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'Big Brother'

Race War Explodes

Aaryn Mocks Black Houseguests

7/12/2013 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The race war inside the "Big Brother" house came to a head last night ... when racist Aaryn picked a fight with a black female contestant ... and MOCKED her by saying, "Whatchu gon do, gurl?"

She continued in an over-the-top stereotypical black voice ... saying, "Whatchu gon do gurrl ... class girl? Where's yo class?" (drama begins at the 2:00 mark)

It was disgusting and vile -- a callback to a white slavemaster talking to a slave on a plantation.

Eventually, Candice -- who's African American -- stood up for herself ... only for another female contestant, GinaMarie, to get in her face ... saying, "You want the black to come out?"

As things got even more intense, Howard -- who's also black -- grabbed Candice and begged her to stand down and not fight with the other racist houseguests.

FYI -- the fight started over a "prank" Aaryn pulled on Candice -- by flipping over her mattress.

Candice broke down in tears after the confrontation. Aaryn probably scouted for wood to burn a cross.


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Aaryan is the devil ! She should be blacklisted from everything !

469 days ago


Please cancel this show CBS. Disgusting, vile. As someone just pointed out she's not even aware that her outside life is over. That will make me happy.

469 days ago


OMG, how can anyone watch this show?? Evil piece of trash people!!

469 days ago


Can't wait for Aaryn's eviction and for when she walks out to have her interview with Julie Chen. I predict no applause and a very icy conversation. I'll be watching that!!

469 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

So "Big Brother" is using racism as a hook to increase ratings. This really is vile.

469 days ago


Aaryn is a disgusting vile poor excuse for a humane being...
She needs someone to kick her racist ass .If that was me in the house I would not be able to sit back and not say anything or not knock her fake teeth out.
GM is another one. I can not wait for these 2 to find out they were FIRED...Who is the fool then.

469 days ago

Jay W.     

I imagine Aaryn has some fans down south... ?

469 days ago

Rue Aloud    

Ughhhhhh Someone anyone please slap the shiz outta Aaryn!!!! Big Brother is disgusting this season!!!!!

469 days ago


Big Brother has pushed all limits. They've absolutely went beyond the dumbing down of Southerner's and Caucasians, as a whole. Allowing these pathetic, insensitive racial slurs in this "game" of Big brother is not funny. I will not tolerate anyone who sits back and mistreats a person of any race. I could have cried watching the Blonde say, such vile words to this African American girl. Slavery is a part of our history. It's a very sensitive subject to this day. I had myself believing 'we as a whole' had evolved. Apparently CBS believes it's OK to take us back hundreds of years and insult an era I'm not fond of. I don't care who you are. Go to the slave quarters in Charleston where the slaves were auctioned and beaten. If it doesn't bring tears to your eyes and pain in your heart. YOU aren't human. I can't believe what I just witnessed. CBS should be boycotted. We can't allow this to happen and certainly not on national television. Enough is enough! The African American heritage must be respected and protected. For CBS to allow this, in such a critical time in this country, when we're on the verge of riots due to a trial out of Florida, is gas-lighting Tensions are extremely high today as this particular trial is in closing arguments. CBS simply put, is lighting a fire it can't put out. It was negligent, grossly insensitive, and it calls for an immediate Boycott. While my generation can't undo what was done many years ago. I personally will not tolerate such inflammatory conduct by any network. Under the guise of what is called," a joke."

469 days ago


Even though I am not black, I am offended, yet the black guy seems to be fine with it! Huh!

Mommy & Daddy dearest brought up a Nazi chick! ... or maybe KKK chick ... either way somebody kick her out!

469 days ago


Oh yeah forgot to mention, somebody needs to sue the network company & big brother. They could earn free money!

469 days ago


So its racists if a white person speaks like a black person? And no one says anything when the black girl says she wants to beat the white girl? Is that because its expected that black people are typically angry and violent people?

469 days ago


So the black girl is trying to keep the real black person from coming out of her. And that includes keeping her real black person self from wanting to be physically violent with Aaryan.

469 days ago


I want to TMZ to interview her family please!!!

469 days ago


The network knows exactly what it has and what it is doing with this show. This is just what they were hoping for.

469 days ago
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