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Kanye West

Don't Burst My Privacy Bubble

... Or I'll F*** You Up!!!

7/12/2013 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West just lashed out at a TMZ camera guy ... tearing into our photog for daring to speak at LAX ... simply 'cause he's an egomaniac who thinks he's bigger than the Constitution.

Kanye -- who calls himself Yeezus -- had arrived to the airport, when our photog tried to tell the rapper how much he loves his music.

But before he could even finish his sentence, Kanye got right in our guy's face ... manhandled the camera -- and started making demands like a Fascist dictator.

"Don't talk ... don't talk to me ... I don't wan't to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know ... and tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows ... don't talk to themselves .. DON'T TALK EVER AGAIN."

Our guy dared to open his mouth ... and said how pumped he was for a possible sequel to the Jay-Z/Kanye album ... and that's when Kanye charged back at our photog and ripped at our camera.

It's not the first time Kanye has gone after our camera ... in fact, he was ARRESTED for smashing our equipment at the very same airport in 2008.

Those charges were dropped ... but clearly, Kanye hasn't learned a damn thing -- particularly, that he lives in AMERICA ... where the Constitution gives everyone the right to free speech -- even if Kanye doesn't like it.

In fact, Kanye's belief that he lives in a privacy bubble -- where he can dictate who can and can't talk in a public place -- is as Anti-American as it gets.


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Where's a low sign when you need one?

413 days ago


Someone please call Paula.

413 days ago


He picked an epic media whore to have a child with! This is sort of funny....what a dumb ass.

413 days ago


Worse parent?

---Brooke Mueller
---Kanye West

413 days ago


Kayne, ask yourself; How would your Mom like to hear how you are acting out disrespectfully to others? If you don't like that people comment about enjoying your music; I would suggest that You and Kim; leave the United States of America; where there is free speech and purchase yourself a private island in the middle of the ocean. You'll then enjoy silence. I'm sorry for you that your dearly Loved Mother has passed away, but she would be ashamed of you, the way you are acting out against others in a very negative way. I will pray for you in a positive way:)

413 days ago


This guy is a worthless egotistical no-talent bastard. No one has a right to be so rude to people, his pathetic antics are as stupid as he is. One of these people he tries to bully needs to show him just how much of a "man" he is. It would be worth everything to see one of you to beat the ever loving @%$& out of him. I'd pay money to see that! He has done nothing BUT use Kim K. for his personal gain. He will learn just how important he is when the time comes.

413 days ago



413 days ago


Not be rude, but I couldn't care any less about this guy. I am guessing they only want pics of him freaking out and he gives them exactly that. I don't listen to his music nor do I watch his girlfriend's porn. So sorry, just not a fan and I don't know why anyone else would be.

413 days ago


"don't tak to me", that is until I am off the radar and need your attention!

413 days ago

Spunky Funk    

Kanye is mad because everyone is pirating his music. He wants to be the only pirate. *wink-wink*

413 days ago


Why are people fans of poorly behaved douches? I just don't get it...

413 days ago


And talking about the Karsashians everyday is American? Stfu TMZ

413 days ago


Suburban boy acting all tough. This guy is such a fake.

413 days ago


Now every Pap in the world will chasing him hoping get footage of him losing his mind!!

413 days ago


Trust me, this dude is still warm about the street sign incident. Arguably, his most embarrassing moment.

He was a p*ssy before that incident. Now he's gaping.

413 days ago
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