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Eddie Griffin

Sued Over 'Homophobic'

Bottle Attack

7/11/2013 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Eddie Griffin is being sued by a woman who claims the comic targeted her and her GF during a homophobic comedy routine ... sexually harassing them while on stage, then attacking them with a water bottle.

TMZ posted video of the altercation after it happened last July at Tommy T's Comedy Club in Pleasanton, CA -- showing Griffin dumping water on a woman in the audience -- and all hell broke loose.

The partner of the woman Griffin soaked is Leslie Champlin, and she just filed the lawsuit against Griffin and Tommy T's.

Champlin claims Tommy T's let Griffin take the stage while drunk ... and the comedian proceeded to launch into a homophobic routine targeting the lesbian couple, thrusting his crotch in their faces, and saying things like they "would not need a strap-on or vibrator" with his help.

At that point, Champlin's partner threw her drink at Griffin -- and Griffin flipped, dumping his water on her. In the lawsuit, Champlin claims the crowd also turned on her and her gf, pelting them with drinks as well.

Champlin says she and her GF were kicked out of the club ... and never received an apology from Griffin OR the club. Griffin later defended himself on Facebook, calling the women "dyke bitches."

Champlin is now suing for civil rights violations, claiming she was discriminated against based on sexual orientation. She is also suing for battery and negligence, and demanding unspecified damages.

Calls to Griffin and Tommy T's weren't returned.


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Were they in the front row when he was thrusting his crotch in their face? if so, they have every right to be offended. If not, and he has a crotch so huge it reached the 6th row, more people should of complained because no one wants that much crotch waived in their face.

Where does it end? Will it end when no one can say anything to anyone else? There is no unity and with no unity, we will fall.

I have heard comments from the homosexual community that they are made this way, and they should be able to be who they are. If you follow that logic, lets say someone is made to have relations with young boys or girls? They will claim that they were made this way. What about those who like to have relations with animals? They will claim that they were "Made this way", and should be able to marry their miniature horse, or dog, or ferret, or whatever. They were made this way. Or those who like to desecrate corpses?

Folks, this is the long slippery slide into the abyss. We need to hold onto our morals, virtues and faith and not let the media (run by those who serve satans desires). They are actively working on building dissent. You can see this in the news, in the shows, in the ad's, you can hear it in the music. It is all meant to be divisive.

I am begging all of us to please open our eyes and start tuning out the what the media has to say. Start (and/or keep) reading the Bible.

The old King James version of the bible is difficult to read, but there are many good ones that are printed in the modern vernacular, and much easier to read. If we each spend just a little time each day seeking out the Lord, most of the problems today in this world will be gone.

Yes, it really is as simple as that.

Those who wish to devour this world know that it is this simple, and they will/are doing everything they can do to distract us from that FACT.

Do it, and your life will be blessed, encourage more people to do it, and your life will be doubly blessed.

I understand there is alot of skepticism of religion right now. Because in the press and the liberal media, everyone thinks that every catholic priest is a pedophile. (bet he can't claim he was made that way can he).

Don't worry right now about what church you want to join, just start reading the Bible first, seek out the one who created this world, ask for understanding, wisdom and the will to change.

If you do this, I guarantee your life will change. God will strengthen you. He will find a way to bring out the best from the worst in you.

Imagine if your neighborhood started to do this, it would grow and grow and grow, then over time there would be less children giving birth to children, abortions, robberies, murders, rapes, drugs and alcohol problems.

It really is that simple to turn away the tide of destruction that is coming our way. All we have to do is REPENT, and turn away from our sinful nature, seek out the Most High in all we do, He save us from destruction.

Please pass this word on so the whole world knows about this. We need to save this world from destruction, and we can do it. Get the word out now, before it's too late.

439 days ago


people of color always call the race card for unfair treatment due to skin color but then don't like it when homosexuals are equally harassed simply for their sexual orientation. It is no different and Griffin is a hypocrite. What he did do this lesbian couple would be no different than if a comedian mocked him with a KKK hood during a routine, in the name of "comedy". You think Griffin or any black person wouldn't go after a comedian who did that? Oh, but he thinks he can insult and harass them for being lesbians and throw his junk in their face? ahole.

439 days ago

Bob DaMahn    

Ok so we are supposed to feel sorry for someone who wet to a club knowing full well he makes racist and homosexual jokes and then get mad and wanna throw stuff up on stage cause you get targeted by those jokes, what a weak ass attempt at double standards, all good an well if he's not making fun of you but when he does you wanna get your panties or maybe boxers in the case all bunched up!

439 days ago


So another double standard. Kramer gets blasted by the media for racist comments but a black man makes comments about gays and nothing only hear about it on TMZ.

439 days ago


Most comedians don't have filters, and that's why we love them. Be you white, black, asian, Hispanic, tall, short, fat, straight, gay, liberal, republican.. whatever.. it's all on the table. If you're easily offended then you shouldn't go see them. Period.

439 days ago


I've seen Eddie Griffin's stand ups before. He's by far one of the worst comedians out there. Anyone dumb enough to waste their money going to one of his shows should have a drink thrown at them just for being an idiot.

438 days ago


the practice of homosexualality is a choice

412 days ago
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