MUCH more damage and can effect more than just one person.
Way to take such a giant leap backwards, CBS. It disgusts me that a TV channel will sit back and allow this to happen, but hey, whatever gets ratings, right?
Maybe next year you can invite the KKK- they would certainly make for great ratings!

Irate former CBS and Big Brother watcher,
Jennifer More

464 days ago


Watch this full video of all the HG's who have made racist remarks. I first thought it was just an interview , but it's alot that I missed. It's everything said racist by Amanda, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer and even Andy.

456 days ago


I think that there should be a rule against racism, and anyone who is being racist should automatically be evicted from the big brother house

456 days ago


I think that there should be a rule against racism, and anyone who is being racist should automatically be evicted from the big brother house

456 days ago


While I agree the racist, sexist, and homophobic rhetoric on this show is unacceptable, CBS is ultimately benefiting from it. They should have warned Aaryn, Gina Marie et all and/or kicked them off the show.
And while Julie Chen sleeps (soundly) on her thousands count cotton sheets, Aaryn will likely need a body guard upon her eviction of BB. This could have been handled with intelligence, and class and nipped in the bud immediately instead of spinning into a witch hunt and exploiting the house guests. Julie, no matter now pretty you are and how high you back comb your hair; no matter where you graduated from college, worked in the past or married for that matter, the bottom line is you are the host for the skankiest reality TV show on the planet. You must be proud. Well done you.

453 days ago


They are all so racist except maybe like 2 of them!! LOOK HOW DISGUSTING THEY ALL ARE!!!

448 days ago

Tomasa Quintana    

Why does this woman suddenly look so AWFUL on TV lately? I guess having to live, sleep, work and eat the TRASH you allow, does this to a person.

432 days ago
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