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Michael Jackson Doc

His Butt Was So Scarred...

It Nearly Broke My Needle

7/12/2013 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Michael Jackson
's buttocks were so scarred and infected from long-term drug injections ... the singer's thickened skin nearly broke his doctor's syringe -- this according to the doctor's testimony.

Dr. Stuart Finkelstein -- who cared for MJ back in 1993 during his "Dangerous" tour -- sat for a deposition earlier this year in Katherine Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, describing the signs of MJ's drug addiction, and the testimony was just shown to the jury this week in court.
We got video of the depo and the details are crazy -- Finkelstein described one incident, saying, "I attempted to give [Michael] a shot of Demerol [a painkiller] but his buttocks were so scarred up and abscessed that the needle almost bent."

Finkelstein said the scarring resulted from "significant, extensive" shots of drugs over time.

He also describes his bizarre interactions with MJ back in the day, including squirt gun fights. You gotta see it.


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469 days ago




469 days ago


Had MJ gotten counselling about his destructive
attraction to criminal doctors and 12 year old murderers of the 2 year old boy James Bulger, MJ would be alive.

His bitter sleepless life & criminal drug use caused his death. He was very lucky when he wasn't arrested for promoting the pubic photo of his 17 year old nephew T. J., who's outrageously assigned the guardian of MJ kids, despite being a liar who pushed Prince & Paris to sue AEG for $40 billion.

MJ didn't need to manipulate just one teen and disturbed doctor to be a criminal.
He subjected kids to a sexual incest-promotion photo and promoted pedophilia families & friends in prison.
Sicko MJ proved he was "innocent" with the final Propofol injection, and we all know he knew how to inject himself. Vein scars & scars all over his buttocks were proof of the Jacksons' lies & fake innocence. They controlled Prince to lie that Wacko was pushed around by Randy Phillips, when that was proven deceptive. AEG & Randy Phillips were actually clueless about Propofol because no one ever injected Propofol to do concerts. MJ would've continued abusing drugs until he died early, whether or not he humiliated himself in front of the media like Whitney Houston did.
No wonder they loved criminal transvestite pedo uncle MJ.
T. J. could sexually pose with a pubic picture next to MJ to
attract pedo fans. Unfortunately, the pedo's song failed to gain popularity, since millions of children were forced to see the horrific child porn photo and watch the creepy pedo place his leg on a nephew's thigh.
Who were they fooling? 17 year old T. J. was manipulated to look sexual next to "boy nudity loving" MJ -- Propofol-injecting, ugly mutilated transvestite. MJ was the favorite family doormat, so he was treated as an innocent, clueless media victim. Not even a sexual 17 year old nephew photo proved how evil Pedo Pan was. MJ lovers aren't bothered that Paris tried killing herself, despite his drug lies to the kids & neglect towards strangers' abused kids.

469 days ago


Jackson was one F'd up guy. It's so obvious. He was a total mess. No surprise to me and most people with a brain.

469 days ago


Jacko didn't go to rehearsals for more than 2 weeks because he knew he looked like a corpse.
He was desperate to pay his leeching family & prove to the media that he wasn't a pedophile freak drug addict. He cried & begged Ortega to keep him onstage.
The pedophile was desperate to play Peter Pan again.
Karen Faye failed again at covering up his scarred face and Arnold Klein stuffed him with plastic & pumped him with Demerol but they made him look like a transvestite.
Karen was his bag lady for pain killer meds 20 years ago. No wonder she did nothing for him when he was dying. She was the secret keeper just like "friend Murray". Everyone was his best friend when they pretended he wasn't a criminal. Funny how the Jacksons & Elizabeth Taylor pretended that Jacko had no desire for drugs & boys.
He had the nerve to comfort Taj after he got molested by a pedo uncle; he was a pedo promoter all his life.
Who thought the masturbation "discussion" with a 13 year old boy in 1979 and a photo of him & his pubic area revealing 17 year old nephew T. J. were innocent?

Fanatics were in denial back in 2007 when they saw Jacko's directed photo of T. J.'s pubic area.
They claimed that Jacko was victimized by a fake photo of him & his sexual 17 yr. old nephew.
only had innocent love and photos of "God-like" boys.

What was this photo?

I'd slash my wrist & swallow pills if my father did a photo like this with his young nephew.

469 days ago


This is bull**** Dr. Finkle****, why wasnt these markings you claim, reported in his autopsy. lying under oath mother****er, just sayin

469 days ago


A normal grown ass man who lied to kids and made them visit Klein to inject Demerol & inject useless rubber Restylane into his nose.
A normal father who sweet talked his kids to pay a criminal doctor with cash in hand to inject Propofol.
Like "milk & cookies" for "Propofol Milk".
The new "Pepsi commercial", but I don't want to bring up the Jacksons' fiery Pepsi commercial.
Katherine & Joe got their "1984 family concert & commercial $$$$".

Murray's a "fan of the King of Pop", though.

469 days ago

Dumb Ass MiMi    

No, Human Turd, actually, I can't read all Capitals, but look at what I call my self. Are you dumber than my dumber ass, do you know how to turn to cap key off???


Hey, I am not a rabid, I don't care who calls whom for witness, I only want to read dirt, just like this rotten ass of MJ dirt!!!

469 days ago


Wade Robson Praises Michael Jackson in 2009

469 days ago


A friend just sent this to me and I wanted to share it with the MJ Fans here:


I am so glad to see now the Michael Jackson estate has filed a official complaint with the PCC on 2 of the British tabloids slandering MJ. This is got to stop and with them doing this and the fans have also filed a complaint maybe just maybe some of these bull**** tabloids will think twice on what they print. To contiously slander someone who is not here anymore to defend himself on such bull**** and lies. I hope this is the beginning of people taking action on them.

469 days ago


Jacko was so disgusting. These details are gruesome

469 days ago

nusox n draws    

no pix harv?

469 days ago


Some of these comments are f*cking ignorant as hell!

469 days ago


It is all a black man endured. POOR MJ.
The racist Sony CEO, porn producer friend of MJ,
concert promoters agreeing with Jermaine & MJ to do 1999 concerts,
the evil killers AEG and meddling Debbie Rowe & Blanket's mother and doctor criminals.

All MJ wanted were Propofol and peaceful time with 12 year old murderers of James Bulger in a juvenile detention center.
What's wrong with that?

469 days ago


A jury yesterday awarded $5.3 million to concert promoter Marcel Avram in his suit against Michael Jackson over the cancellation of two planned 1999 concerts, according to the plaintiff's attorney, Skip Miller.

Munich-based promoter Avram filed suit against Jackson in 2000 in Santa Barbara (Calif.) County Superior Court, claiming the singer had unexpectedly pulled out of New Year's gigs planned for Sydney and Honolulu. The suit sought reimbursement of production costs and assumed liabilities, as well as damages for lost global television rights.
In yesterday's ruling, Avram was awarded the $5.3 million for lost profits, but the judge would not allow the jury to consider the additional damages sought for TV rights and other expenses, Miller says. Still, he adds, "We're really pleased with the $5.3 million. It's almost the entire lost profit." He plans to appeal for the additional funds, which he claims would amount to about $5 million.

Jackson's attorney, Steve Cochran, did not return a call for comment. The artist's appearances in court over the course of four months of testimony made worldwide headlines; Jackson giggled during questioning and at one point arrived in court on crutches after suffering what he described as a spider bite. On the witness stand, Jackson insisted that Avram canceled the shows over concerns they would not be profitable.

469 days ago
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