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I Still Got Beef with De Niro

He's a Fraud!

7/10/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seems Jay-Z is still holding his grudge against Robert De Niro ... and earlier today, he put the actor on BLAST during a live radio interview.

Jay was telling all to Power 105.1 in NY ... when the DJs asked Hova about his beef with Robert De Niro ... which came to a head last year when RDN reportedly dressed Jay down at a party because the rapper didn't return his phone calls.

It's clear from the interview ... Jay doesn't care for Robert -- and though he never took a direct shot, he spoke in very pointed generics ... saying, "I treat people based on who they are ... who they REALLY are."

He continued, "It doesn't matter who you are, everyone has to be respectful."

You know how you know you're powerful ... when you can go on the radio and trash ROBERT DE NIRO!!!!


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I don't see where Jay-z is being disrespectful anyone. I have never been a fan of Jz, but I have more respect for him now for the way he handles himself.

438 days ago


Don't flatter yourself, DeNiro is still on top of his game and it was for charity.

438 days ago


I really feel this guy is so overrated. I don't get why people think he is so powerful. The way the media makes him seem like some power house is stupid. -.- If it has to do with money there are people WAY more rich then him and if it has to do with music, I have heard better rappers and I have only heard like maybe 2 of his songs in my life. I don't get it? His wife is a fraud and mediocre at best, also looks like a dude with a stuck up attitude. Both are over hyped wastes of space, people need to let them fade into obscurity and stop giving them attention.

437 days ago


He aint got sht on King DeNiro.

437 days ago


Jay Z is arrogant and really believes himself to be some sort of American royalty. So who cares about what he thinks on anything?

437 days ago


Dear Jay-Z,
You bite more than you can chew. Actually, after this! - my respect for you is gone.

437 days ago


All these people talking down on Jay-Z and how he made himself, yet I'm pretty sure none of which have done anything to prove their own worth. Regardless of who has "more class," put up your own accolades side by side next to his. You don't even compete, huh? And to say he has no talent is a joke. I'm almost positive it takes talent to sell 12 #1 albums, in any genre.

437 days ago


This Moulijahn can't hold a candle to DeNiro,

437 days ago


JZ the epitome of respect. How do people come up with their own crap?

437 days ago

Dom The Mover    

F U communist pig, go back to Cuba

437 days ago


He and Beyonce are both self centered, conceited, and full of themselves. What fools.

437 days ago


I hope this idiot continues to dig the hole he is in, RDN is one of the greatest actors alive today.
Jay Who? is a falling star.

437 days ago


HAha What could those two possibly have to talk about anyway???

437 days ago


And your an A$$ N$ger!!!!!

437 days ago

terrell m    

let tmz get you little children worked up.. he never said he got beef with de niro he just said he doesn't mess with him.. I've never met de niro in my life like 99 percent of you people fronting like you have. so I don't know what he's like in person but obviously jay saw or felt something he didn't like.. that's his choice.

437 days ago
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