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Kanye's New Rant is


7/12/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Kanye West went off on our camera guy ... grabbing the lens and launching into a tirade that proves "Yeezus" thinks he can revoke everyone's freedom of speech!

Plus, Justin Bieber is defying his team -- refusing to kick his trouble-making friends out of his house ... even after Lil Twist's DUI arrest while driving Justin's car! Is he right to stand by his pals ... no matter what?

And, "Sharknado" is officially the best worst SYFY Channel movie ever! We talk to the stars -- Ian Ziering and Tara Reid -- about how this became an overnight phenomenon ... and the chance of a sequel.

(0:00) Kanye West physically attacks one of our camera guys at LAX -- when will he learn he can't treat people this way? Harvey calls in from his vacation to sound off.
(10:00) Justin Bieber won't turn his back on Lil Twist and Lil Za ... and we'll tell you why.
(14:00) The "Big Brother" race war heats up -- which of the African American house guests dealt with it the right way?
(18:00) "Sharknado" stars Ian Zerring and Tara Reid join us!
(24:00) Michael Jackson's former doctor describes in alarming detail the state of his drug addiction in the early 90s.
(29:00) Chris Brown finally cracks ... and paints over his home graffiti.
(32:00) Demi Moore's weird tantric meditation trip -- we talk to a yoga master to see if it was a legit excursion.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) NBA star Martell Webster thinks his kid's art sucks! This is hilarious.

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Daniel DeSousa    

He has a damn a problem, Can't stand him!

414 days ago


Kanye is upset because he is unable to find any positive press about him or the Kardashians in any publication. Nothing about Kim is good or positive and he wants to take away your ability to say what you think and now to even talk to him. People think he is a tool and he wants them silenced. His album is essentially DOA. Rest assure, it will the end of all of them if EVERYBODY stops talking to them. What a concept. He is a lose cannon and its no wonder Bruce is wanting a gun all of a sudden. He knows what's coming.

414 days ago


TMZ is pissed because Kanye gave them their camera guy a heard time. However, Kanye asked him not to talk to him then told the camera guy he appreciated that he was a fan.

The camera guy persisted, why go there when everyone knows Kanye is not a fan of the paparazzi.

TMZ does not belong at LAX, their camera people aren't taking a flight. What they do is pester celebrities. Anyone who has ever been to LAX or The Grove have seen the TMZ camera people, they stand around like the people that walk around wearing the eat at Joe's signs. As soon as they spot a celebrity they take off running!

We need laws passed to keep the paparazzi out of airports!

414 days ago

tmz addict    

i think im more canadian than justin bieber and im not from canada

414 days ago


you have bruce jenner, ranting at paps giving finger sign and telling them to leave he and family alone. then you have lamar getting paps equipment, throwing in the steet. now you have kanye west breaking paps equipment, telling them not to talk to him or anyone he knows. seems the men in this family don't want the paps to talk to the kards or take pictures of them..i say don't take any pictures of any of them and ignore the whole bunch. and Harvey was asked to guest on kris show decline or set there and tell cohost he is not allowed to talk to kris, per kanye

414 days ago


I've said before, How Long Before He Beat's Kim's ASS??? I think she was a stupid moron letting herself get pregnant with him. He is creepy and not even good looking.

414 days ago


You people at TMZ (and the rest of Paparazzi) are a bunch of leaches. Listen...when a talk show host wants to have a guest on their show to talk about stuff they at least pay them some kind of scale pay for the trouble of coming into the studio. You guys approach them on sidewalks and don't give them any compensation for their time and information. That goes totally against capitalism which means you’re trying to profit without any investment, which amounts to stealing, which means you’re Un-American. Sure you say “Thank-You” but that ain’t enough! So TMZ is nothing but a bunch of thieves, profiting from selling commercials without paying who makes your show. This is what Kanye is rebelling against. You know how a sibling holds a finger inches from your face and says “I’m not touching you” feels (same with a camera). He is saying "Pay Me! Show Me The Money!” for my time, for the imposition, for my invasion of privacy & information scoop MoFo!" I think every celebrity should stop talking to all of you. You should pay for information. Us TMZ viewers are wising up to your ploy. You will all dry up and wither away from all of our memories. Be poor and unemployed all of you Un-Capitalistic Paparazzi leaches.

412 days ago
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