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Lamar Odom Attack

Photog Wants to

Press Charges

7/12/2013 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the L.A. photogs Lamar Odom went nuts on this week has lawyered up, law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... and we're told the man plans to press charges against the NBA star.

According to sources, detectives are still investigating the incident -- when Lamar flipped on two photogs in Hollywood, damaging equipment and allegedly smashing one of their cars -- but the case will most likely be forwarded to the L.A. City Attorney soon for criminal prosecution.

It's unclear which photog is pursuing legal recourse ... but we're told one DEFINITELY wants to see Lamar go down for what he did.

As we reported, it appears Lamar snapped because a photog asked questions about Khloe Kardashian ... namely about Lamar's alleged extramarital affair with a stripper.

Attempts to reach the photogs involved, as well as Lamar, were unsuccessful.

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I'm sure the pap that hounded Lamar until he snapped suffered all sorts of 'emotional distress' that only a certain amount of cash could help alleviate.

466 days ago


Seriously, it's about time celebs got some privacy. If you need to make money on pics, so be it, but leave them the f*** alone if they don't wanna talk. AND LEAVE THEIR KIDS ALONE!!!!!!!!

466 days ago


Oh yes, forgot to mention that it hurts my heart seeing Mr. Odumb slinging around thousands of dollars in high end Canon equipment. It's a shame that these paps use such high grade gear only for the sake of taking happy snaps of these people.. when such camera gear in the right & deserving hands could produce wondrous photography of nature and such. Oh well

466 days ago


He'll look good in stripes........

466 days ago


And he should. Odom is a goon.

466 days ago


If Lamar Kardashian did not want to answer Questions he should have rolled up the window and turned on the AC Mr. Kardashian had no Right to steel and throw around the mans equipment and dent a car because he did not like the question.

466 days ago


It's LA County District Attorney not LA City Attorney.

466 days ago


He should be charged.

466 days ago


he should press charges, you cant just grab things from peoples car and take them. its called theft!

466 days ago


Gives me a great idea for a Power-Forward movie.

Lamar gives this guy his 800 dollars -

Makes him go away - probably take 813.47, right?

Hey all losers eventually go away.

Willingly or otherwise.


Then Lamar and Scottie Pippin?

Declare War on the Paps -

With Kanye in the side-pocket.

In case things (hopefully) get as-ugly-as-possible.

I've been calling for a War on Paps now for at least seven weeks -

Since about Easter what ever that was/is.

But needed some back-up.

Me I'm just an-old-point-guard.

466 days ago


Is there a way to filter out all the sports stories from TMZ? I

466 days ago


@ Harvey and TMZ with respect:

Dudes you're always, always saying:

"Not our guy."

When the Paps get into it with Celebs.

But if you're BUYING footage from obnoxious Paps?

Once THEY cross the line and pizz someone off?

They're YOUR guy.

The uglier the confront?

The-more-likely Harvey'll buy it.

Thus "your guy."

You don't think Paps KNOW this?!

Hey, Paps are a lotta, lotta things.

But Dumb isn't one of 'em.

465 days ago

river rat    

I wonder how the Kardashian family pimp will spin this one!

465 days ago


Um, yeah I was wondering about that. Because yesterday there was no mention of any report to police. And the photographers are standing there pretty calm to have someone trashing their equipment. Was this faked like the Kim getting flour bombed. At first she was going to press charges then when people began to think it was fake she said she would but nothing ever came of it. The Kartrashians will stage ANYTHING to get media exposure. Lamar is a spoiled attention whore just like the rest of them. Let's see if anything comes of it. If not, we know it was fake.

465 days ago


Mr. Odom committed a crime...It could be grand theft depending on the value of the equipment that was stolen...He should be charged and placed in jail...If you do not like the paps maybe you should not live your life on TV with your wife's family...

465 days ago
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