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Boston Bombing Suspect

I'm Not Guilty

7/10/2013 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev insists he wasn't the one behind the horrific explosions in April that killed 3 people and injured 260 more -- pleading not guilty today in Boston federal court.

19-year-old Tsarnaev pled not guilty to 30 counts total -- including use of a weapon of mass destruction to kill.

Federal prosecutors are currently deciding whether to pursue the death penalty for Tsarnaev. FYI, there is no death penalty in Massachusetts, but since Tsarnaev is facing multiple federal charges, the death penalty is on the table.

Dzhokar's brother Tamerlan -- who was believed to have committed the atrocity with him -- was killed three days following the bombing in a shootout with police.

Dzhokar remains in custody.



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Of course he pled not guilty, his momma said he didn't do it.

282 days ago


Muslim=Guilty. I only hope he gets a change to meet his fake god alla and his pedophile helper muhammad.

282 days ago


Boy oh Boy where do I start. This kid was a patsy for the government. He was brain washed into it by the government. The government did this to take the heat off them due to Benghazi. But I know you all will not believe what I am saying. there is a lot of evidence to prove this. and he didn't run over his brother, the cops did. and there is also proof that they tried to give themselves up. there is video proof of them saying they didn't do it. this was a false flag just like Sandy Hook, just like the movie theater. But again I know you all will not believe it. Don't always believe what the media tells you. And the lock down of Boston was nothing more than a test run for Martial law. And people all over Boston fell for it. Also there was a facebook page set up a few days before this happened, then later changed. then the day after it happened, there was a leak that the cops would find someone in late teens to early 20's. and they would find him on Friday. They would say he was mental. It is all about Government control. Wake up people.

282 days ago


You F-ing need to DIE ASAP!'re F-ing lying! save your worthless ass!.. and your execution should be shown on TV!..

282 days ago



The checks in the mail

This inst my table

And l I promise not to *** in your mouth

Yup the three other lies

282 days ago

Milf Biggenson    

Technically he's right. He's not guilty of being not guilty.

282 days ago


If he had committed these crimes in the country he came from, he'd be dead by now. Only in the U.S. do we tend to prolong the agony of awaiting one's death, we'll spend millions of dollars to do so.

282 days ago


anyone who thinks this douche is innocent is of him and his loser brother planting the bombs, contraband found in his dorm, the fact he ran in the first place and got in a fire fight with the're idiots

282 days ago


That's a liberal stance to say he's not guilty. Liberals sympathize with stuff like this.

282 days ago


Okay. He is 19 years old, Justin, Lil Biebs, Bieber is 19. One drives like a maniac , on residential streets, the other likes to make big fireworks,
One pisses in restaurant mop buckets, one tries to sail a boat at night.
One gets a pass for being in places that are illegal for him, at his age. One is mourning the death of his brother. The other is mourning the death of a relationship,
Shouldn't they both be made to pay for their transgressions?
Why should only one go to trial while the other is free to threaten the health and welfare of others?

282 days ago

BRAT <--- the truth about America and the Boston Bombing "Terrorist Attack" - Check out this website then decide weather or not he is "Guilty"

282 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Isn't the standard Islamic punishment in this case full castration and shoving his junk down his own throat?

282 days ago


I look forward to hearing the defense present their case. What were all those cloak-and-dagger Craft personnel doing there anyway?

282 days ago


ungrateful piece of **** !

282 days ago


Suspect plead not guilty to all charges. We know thats what his lawyers do! even tho he wrote on the walls of that boat why he did what he did; Guilty! however TMZ stating a comment "Dzhokhar Tsarnaev insists he wasn't the one behind the horrific explosions in April that killed 3 people and injured 260...? That was never said in Federal court today. TMZ taking the "not guilty" pleas to a whole nother level. Thats just not right. That was not said. The killer plead and said only "not guilty" while smirking at his family!

282 days ago
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