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I Still Got Beef with De Niro

He's a Fraud!

7/10/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seems Jay-Z is still holding his grudge against Robert De Niro ... and earlier today, he put the actor on BLAST during a live radio interview.

Jay was telling all to Power 105.1 in NY ... when the DJs asked Hova about his beef with Robert De Niro ... which came to a head last year when RDN reportedly dressed Jay down at a party because the rapper didn't return his phone calls.

It's clear from the interview ... Jay doesn't care for Robert -- and though he never took a direct shot, he spoke in very pointed generics ... saying, "I treat people based on who they are ... who they REALLY are."

He continued, "It doesn't matter who you are, everyone has to be respectful."

You know how you know you're powerful ... when you can go on the radio and trash ROBERT DE NIRO!!!!


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Robert De Niro is a TRUE artist.

He has Class.

He has respect for himself and others.

He speaks ENGLISH.


Jay Jealous zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

is an will always be a thug drug dealer

that uses sex, bad language , bad stuff about cops, etc..... and this gets to my young children....

I don't want it for them, They are too young for this bad stuff that is really for adults.

hey, Jay Z, its not about who has more money!

448 days ago

Ace Steele    

This ass is nothing more than a drug dealer who parlayed his ill-gotten criminal gains into a rap career, a clothing line w/ shady connections & a friendship with the most corrupt "bought" president this country has ever seen.

448 days ago


Robert DeNiro will always be #1. In a comparison of RDN and Jayz, Jayz wouldn't even be a blip on he screen,

448 days ago


Watching the video, I don't think he dissed Robert. All he said was that he treats people the way they treat him, like a human being. Probably Robert came at Jay wrong and pulled the celebrity card on him.

448 days ago


If it's about respect then why wouldn't Jay -Z return Robert De Niro's calls???

Respect goes both ways Mr Carter!!!

448 days ago

Corinna Atkinson    

Inappropriate. Someone who demands respect with media and not ironing this out with RDN himself has lost my respect.

448 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Who the F is Jay-z? Some studio gangsta with no talent. F off De Niro rules

448 days ago


Nay, I don't think so, you gather up DeNiros 'friends' and put them across a table with Jay-z and you are talking about little boys trying to come play with there big boy pants on. De Niro says very little because he does not need to; go home and play in ur sandbox Jay-z ; I for one remember how you got where your at, selling dope and investing the money on yourself and some money makers, I admire the man who did not do that and he has so many more friends than jay-z it makes me laugh.It makes me straight up laugh that someone is filling jayzs head with some real nonsense and I will be truthful, I would not want to make an enemy out of DeNiro and friends, can't say that about some fool with a swollen head.

448 days ago


Jay, you know the characters Robert plays in movies? Well that's not to far off from how he is in his real life. Not smart to talk smack about him. Go watch goodfellas again.

448 days ago

Ole Beyer    

Who is Jay-Z ?? Can't even use a real name and talking about "REAL PEOPLE" . GROW UP KID !

448 days ago


You people at TMZ and living in the TMZ are delusional. Robert Di Niro is a living Legend. The greatest actor of our generation and one of the coolest cats in the world.

Jay Z is rap artist. No talent required.

Jay Z is not good enough to drive Di Niro's car...

448 days ago


"You know how you know you're powerful ... when you can go on the radio and trash ROBERT DE NIRO!!!!"

What 19 year old college drop out wrote this sentence?

You know what power is? It is having respect given to you and giving it back.

Trashing a well respected man over a cheap radio station catering to the unintelligent and the unemployed is powerful?

I will tell you what real power is, if Jay Z, changed his name to a respectful adult name, and not a teenage drug dealer. Second he could meet with Di Niro and discuss the conflict like a man. Who goes on a rap radio show to dis a living legend, unless he has zero power. He might as well have posted an anonymous message on a blog somewhere.

Real power is having respect. No one respects Jay-Z with the exception of loser high school kids who like rap. He has no real friends, just hanger ons and a pathetic entourage of wannabes...

448 days ago


Who cares? Jay-Z is nothing compared to Robert De Niro.

448 days ago


Yo, RDN is an actor, not an OG. This millennial audio noise thug merchant is not a pimple on the corpses of Michael Jackson, Ray Charles or James Brown. He needs to learn how to make real music before anyone lucky enough to see and hear old days civilized pop culture takes him seriously.

448 days ago


Really Jay-Z not spreading hate

448 days ago
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